Financing Has Come To Handy

Home cleaning is a popular service that home owners look for but can not seem to find for a reasonable price, if even found at all. Handy is a relatively new mobile phone application that has tons of listings for home owners all around the world. There are 28 cities that Handy hosts its services in. Handy has got its hands on fifty million dollars to use for financing purposes. Handy is going to expand its scope of 28 cities into many more over the next year, with a deadline placed at the end of 2016.

Handy is the best performing company of its type. Many competitors have tried to take over the home cleaning sector to no avail. Handy has succeeded because of the close monitoring that is performed in all of the areas where Handy works. Less than three percent of all of the people who have applied to Handy have been accepted onto the app, making it one of the most selective companies in the world.

There are not many full-time workers on Handy, which leaves more room for people who work other jobs and need the extra money. Handy is easy to work with, as the penalties for changing the time of a cleaning service appointment are not that high as long as the client approves of it.

Handy takes about a 20 percent cut of the money charged for the cleaning services. Handy has fortunately grown to scale and is expected to reap more profits as it expands its range.