The Thoughts of Glen Wakeman in Creating Startup Brands

Glen Wakeman is regarded as a mentor to startup ecosystem with his own strategies and thoughts to make startups highly successful ventures. He has created new performance methodologies that are reflecting the needs of the startup world and known for founding a SaaS-based system for startups called LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015. Interestingly, Glen was highly concerned with the number of startup failures, though some of them were really unique and futuristic ideas. Deeply annoyed by this factor, he did a thorough analysis into various reasons behind the significantly higher failure percentage (ChronicleWeek).


Wakeman identified that most of those ideas did not have any structure to nurture it to make a successful venture. People who are working on startup ideas mostly fail to understand the difference between a plan and an idea. This is where he established LaunchPad Holdings to make the plan-building easier for the startup firms by helping them to design it through an easily-operable software platform. Wakeman is also known for giving heavy bets of technology and pays greater attention to the applications and choices of machine learning. He thinks that with a significant amount of data currently available, the technology can make the way business operate much smarter and easier.


It would make the business decisions in its efficiency, speed, and overall quality to generate better results. However, Glen Wakeman also made apprehensions about the technology and its access to privacy, but at the same time, he is optimistic about seeing positive changes in the philosophical and political environment with machine learning. Wakeman is also credited with developing a five-step performance plan that provided highly-worthy results until the date.


Glen Wakeman knows the business acumen around the globe as he is experienced in operating business in more than 30 regional areas. Interestingly, he also stayed in six different countries as a resident. This has given him significant industry exposure in different demographics. He is an MBA graduate in Finance and also earned his Bachelors in Economics. In the earlier days of his career, Glen Wakeman worked for GE Capital in various roles and established a firm called Nova Four.


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The Highly Qualified Pediatrician; Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman works as a surgeon, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a lecturer, a philanthropist, a professor and a medical author. All the work he does revolve around medicine, specializing in pediatrics although he can perform other general medical procedures.

He is a founder and the CEO of Mariam Global Health that researchers on medical concerns. Here, his research focuses on medical technologies that aid in the treatment of cancer, obesity management, and stem cell regeneration therapy. He teaches surgical residents and medical students as a professor at the University of Illinois.

Mark supports many health charitable institutions such as the (IPSAC-VN) which is an International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Vietnam Children. He donates his time apart from money to support children who either need minor or major surgeries.

He has served in several medical institutions such as Rush University Medical Center where he was the pediatric attending surgeon and at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital where was acting as the surgeon-in-chief. Mark is also a professional member of several medical organizations.

Among his major success in medicine is creating a synthetic trachea to replace a damaged one through surgical implantation. The trachea is created from patients’ bone marrow cells and Mark has used this technique to treat thyroiditis, diabetes and to encourage the production of T-cells in myasthenia gravis patients.

Coming from a poor background, Mark Holterman did not lose his hope of life. He did well at his High School level and was able to secure a position at Yale University. At the University, he majored in Biology and graduated summa cum laude in 1980 (DialDish). He pursued his Ph.D. and MD from the University of Virginia, School of Medicine.

Later, he completed his general surgery residency in Health Sciences at the University of Virginia. He also had a pediatric surgery fellowship through Washington University at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (

Mark is a family man despite his tight medical commitments. He is married to Ai-Xuan who he met at the University when he was taking his medical studies. They have three children and Mark is an active member of his family.


Perry Mandera: Providing Strategic Logistics

Perry Mandera is an American entrepreneur and businessman who founded the Custom Companies, Inc. The company specializes in providing transportation and other forms of freight assistance making sure that every delivery or cargo would be able to reach its destination on time. The company was founded in 1986 after Perry Mandera have seen the need for additional logistics that would hasten the travel time of deliveries and cargoes. Because of his excellent leadership, the company grew tremendously, and today, the Custom Companies, Inc. is earning more than $200 million every year just from their logistic services. They never choose which client they would help, whether it is a small startup or one of the top 100 companies in the United States, the Custom Companies, Inc. would surely extend their arm to help who needs their assistance.


