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When you visit the White Shark Media homepage the first thing you will see is statement that reads, “We are great at Adwords Management, but our service will impress you even more”. That statement right there tells you everything you need to know about this company.

Founded in 2011 by three highly intelligent Danish entrepreneurs, White Shark Media was started with the goal of completely dominating the SMB market in both the United States and Latin America. They wanted to reach this goal by doing two very important things. Delivering a top notch product and providing their clients with the type of customer service that would revolutionize the industry.

Needless to say the team at White Shark Review has made that goal a reality. One of the keys to their success is their offshore and domestic presence. This has enabled them to provide their services to clients all over the world.

How They Became A Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner

The rapid growth of White Shark Media captured the attention of search engine giant Google. In 2012 on https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc the team was invited to Mountain View California where they would hang out at the Google headquarters for a few days. While there they were assigned their very own support team to help them continue growing their business and better serving their clients.

Eventually, after working in close collaboration with Google for two year, White Shark Complaints was awarded the Google AdWordsª Premier SMB Partnership in mid 2014. The company was also recognized by Microsoft for their proven track record and was invited to be a part of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Services Offered

White Shark Media offers a variety of different services in the online digital marketing space. Some of the services offered include:

Local Adwords Management
Bing Ads Management
Ecommerce Adwords Management
Local SEM Management
Logo Design
Local SEO Management
Local Listings Management
And More…

For a complete list of services offered visit www.WhiteSharkMedia.com.

If you are interested in seeing how White Shark Media can help you improve your Adwords performance, visit their website and request a free Adwords performance evaluation. The evaluation is risk free and is performed by a certified Adwords specialist.

Once the evaluation is complete you can either hire the White Shark Media team or you can simply walk away with the knowledge you have gained.

To learn more about White Shark Media visit them online at www.WhiteSharkMedia.com.

Hostages Finally Freed From Venezuelan Prison

Recently a Danilo Diaz Granados on facebook posted on 14 hostages have finally been freed from a prison in Lara Sate after a 4 day stand off with criminal gangs. When a grenade was set off in the prison cafeteria, many individuals were sent to the hospital. Criminal gangs then managed to take 14 public workers hostage. These public workers were helping inmates with legal and educational needs. All of the prisoners who were a part of this will be facing trials and will have time added on to their sentences.

The great scandal in all of this is the fact that firearms were smuggled into the prison from an inside source. All security workers are being questioned now. This is something that is making individuals all over Venezuela question the nature of those who work for the government. It is alarming to think that an inside source could have been a part of the problem. Venezuela Analysis by Diaz Granados reports that there is a push since 2011 to give inmates better living conditions and more recreational opportunities.


What Investment Banking Entails and A Look At Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking deals with creation of capital and financing. An investment bank is concerned with offering services to their clients with the idea and objective of raising capital. It is mostly connected to a larger banking institution. The mode of operation of investment banks entails recruiting experienced investment bankers who are tasked with the responsibility of providing advice and opinions to their various clients. Its most common clients are corporations, hedge funds, individuals and also national and federal governments.


Through investment banking, investors or business persons go through a process termed as underwriting. Debts and equity securities are commonly the ones that are underwritten. Investment banking also seeks to give services such as mergers and acquisitions, sale of trading securities and the provision of financial securities to companies. If one is looking for advice and opinion on stock and their placement, investment banks play a very crucial role.


Whenever companies are seeking to issue stocks or bonds, they rely on investment banks to provide the necessary man power and ideas of how to proceed with this. What investment banks do is that during the first public offering of shares by a company, an investment bank will ordinarily take and buy all the shares and thereafter sell them at a profit. To ensure the success of an investment bank, top company officials are very keen when employing new staff. They seek the best individuals in the market with the most relevant expertise.


Martin Lustgarten owns an investment banking firm in Florida called Lustgarten. He is a renowned investment banker in the United States and Florida. Martin Lustgarten has been in the investment banking world for quite some time and through this he has been able to acquire the relevant knowledge and expertise that one needs in this sector.


Martin Lustgarten is quite a charmer. He knows how treat clients, he is able to know and formulate the best ways of delivering his clients’ needs. This has made him to be among the most sought after investment bankers in the United States. One can communicate with him through his social media accounts Facebook and Twitter where he is quite active.

Sanjay Shah: Introducing New Faces To Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is making headlines for recent movement in the board of trustees. The PR Newswire announced that Sanjay Shah, the founder of the charity, had appointed 2 new individuals to the board. The first was Will Best. Will ties in well with the charity’s method of raising money through private concerts. He has been involved in the music industry since he started organizing underground concerts in London during his days at King’s College. After graduating, he then went on to host music tv shows around the world. The network of industry professionals he brings to the charity’s disposal is astounding.

Sanjay Shah also appoint Will Best’s brother, Pete, to the board of trustees. Pete’s background is in finance. He spent more than 2 decades working in the financial markets in London and he then was asked to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Icap. Most recently, Pete has made the decision to retire and spend time with family and pursuing a few good causes, both for profit and not for profit. Pete’s background is an extremely useful one for Autism Rocks to tap into.

