Efforts by Agera Energy to transform the Industry

The name of the company means to take action. One of the main objectives of the organization is to meet the needs of its customers who constitute individuals and organizations. The energy industry plays a critical role in the growth of the global economy and has many players. Over the years, the organizations in the sector have developed a wide range of products to meet the changing needs of the consumers. As a result, some people have a hard time when selecting a suitable product.

Agera Energy helps its customers to choose the best energy products through educating and empowering them about different issues. According to the firm, one of the challenges among consumers is the high cost of power products. Every home relies on energy in one way or another, and it is one of their main daily expenses. Despite the high cost of energy in the country, a significant number of consumers are under served. Quality service delivery is one of the core principles at Agera Energy.

The organization has been operational since the beginning of 2014. According to the founders of Agera Energy, there was a need to make changes in the sector. After its formation, the management of the firm focused on its expansion through the acquisition of several energy companies in the country. To expand its customer base, Agera hired a team of salespersons that were trained on how to serve the customers by helping them make informed decisions. The organization has recorded an increase in the number of customers over the years.

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Oren Frank Reveals the Idea Behind Talkspace

Oren Frank, the CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace, was recently interviewed for the Ideamensch website. The interview revealed the thought process that led to the creation of one of the leading digital psychotherapy companies in the United States that prides itself on encouraging people to go to therapy at accessible prices. Many recognize the importance of mental health, especially in today’s crisis where more people than ever are suffering from mental health issues. Talkspace has more than one million clients.

Oren Frank wanted to create Talkspace when he recognized that technology should be used to benefit society and many people were in need of available mental healthcare without the stigma of therapy. The idea occurred when he and his wife were in couples therapy which he claims helped them resuscitate their failing marriage. His wife, fellow Talkspace Co-Founder Roni, studied psychology after going to therapy and they both went to therapy for years. They wanted to make the power of therapy available to more people, particularly those who need it.

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Oren Frank’s day always begins after 7 hours of sleep. He has discovered there is a direct correlation between well-being and healthy sleeping habits. He reads many books that are not directly related to his career to fuel his curiosity while also keeping his mind sharp. He also enjoys connecting with people because he believes that every business is really the business of people, especially those that are providing services to people.

Frank believes that the ideas require curation, cultivation, and even criticism to make the best possible products. One of the most difficult part of creating ideas is bringing it into the real world. It demands focus and discipline which is why so many businesses fail in the early years. He is also particularly excited by the rise of female leadership.

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Richard Liu Qiandong Launched 360Buy Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiandong is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China’s most prominent e-commerce platform, JD.com, which currently employs 167,000 people, while offering its services to more than 100 million active customers.

With an estimated valuation of $60 billion, JD.com has grown exponentially each year and has secured a number of prominent investors, most notably, Amazon and Walmart. With the world’s largest fleet of drones, as well 500 logistics centers throughout the country, JD.com operates with extreme efficiency, boasting an average delivery time of 3 hours in Beijing, and 6 hours across the country.

Despite growing at a rate of 100 percent, the 44-year-old CEO has shown no signs of slowing down, as he plans to expand throughout Southeast Asia, as well as the United States and Britain in the immediate future. Next year, he plans to increase the number of employees by 30,000.

Despite being one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the world today, Richard Liu Qiandong’s road to the top began in the Jiangsu province, in the small town of Suquian. It was there that his parents worked as coal-shippers, operating their own small business. During this time, Richard Liu learned the intricacies of entrepreneurship first hand, albeit in a smaller capacity. Excelling in his studies throughout his youth, he was accepted to The People’s University of China where he majored in Sociology. While seeking work, Richard Liu began to study computer science, helping him to garner a variety of freelance work assignments, as well as his first job with the supplement company, Japan Life. After becoming the Director of Computers, he left Japan Life in 1998, launching his initial store in Beijing’s tech sector.