Perry Mandera had a strong passion for transportation, and when he joined the army when he was younger, he chose to drive a truck and learn the basics about how vehicles work. After his service, he decided to build his company but soon decided to sell it because managing a business no longer interests him. He decided to focus on what he loves instead and worked with several vehicles that he meets along the way. He had to train and expand his knowledge about vehicles, and after developing his skills to the highest level, he decided to establish Custom Companies, Inc. and join several organizations that are looking after the welfare of transportation enthusiasts and freight forwarders. He even received an award because of his exceptional leadership, and he vowed to continue doing what he thinks is the best for the company that he established.


Today, Perry Mandera is actively rallying behind bills that would be beneficial to truckers and everyone who is working in the freight transport industry. He supported a bill filed by the representatives of Illinois that would repeal any taxes on the industry that are seen as a burden (BlogWebpedia). Perry Mandera is hoping that through his efforts, the government would listen to what they wanted and provide a better life for those who are depending on the industry.

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Stream Energy Keeps on Messin’ With Texas

Fresh off the unveiling into the Illinois market in September of this year, Stream Energy furthered its wireless, protective and home services in Dallas to now include energy services. Defining its offerings as “connected life services,” Stream Energy provides pathways for consumers to access innovative and tailored solutions outside of the monopolistic paradigm established by the local distribution companies prior.


The open Texas market provided an ideal climate for Stream Energy’s business model to thrive. The market is structured as such where consumer choice is heavily valued in various capacities (TechNewsSpy). The ethos and success of Stream Energy can be attributed heavily to co-founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji’s establishing Stream as a formidable retail energy provider in the deregulated energy market of Texas during the mid-2000s.


Utility companies continue to be responsible for the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity and natural gas. However, the opportunity to diversify customer options on the commodity side of the equation exists in open markets like that of Illinois and Texas.


Consumers are often subject to the volatile pricing associated with any commodity, from oil, precious metals, and food items. The energy sector is no different. A variable pricing structure is inherently difficult to plan around, thus the appeal in an open market to hav a choice, much like one can choose which cell phone provider to use across shared telecommunication arteries.


Stream offers fixed-price options to allow customers varying contractual durations, with the certainty of what they pay each month. In addition, environmentally-conscience customers have the freedom to select a clean energy source (i.e. solar, wind, small hydro) to fulfill their residential and/or commercial sustainability goals.


With customers seeking to have more involvement in the resources they consume and the associated impacts of those choices, expanding its service offerings into the Dallas market aligns with its goal to be the premiere global energy retail choice for consumers.


About Stream Energy


With the connected lives/connected home concept being made possible by the virtual sinews of the Internet, Stream Energy has made its place among Energy Providers in the US by offering holistic solutions for consumers for all the key commodities and services needed to operate a residence or business.


Stream commodity procurer for electricity and natural gas in a half-dozen states, while also providing wireless plans as well as home and identity protection services.


In 12 years, Stream Energy now offers its service in 6 states, including Washington DC. from its inception into the market in 2005. In that same time, Stream Energy has seen over 850% growth in revenue (>$6 Billion).

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Jorge Moll Explores the Science of Giving

Holiday shopping can be a pretty scary experience. However, researchers have confirmed that braving the stores is worthwhile. New studies show that there are benefits to giving for both the givers and receivers. The advantages include enhanced happiness and health and the strengthening of the community.


Dr. Jorge Moll has been researching the science of giving and morality and continues his work with other trusted scientists who have explored the benefits of giving to charitable organizations ( Moll’s Ph.D. dissertation on moral judgment and sensitivity has also been referred to in the ongoing exploration the brain’s tendency to function better when doing good deeds.


Moll and other psychological professionals also assert that shopping or spending money is not the only way to get the benefits of giving. Researchers have also found that volunteering time to help those who are less fortunate can improve the volunteer’s health as well. Here are more of the ways that giving is good for the community’s health.


Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton conducted a study with his colleagues in 2008 that further proves that giving actually makes us happy. People who gave money to others found that they felt better than they would have if they had kept the money to spend on themselves. This even applied to participants who predicted that they would be happy if they kept the money. The University of California Riverside psychology professor and happiness expert Sonja Lyubomirsky also saw these same types of results when she asked participants to perform five kind acts a week for six weeks.


There is also proof that good feelings or biological. In a study conducted in 2006, Moll and his fellow professionals at the National Institutes of Health discovered that when people donate to charities, the section of the brain that is activated by social connection, trust or pleasure is activated. Endorphins are also induced in the brain, and this is commonly referred to as the “helper’s high.”


Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that giving can also be good for our physical health. Lots of research has been connected to various forms of generosity for improved health, even with people who are elderly or ill. Author Stephen Post, who wrote the book Why Good Things Happen to Good People, says that giving has improved the health of people who are suffering from chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis and HIV. This suggests that giving to others on a consistent basis can improve the condition of the body and mind.


How Sheldon Lavin Expanded OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovation

For a food processing company that has an impressive history, finding a CEO that devices innovative strategies for growth is the best thing that can ever happen. This is the reason Sheldon Lavin and OSI group are just the perfect match. His leadership skills have enabled the company to over major challenges, and become one of the biggest companies in the food processing industry.

The exponential growth

In 1955, OSI Group was chose as the first supplier of hamburgers to McDonalds. This is when the exponential growth started. They decided to open special branches that specifically served McDonalds. However, things did not pick up momentarily until Sheldon Lavin came on board in the 1970s. At that time, he was just a partner to the two brothers that initially owned the establishment. However, he was quick to assert himself as a growth minded person, and that is how he made his way to the top. The poultry operations to various continents were started with the dawn of the millennium.

Venturing into Canada, Germany and UK

In 2014, OSI under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin established a joint venture with Pickstock in the UK. This is when the group started to supply its beef products throughout Europe. On the other hand, Pickstock had just found an opportunity to expand their growth. It is because of this growth the OSI was able to also venture into the markets in Germany and Canada. While doing this, they also partnered with various other companies including EDEKA, a food company that was in need of high-quality meat supplies.

Tyson and Baho Food controlling stake acquisition

The Chicago Tribune reports that in 2016, OSI Group acquired a $7.4 million plant in Illinois. This plant was near another main facility owned by the group and so, it brought in a lot of convenience. The 200,000 square feet of storage space that the new plant brought in board allowed for even more growth. In addition to that, they acquired Baho Food controlling stake, thus enhancing their operation in the Netherlands and Germany.

About Sheldon Lavin

The OSI Group CEO has been with the company for more than four decades. He is credited with pushing the group into global operations after he became the third partner. Having acquired 100 percent voting rights after the withdrawal of one of the founding brothers and the retirement of another, he has always focused on green innovations to run his company. His company has employed over 20,000 people across the world.

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Eric Lefkofsy is Navigating the Maze of Cancer Information

Advancements in innovative therapies for incurable diseases such as cancer present multiple challenges for scientific research. With the development of advanced technologies in data management, oncologists have access to thousands of case studies. Sorting through all the research available can result in an endless maze of pharmacologic measures, radiation treatment modalities, stem cell applications, and multiple gene therapy outcomes. Renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky, has aligned partnerships to create and organize data platforms enabling access to better treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Co-founded by Lefkofsky in 2015, Tempus, Inc. has become one of the top ten health technology companies in Chicago. The company’s number one goal is to organize and consolidate information regarding better treatment options, one of the largest weapons in the “Fight Against Cancer’s” arsenal. The recent partnership between Tempus and Precision Health AI, an artificial intelligence company out of New York, allows for access to a database containing over 600,000 treatment outcomes for patients, otherwise known as CancerLinQ. which was created by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

In addition to this partnership, Tempus has developed contracts with approximately 50 of the top cancer research facilities, including the Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, Northwestern, Cleveland Clinic, and the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. The ending result is a vast network of prior outcomes information correlated with patient data down to the molecular level. This integration enables cancer specialists to deliver tailor-made treatment modalities to their patients.

The accomplishment of improved data analytics for cancer treatment comes as no surprise given Eric Lefkofsky’s repertoire of prior. A visionary in the e-commerce marketplace, media advertising, and disruptive technologies in capital ventures, Eric has founded and co-founded multiple data analytic platform companies such as Uptake, Lightbank, and Mediabank. He is most commonly known as the co-founder of Groupon, a global internet marketplace, providing cost-saving technology to consumers everywhere.

Improving the quality of life for everyone within their service area is a top priority for Lefkofsky. His philanthropic efforts are concentrated in the preservation of human rights, research initiatives to improve education and medical advancements, and the arts. In 2006, Eric and his wife, Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation for this purpose.