Shah’s background is in finance. It was only in the last decade that he has had the chance to pursue other interests. Recently, he made the decision to step back from his largely successful firm. When he stepped back, he immediately moved onto new projects. His first project was a co-sponsored jazz festival in Dubai. Shah worked on that project with a local promotional firm and it was a huge success. Joss Stone was a headliner and Aloe Blacc performed. More than 3000 people came to the festival and in its first year, it managed it break even.

In the middle of the planning for this event, Shah decided to start a charity to help raise money for autism research. This issue is close to Shah’s heart as his own son was diagnosed with the illness in 2011. The charity has already managed to raise several hundred thousand dollars with concerts by famous musicians.

Talk Fusion and Its Creator, Bob Reina

Bob Reina recently mentioned in an interview that the trend of online video has completely revolutionized how people connect around the world. Bob Reina saw the vision back in 2004 of what the ability of video communication could mean to people across the globe. Real time communications technology allows users to sit anywhere around the world and communicate in real time. This was simply not possible a decade ago and has really changed the way we communicate as well as do business.

Bob Reina believes that the one reason he is as successful in his field is due to his consistency as well as persistence when it comes to creating his vision. Reina is very strong willed and sets clear expectations for himself and his staff in order for them to understand where the company is heading in the future.

Bob Reina had a future of being a police officer as well as a direct selling professional in his part time. He managed to set up his business in 20 years that replaced his full time pay check. Bob believes that there have been no bad jobs in his past as he see’s every opportunity as an experience to grow and learn. Bob has learnt that by sharing his vision and thoughts with others has allowed him to build the kind of business he has today. Simply sharing ideas with others is the main thing he would recommend to others when building your dream. Bob Reina has no regrets in the past and would not change anything if he could. He is very happy with what he has accomplished and is working very hard to make an even bigger success of Talk Fusion in the future.

Talk Fusion is now accessible on a global scale simply form the iTunes store on Mac or from the Google Play store on the PC platform. Users simply sign up and can then enjoy a 30 day free trial to investigate the great applications from the inside. This is a company first for Talk Fusion.

I’m Sure Fox News Regrets Interview With Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation

There was this really strange interview with this wicked smart guy named Thor Halvorssen on Fox News the other day. It was really strange because it seemed that he thought he was invited onto the network to talk about something completely different. But it was clear that Fox News was trying to use the interview to tear down Bernie Sanders, instead of talking about authoritarian dictators and their human rights violations around the globe, something that Thor Halvorssen is an expert in.

Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in order to take down dictators, expose corruption and help those who have been victimized by political crimes. It makes sense. Thor Halvorssen’s father was once falsely imprisoned by the dictator of Venezuela and tortured. His release was secured by human rights organizations and that had a profound impact on Thor. So it seems that Thor Halvorssen thought he was on the air to talk about his area of expertise.

Instead, the conservative news network decided to steer the interview toward presidential politics. They showed Bernie Sanders, said that he wanted America to be a socialist country, that his views were so extreme that even far left Democrats were slamming him, and that his version of socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Now, Thor Halvorssen doesn’t care what side of the political aisle you are from, he only cares about spreading open societies full of accountability and equality. So he’s visibly stunned at the questions. He attempts to sort it out.

He tries over and over again to qualify that statement — socialism is a violation of basic human rights. He keeps trying to separate the two, saying that socialism itself does not violate human rights but the people powering any form of government, including socialism, are capable of violating human rights. But when the Fox News anchor grows irritated at the fact that Thor Halvorssen won’t help her tear down Bernie Sanders, Thor swings his hammer — he proclaims his support for Bernie Sanders. It’s a jaw-dropping moment and one that, I’m sure, the Fox News network regrets.

New York City Real Estate Growth

The New York real estate market hasn’t always been a constant market, and at times it has been tough. RE/MAX founder and representative, Dave Liniger, has plans to flourish the area with his business that he has worked hard to build throughout the years. He hopes to bring some much needed business to the area and work with some of the brokerage companies that have been producing business at high rates. He wants to be able to expand his services throughout the state and he plans to bring on long time native Terri Bohannon, who has been part of the real estate industry for many years. Terri will be working hard on the marketing spectrum of the business aspect and helping to grow the branding campaign. The internationally global company has expanded to over 100 countries throughout the country and employs over 100,000 agents. Dave Liniger is definitely familiar with all aspects, the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the real estate business as he has been in the industry since the early seventies. He knows the market well, and has studied to know the New York real estate market. He knows that at times it has presented challenges, just like with any other type of market; however, he wants to work on getting things moving in the New York real estate industry and feels that by doing so he will need to go after the proper management team.

TOWN Residential is one the most sought after real estate brokerage firms in New York. They have only been in business for five years, but they have increased their market very rapidly and placed themselves at the top of the real estate business when it comes to looking for luxurious million dollar residential homes, leasing plans or commercial properties, along with many other buying options. The employees are highly skilled, proficient in their job and understand the market. TOWN Residential was names one of the top 50 places to work in New York City, and their brokers stand to show the reputation for TOWN Residential to be that of the utmost value.