By 2003, Richard Liu Qiandong’s brick-and-mortar operation had expanded to twelve locations, but the flourishing entrepreneur would face a number of obstacles as the SARS epidemic ravaged China. As interpersonal communication came to a considerable halt, Richard Liu launched the first iteration of his e-commerce empire, operating it dually with his physical retail stores. By 2005, 360Buy Jingdong had become a standalone online retailer and was later renamed to JD.com.

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Mike Nierenberg’s Success in the Management of Business Operations

Mike Nierenberg is the chairman and head of operations at New Residential Investment Corp. The company is a real estate investment trust that specializes in assets that will provide long term cash flows to the investors. Mike has been an essential pillar for the company spearheading all operations and helping the company to make significant growth in stocks. Mike has extensive years of experience as an investment manager having worked with some of the reputable companies in the finance and investment fields.

Mike Nierenberg’s Background Information

Mike Nierenberg has diversified his management skills since he kickstarted his professional career. His first job at Lehman Brothers introduced him to adjustable mortgages and their management. His attention to detail enabled him to gather information that helped him become an expert in his field. He played a role in the growth and development of adjustable mortgage rates of the company.

Mike Nierenberg has climbed up the corporate ladder and worked with other companies such as Bear Stearn, JP Morgan and Bank of America Merryl. His work ethics and diligence have propelled him to work in senior management positions. He has demonstrated leadership qualities while working as the head of structured and mortgage-backed securities, head of interest rates and foreign exchange operations among other high ranking positions.

Mike’s prowess in the investment sector has facilitated the success of the New Investment Residential Corp. The company announced an increase of six percent on its year over year book value in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the focus now shifted to the growth of mortgage servicing rights portfolio. Mike Nierenberg states the commitment of the company to protect the shareholders and increase their dividends.

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Always The First One To Help: Stream Energy

There are challenges and hurdles that the world throws at us that we simply cannot avoid. These challenges are what makes or breaks us, our humanity, our society, and our sense of community. When natural calamities hit like earthquakes and typhoons, these are the times where in at the darkest hour – our sense of community is tested and our ideology of humanity is bent to its extremes; it’s either we put ourselves first, or we act as a community and help each other out. This is what happened in Dallas, Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit the neighborhood – and one particular organization was headstrong with leading communal efforts to uplift the community. This company is Stream Energy, with their sub-organization that is focused on their philanthropy: Stream Cares.

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating calamities that hit the region of Dallas Texas – dropping 56 inches of rain across the region, floods were unstoppable, homes were washed away and there was nothing but murky water everywhere. By the time that the hurricane died down and the floods left the neighborhood – the region was depressed, destruction was everywhere, it looked like all hope was lost. There were a lot of families separated, a lot of lives lost, and recovery seemed to be the most difficult task.

Stream Energy and Stream Cares were one of the very first companies that jumped into action and selflessly sparked efforts to help rebuild the community of Dallas, Texas again. Stream Energy took money out of its own company’s pockets to help aide the financial burden of the people of Dallas.

Stream Energy pulled the textbook definition of running philanthropic efforts and charity work that is helpful and is beneficial for the company. Stream Cares were actually helping the constituents of Stream Energy when they were helping them recover from Hurricane Harvey. The people and the community of Dallas are the customers of Stream and rebuilding the community meant rebuilding the clientelle of Stream as well. It is a win-win situation for both the community and Stream Energy. Stream Cares is a sub-department of Stream that is completely focused on manifesting the philanthropic DNA of the company.


Gareth Henry: Fortress’s Global Investor Relations Businessman

Gareth Henry is a busy UK businessman who is currently helping scores of clients from all different walks of life grow their wealth on a daily basis. He is not only well versed in capital appreciation, senior loans, mezzanine loans, private credit, hedge funds, and beyond, but he is also a math whiz behind the scenes. Secretly a math dork, Gareth went beyond his classmates at the University of Edinburgh who was merely interested in the theoretical implications of complex actuarial models. Gareth Henry went a step above and beyond, through his ability to not only understand the practical financial applications of such models like the Black Scholes model (which, by the way, won a Nobel Prize for its efficacy), but also by his being a people person and his charismatic ability to impress onto his clients this sincere love and understanding of the math behind the money.

And his client retention rate really shows by way of his achievements in company standings. Currently located in New York in the same building as the brokerage with the talking baby (E*Trade), Gareth Henry is now the Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Capital. As someone with an education from one of the most prestigious mathematical institutions in the world, Gareth has the chops to help people from any walk of life grow their wealth in whichever degree of risk they’re desiring at the time. Gareth Henry also holds a personal wealth of experience in other financial firms throughout the world including Schroders of London, SEI of Philadelphia, and Watson Wyatt also of London.

Gareth Henry understands the complex mathematics behind various financial models for stock options, implied volatility standard deviation bell curves, and similar complex market designs which can help one to rest assured in the security of their investments.

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The Feds Bond Portfolio Shrunk By $400 Billion But Shervin Pishevar’s Tweets Gained More Credibility

According to recent comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, the central bank still has more than $4 trillion in bonds left on its balance sheet. According to Mr. Powell, the Feds may not raise interest rates in 2019. But anything can happen while Donald Trump sits in the White House.

China and Russia continue to sell U.S. bonds, and that should continue, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve. The bond market is not the safe haven it once was for investors. The yield spread between ten-year and two-year bonds doesn’t do much for investors who want to reduce their exposure in the stock market. Shervin Pishevar, the angel investor who backed Uber when it was a startup, made that point clear in his March 2018 tweetstorm. 

Shervin Pishevar’s reputation for picking startup winners is a legend in the investment world. Not only did Pishevar back Uber when he was an asset manager for Menlo Ventures, but he also put up the money to fund Warby Parker, Postmates, Airbnb, and Dollar Shave Club. Those startups became consumer favorites, and Shervin Pishevar’s reputation soared around the world.

But Shervin hit a personal brick wall in 2017 when he was the CEO of Sherpa Capital. He resigned as CEO and decided to stay away from day-to-day investing for a couple of months. But in March 2018, Shervin Pishevar put his tweeting thumbs to work, and he tweeted non-stop for 24-hours. His more than 50 tweets gave investors a lot to think about back then. Most investors enjoyed the rewards of a bull market in 2018 until the bottom fell out in December. Pishevar warned investors that could happen in one of his tweets.

The Pishevar tweetstorm made some investors think twice before they invested in bonds or stocks. Shervin Pishevar realized Donald Trump’s economic agenda would hurt investors as he turned up the heat on China. He knew Trump’s tax cut was a short-term fix for an overvalued stock market. But most investors didn’t believe Shervin Pishevar’s tweets until Trump shut the government down. But they believe his tweets now.


Bhanu Choudrie Is An Investor From India Who Is Involved In Many Different Industries

Bhanu Choudhrie is a businessman who focuses on emerging markets in the East. He was born in India, and he received his education at the University of Boston. It was there that he earned his degree in marketing and international business. He also studied at Harvard Business School and took part in the Owners President Management Program while there. After studying in the United States, he moved to London, and he still calls the city his home, today.

Bhanu Choudhrie started working with C&C Alpha Group Ltd. many years ago and has been serving as its executive director since 2001. The group invests in many successful companies and luxury spa hotels in the UK. On top of this, it also invests in the health care sector and different restaurants. Choudhrie has admitted that he loves all of the different companies and ventures that C&C is invested in and finds the world of real estate to be exciting to work in.

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Bhanu Choudhrie has enjoyed meeting all of the different people who serve in the health care industry in the UK. He has also enjoyed being a part of the opening of multiple restaurants. One of C&C’s investments is in the Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, which is located in Covent Garden. The restaurant was recently honored at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards with the Restaurant of the Year award.

Bhanu Choudhrie made the decision to be a part of the board with New Century Bank in the U.S. He took the position because C&C was looking to get into the financial services sector. While some countries face many issues in their financial industry, the United States is undergoing a period that it will eventually recover from. Choudhrie recently commented that he is happy to be working with Jay Sidhu, and that he is glad to be invested in New Century Bank.

Bhanu Choudhrie also takes part in many different philanthropic efforts and learned to care for other people when he was a child in India. One of his side projects is a film that includes Anup Jalota, who is a well-known singer from India. He is excited about the project and believes there is plenty of talented people in the film industry in India.

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Ashley Lightspeed narrates how Lightspeed Venture Partners started

Ashley Lightspeed grew admiring her dad’s career in architecture, and she kept on practicing making sketches like her father little did she know that her career would take a different turn. During her studies in Copenhagen, Ashley discovered that she was better in prototyping than in architecture. After graduation from her coursework at Duke, she started working as a consultant at Bain. Her thirst to do operational work prompted Ashley to look for more work, and she became the Category Manager of Thumbtack. The company specialized in Weddings and Events, and Lightspeed applied her prototyping prowess to come up with ideas on improving the company’s products by gathering feedback from the customers. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

In her company, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley applies her expertise and passion in coming up with new products daily. Through her efforts, the company has diversified its operations by investing more in the competitive female-driven consumer market at the retail level in the United States. She is part of the investing team in the company regarded as one of the global venture capital firms. In her working career at Lightspeed, she has worked with startups and faced with challenges that require tough decisions when trying to solve them. Ashley admits that that it was a tough decision to leave Thumbtack because she believes that she was not done even though she needed to do business at a school in Stanford.

Ashley Lightspeed continues by saying that he wanted to find a way to keep working while still attending her studies. In that connection she continued to work on a part-time basis in the Thumbtack’s marketing department, doing some research projects for the company for two years. Lightspeed could not proceed with the management work because it required full-time concentration. After some months she worked for two startups, Better Up and Fundbox by helping them grow, and that was the cornerstone of Light speed Venture Partners.

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Businessman Wes Edens Great Achievements

Mr . Wes Edens, an American businessman was born in 1961 and currently resides in New York. Apart from being the co-founder and current CEO of the known Fortress Investment Group, he and Marc Larsy co-own a basketball team called Milwaukee Bucks located in Wisconsin. Edens attended the Oregon State University where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. After graduating, Edens joined Lehman Brothers in 1987 and afterwards was promoted to being a partner as well as Managing Director.

Since 1998 after he founded the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has grown to be among the world’s creative investors. Being the CEO, he has led Fortress from a small private firm into a world’s leading asset manager, managing more than $42 billion of their sophisticated partners in investments. Additionally, his Fortress private business has attracted many companies focused in making investments with major industries like healthcare, energy and real estate among others. Read more about Wes Edens at jsonline.com

Wes Edens, under his leadership led to the creation of New Fortress Energy. This company aims at providing clean energy by enhancing development of modern infrastructure so as to bring a positive impact to people worldwide. The idea of creating this company came when he wanted his other Fortress’ company called Florida East Coast Rail to be running on clean and efficient oil. This is when he created the company and then built the first LNG facility in Miami to serve as an alternative source of fuel to industries, and customers as well.

In 2014, Wes Edens became a co-owner of a basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks. This team won the NBA championship in 1971 and has recently become the winning team in NBA’s record. Edens together with Naseef Sawiris partnered in 2018 and became the major owners of the Aston Villa Football Club. His goal is to ensure the club is back in the English Premier League.

In addition to his bunch of achievements, he has a reputation in his great efforts in giving back to the community, both locally and globally. Together with his wife, they have been supporting education in the fields addressing the world’s complex challenges. This is after they created the Eden’s Professorship in Global Health.

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