Rockeship Education is shaping lives through a unique approach

The solution-finding mentality of Rocketship Schools is not only reflected in the decision to start schools in economically challenged backgrounds, but also in strengthening the parent-teacher-school bond. This was clearly demonstrated when the school community responded to the distress cause by Cayote Creek floods in San Jose area in February 2017.In response, the school community mobilized over $60 000 which was used in securing rent deposits, home repairs among other immediate needs.

Rocketship Schools belong to a class of chartered institutions that come in handy to respond to the need for quality education in low-income areas. Rocketship is going beyond the day-to-day basic provision of education to inculcate great values in students. Embedded in the school creed is the phrase “I am a racketeer at home, school and in my community.”

In recognition of the potential of a fortified school/parent relationship, Rocketship Schools engage parents more where they (parents) name the local schools, help shape the school’s enrichment program and participate in creation of core values for individual schools .Charter schools such as Rocketship are playing a big role in creating cohesive ” family units” that form the larger school communities, as parents and children are encouraged to know and interact with teachers and staff.

The journey to create Rocketship Schools began in when Fr.Mateo Sheedy created a scholarship program to Santa Clara University. He was disappointed at the low number of students meeting the basic requirements to join college. The thought of reaching out to the community was seeded and it has grown to a formidable education provider. Fr.Sheedy died before he could see the entity he had envisioned take shape. However, the school fell in the hands of Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006 and gained a great uplift and transformation. Rocketship Education boasts of 18 schools across Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington.

With the incorporation of a holistic approach, Rocketship is sure to produce students who respond to an increasingly changing society. The presence of Rocketship in low-income societies is particularly significant as the students are molded in character. The future of such institutions will significantly impact on their societies and the world at large.


SahmAdrangi’s career background and his contributions to Kerrisdale hedge fund

He is the Pen State graduate who landed an internship program through sheer hustle plus networking at the Merril Lynch’s credit desk in the New York City of United States of America. Then he would spend at least three years with the Merrill while he traded credit on the bond desk, owing to his “clickability” as well as hardworking nature. While at the Longacre- the $3 billion hedge fund, Adrangi relayed his skill into a credit trading role. In fact, his time at Longacre somewhat overlapped with Adrangi who is the presently the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Due to the high cost of living around the New York City, the long hours in addition to the conviction that things were now changed given the vast asset losses in the industry, Adrangi made a life choice to leave Wall Street in June 2015 forever. However, the seed Capital he had made when he was at the Wall Street assisted him to make lots of revenue from the proper securities which caused him to love investing. After a close contact with Sahm, one can easily find out that he is a worthy person and treasures making investments. At one point, Adrangi has made a lump sum amount of cash in his PA.

In spite of the Kerrisdale Capital Management mainly sharing research on a wide range of industries and corporations, in recent years Adrangi chose to shift the focus of the organization onto a diversity of specific segments that the Kerrisdale Capital Management had established its proficiency. One of the central parts of attention is biotechnology sector as well as the Kerrisdale’s published research on growth stage corporations such as Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Sage Therapeutics just to mention a few.

SahmAdrangi would then publish a short piece lately that was titled: NothernDynacity -The pebble deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable, and it moved the market at around the 14th February. Many thanks to the piece which was enjoyed by many. For more info about us: click here.

Adrangi also served on the credit team for Paulson and Co that is the individual who pocketed close to $6 billion shorting mortgages, long after he quit Longacre.

Allow 23 Layers to Plan your Party!

Did you want to make a cocktail that everyone would love for the party but you have the open bar policy? No worries nothing is stopping you from making that signature cocktail you and all your friends love, add this to the bar and it’s sure to be a bangin’ success!


With everyone drinking, you’ll, of course, need something to fill their stomachs as you laugh and dance the night away. Food can be a big deal at a party but no worries… you can just do appetizers and make sure to keep it simple (K.I.S).


Now all of the fun doesn’t just have to be for the adults, for the friends who can’t find a babysitter or just want to have their little ones with them you can always set up a hassle-free kids table, complete with drawing and coloring utensils!


Decorations and settings should also be hassle-free and simple. Things you can do yourself. Make sure you aren’t overcomplicating the décor, and K.I.S.


Above all else… stay calm and relaxed everything is going to fall into place. You and all your friends are sure to have fun, this is your night and your chance to let the stress of everything go, let loose, have fun. No one likes a stick in the mud.


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