CCMP Capital – Global Equity Investment Firm

A firm that has been around for many years investing over $16 billion in buyout and equity growth transactions, named as a world class investment partner, is called CCMP Capital Advisors. Since the year 1984, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has providing global investment transactions and quality service presented by their expert staff exhibiting years of experience. There are four different targeted sectors that CCMP Capital Advisors concentrates on and conducts their business practices. Those areas are consumer and retail services and or businesses, industrial business and services, healthcare business and activities, and chemicals and energy services. Each class has critical managed care deliver by highly developed and expert individuals waiting to meet the needs of each client. The company has been providing such business through a chain of high end business since 1984.

CCMP announced on Fortune.com the independence of their firm in 2006. In 2007 they announced that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. He actually co-founded the company in 2006 after working in the industry and with the chain of companies since 1984. He started out working in a program as an analyst and Manufacturers Hanover Corporation while attending Boston College. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1984. His degree was in economics, and he decided to continue on to get his master’s degree in business administration. That degree he obtained in 1989 and continued to work in the business of economics and investments. He became a high respected professional businessman who brought a presence of compete expertise to the firm. CCMP Capital is a spin-off of JP Morgan Chase. The many companies that play a part and contributed to the firm were merged, bought out or branched off. Either way, they all had a part in the play and production of each individual company’s success. Throughout his career, he also made sure to make time as an active philanthropist participating in different foundations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and the Boston Food Bank. He was on the board at the Boston College as well, and made time to be part of the board for many popular and prominent companies such as Cabelas, Generac Power Systems and Aramark. He died last year in March, but left a mark to many people who looked up to him for his experience. CCMP Capital will continue to succeed because of the see that was planted by Mr. Murray.

The industry at CCMP Capital Advisors offers many experts with a deepened expertise in the field of investments. They strive to make each individual client a successful endeavor and ensure that they’re assets are well protected. Their globally prominent company and dedicated employees will continue to deliver expert services in each field of interest.

U.S. Money Reserve improved upon their internet presence

The US Money Reserve has helped thousands of Americans according to CBS 19 diversify their assets over the years and so due to the change in the way business is conducted. As more stores are moving online they too have moved online. However, this is not new. Their online shop has been available to customers for several years now but it is welcoming news that they will be refreshing their platform by implementing a few new sections as well as some graphic updates. This is a very good idea as this type of asset is becoming more and more attractive. The asset is precious metals. In the form of gold, silver and platinum.

These precious metals are hailed the last real currency as their value has remained steady over the years compared to a lot of other paper currencies which have gone belly up. This information is worth a lot as many americans want to secure their future, and this is one of the safest ways to do it. On top of that, it is an actual physical asset that you can hold. It can be a coin or an entire bullion. Depending on what you would like to do the U.S. Money Reserve can provide the customer with all the precious metals you may need and want. Even if the customer does not have adequate knowledge about the topic of precious metals there is a experienced professional on staff that can answer every question they may have. Whether it be choosing the precious metal or simply gaining more information on the market standings. Everything can be answered and a staff member at the US Money reserve is always happy to assist.

If for some reason the customer is not entirely satisfied with their purchase, the U.S. Money Reserve offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If the customer decides after the 30 days that they are no longer interested in owning the product, they may send it back and the U.S. Money Reserve will give back 80 percent of the current market value of the item. The other 20 percent is kept for a restocking fee and any other administration. The current president of the U.S. Money Reserve is actually the former director of the U.S Mint, Philip N. Diehl. He has been heading up the new changes that are taking place within the online platform. His VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan, oversaw the entire re-design of the online store and catalogue. He was also in charge of several new applications that were launched along side the project. More information the article topic please find the entire article at CBS 19.

Coriant Expands its Cloud Based Netowrking technology

The name Coriant may not be one on the lips of the general public, but this new entrant to the networking and optical data transfer market has recently been making a splash in the industry with its major technological achievements. Coriant was established from the optical networking department of Siemens, but has recently looked to develop new areas of technology for customers to enjoy; these new technological areas include the major advances made in cloud networking through its Groove developments. Not only will this new cloud data storage technology assist clients in storing larger levels of data, but will also offer major energy savings of up to 70 percent on existing cloud systems.

The release of the Groove Cloud technology coincided with the appointment of new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, who has a long history of technological innovation for the many different companies he has worked for in a three decade long career. Kheradpir is an expert in developing new technologies after he spent a large amount of his early career working in research and development for GTE Labs and Verizon.

Shaygan Kheradpir could have spent the entirety of his career working in research and development, but instead looked to challenge himself with a move into the business side of the industries he has worked in. Kheradpir looked to develop his business skills by conducting a review of the IT department of Verizon, which resulted in lowered costs falling far below the industry average. Kheradir also developed a number of new areas of business during his time as a board member of the financial giant Barclays, which included one of the first mobile payment options alongside many other technological innovations now used throughout the banking industry.

Coriant have grown quickly over the course of their life since being spun out of the Siemens company, but has developed to employ around 3,000 employees. The company is looking to develop itself as a major competitor for the traditional optical networking companies working throughout the world, which the parent company of Marlin Equity Partners believes can be achieved under the leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter