Avaaz continuous work in spearheading global change

For an organization that was founded on the principle of enacting change through global activism, it helps to ensure that its members are found in every corner of the globe and is able to reach each and every member it is important to ensure that you are multi-linguistic. This is what Avaaz has been able to achieve across six continents and more than 30 countries.

The founders of Avaaz were brought together by the common need to unite its future members to act on the various pressing issues that were facing humanity world wide. These issues include conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, acting on climate change, elimination of bad governance as well as archiving of human rights.

The Avaaz organization is a member driven organization that has delegated the authority of identifying causes and campaigns on which to pour its resources to its members. This is done through a process where emails of suggestions of the various campaign ideas are sent to the members the members then discuss, vote and send feedback to the Avaaz employees who then walk through the feedback and choose those that receive the most support from members this is then passed on to the board which then make them actionable.

The organization has established that by using a model where it funds itself it has been able to avoid falling into the trap where corporations and other wealthy donors set its agenda and influence the actions it takes.

Avaaz has achieved numerous success in all the areas it has taken head on which include working to end FGM in Somalia, it has worked to reunite refugee children with their families this has mainly been for Syrian refugee children who have often stranded and lost in Europe Avaaz works with lawyers to ensure all legal process are achieved to this end.

Working with schools in South Africa to make them safe as well as sending emergency aid to Nepal after they were hit by an earthquake.Members were able to contribute up to 2.5 million dollars that went towards rescue operations as well as shelter and medical support.

Follow SahmAdrangi for Disruptive & Lucrative Investor Activism

SahmAdrangi is a confident and disruptive trader. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a privately-held investment management firm. It was established in 2009 and is based in New York. He serves as the chief investment officer. He is quick to make bold bets and rapidly mobilize financial support behind him. There seems to be no shortage of punters in the alternative investment sector.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is not afraid to bet against particular portfolios. In fact, SahmAdrangi caught the spotlight for shorting doubtful companies of Chinese origin. He is a champion of short research and activism. He seems to have mastered the strategy of short-selling. SahmAdrangi is one of the most notable upcoming hedge fund executives. The company then puts together a public case by publishing their research brief to targeted investors.

Kerrisdale Capital Management mobilizes public support around their analysis and predictions. The current campaign has landed over $100 million. This is aimed at a new company. SahmAdrangi plans to use the funds to short the stock and run away with hefty yields. The company operates strategic hedge funds. It has successfully bet against popular companies in the past such as Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics among numerous others.

The short positions have been lucrative with over twenty-five percent returns in the last five years. SahmAdrangi’s disruptive trading strategies have been behind the rapid rise of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The firm has grown under his leadership from a paltry $1 million small business to over $500 million in investment assets. SahmAdriangi is passionate about using social media to market his products.

He prides himself on being able to move global markets at the flick of a tweet. He believes in proper research and analysis to understand the portfolios on the hedge fund. He also believes it pays to be confident and loud about your positions. The young trader is quickly polishing his skills in corporate raiding. He is aggressive with a no-frills strategy that leaves no room for hostages.

He is expected to join the big leagues of hedge fund managers with the added twist of being a successful social media activist. SahmAdrangi has extensive financial experience working for Deutsche Bank. He attended Yale University where he graduated in economics.

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Whitney Wolfe – Promising Founder of Popular Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe who is the founder of Bumble recently turned down a $450 million offer from Match Group. Match Group is an umbrella company that owns some of Bumble’s competitors which include Match.com, Tinder and OKCupid. Sources are saying that the offer was too low and undervalued the business structure of Bumble, which is an online dating application. Bumble quickly rose to popularity in 2014 and has set itself apart form the online dating platforms. It is unique in the fact that it offers “women-first” options which means that if more than two people are matched, a woman must make the first move. The company has been growing and prospering for the last few years, and now has a subscription feature that charges $9.99 per month.

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur that first started her businesses at the young age of 22. She is the co-founder of Tinder, which is another dating application that she started in 2014. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended college at the Southern Methodist University, where she received her degree in International Studies.Her very first business was started at the age of 19 where she sold bamboo tote bags.

The money she made was used to benefit areas that were affected by the BP oil spill. At 22, she Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs. She became involved with the startup company called Cardify which was a project led by Sean Rad. She then went on to start her businesses with the dating apps and has been working successfully since 2014. Tinder and Bumble are the fourth most popular dating apps in the country which has become a very successful career for Wolfe. She has worked hard to ensure that the companies remain busy and the structure is solid. Her years of experience in the industry in addition to her education have made her very successful. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe click here.

She continuously works with her business partners to make positive reinforcement applications within the company and ensure that the company continues to grow. Wolfe was also named as one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Business Insider’s magazine.

Stop it at the Start

Life Line Screening provides an essential service to people all across the globe. With its vast array of locations, ultrasound and EKG screening equipment; the company which was established in 1993 provides invaluable service across the globe. When a doctor can detect or diagnose an illness at it’s beginning stages, it is far easier to treat or manage said diseases. This is why many insurance policies provide preventive care at zero fee or discounted charges. Life Line Screening is a pioneer in the field of providing preventive screenings. The service allows equips patients with the knowledge of diseases or health problems that they otherwise would not have known about until it was too late.

Armed with this knowledge, patients are encouraged to follow up with their own personal doctor with this vital, newly discovered information. The company provides 3 different types of health screenings: Ultrasound, Finger-stick blood, and Limited electrocardiograph. Life Line provides information both the patient and personal physician may not come across until it is too late. For example, if you are asymptomatic, but are at a higher risk for certain diseases because of family history or life travels, a family doctor may not find it necessary to order certain tests or check for certain condition factors. With the screenings provided by this service, you would be made aware of such afflictions.

There are 3 different screening packages that a patient has to choose from and the process is quite simple to set up. To date, the service has provided over 8 million screenings to patients. In 2017, the screening service has found over 62,000 people with possibly significant health risks for strokes or cardiovascular disease that otherwise would have gone with being address because the patients simply did not show signs of any potential health problems. With screening locations available across the globe, not only is it convenient to schedule a visit, it could potentially save your life.

To know more visit @: www.naifa.org/practice-resources/prp/lifeline-screening

Rick Shinto’s Great Skills of Leadership

Rick Shinto, is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. Dr. Rick is known to be an effective leader because using his skills; he makes sure that his team of professionals does its best at work. One of the aspects making him a great leader in the company is the fact that he supports team work. He acts as an example to his employees since he supports team work and his employees follow that. Dr. Shinto ensures that his team has proper communication, clear vision, and good relationships. He believes that without transparency, the company cannot sore as high as high as it should in the health sector. He has always advocated for transparency in his company, and it is one of the aspects that have contributed to its success.

The other major aspect making Dr. Rick Shinto a good leader is the fact that he supports quality. Shinto ensures that he has professional people employed in his company. He has no time of taking chances because he knows that quality is the right way to achieving all set goals in the organizations. Quality medical care is emphasized in his company, and it is the main aspect that has driven progress and growth in the company. Quality is of great importance, and Doctor Shinto makes certain that he does not take anything less than quality. Having focused on quality gives a clear impression that he is a good leader and would not let anything bring his company down.

Emphasizing on quality in his company ensures that all clients receive satisfactory services. As the Chief Executive Officer, he makes sure that all services offered to patients promote their emotional as well as physical well-being. The satisfactory customer rate at his company is always at 90%, showing that as the president he does his best to make the patients happy. Quality improvement coupled with customer protection is the major determiners of accreditation in his company. Dr. Rick Shinto is not the only individual focused on making sure quality is achieved and maintained. He also leads his employees to ensure quality is maintained at all times. The employees adhere to all set rules and regulations.

Source of the article : https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=225431891

Mikhail Blagosklonny: Making Landmarks In Cancer Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a revolutionary figure in the oncological research community, owing to the incredible contribution that he has made to the field. He is a researcher who has fueled some of the newest innovations and treatments in the oncological industry. The field of cancer research is one that has always interested Mikhail Blagosklonny ever since he was in medical school. Soon after graduating, he started working for a company called Ordway. The company was one who helped researchers develop the new and improved ways to treat patients who are diagnosed with cancer. The company was right up his alley, which is why Mikhail Blagosklonny chooses this as the starting point in his career.

While working for the company, he worked hard to understand the treatments that patients were currently being given, so that he could analyze what needs to be developed. While working on this and researching the current therapies for cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny found a particular chemical, called Rapamycin, which was present in some cancer treating drugs. His studies pointed towards the chemical’s possibility of increasing life expectancy in those who took it. A discovery of this kind was seen as a massive leap towards a better more advanced medical field. Mikhail Blagosklonny soon became well known in the research industry. Since then, Mikhail Blagosklonny has shifted his focus towards his discovery and its proper implementation to improve the lives of people.

He has also had numerous notable findings when it comes to the current treatments that doctors give their patients. He has had numerous of those conclusions published in medical journals and periodicals. His findings have significantly impacted the industry, so much so that doctors in varying parts of the world are now beginning to implement it when they offer treatment to their patients. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s contribution to the field has happened on such a massive scale, that he has impacted the lives of thousands of people who have been diagnosed with this deadly disease. He hopes that someday, he can contribute to finding a cure for cancer that takes the lives of so many people all over the world.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has always believed in contributing as much as he can to the medical field. Having the kind of knowledge that he does, he saw it fit to take on a professorship post so that he could pass on his knowledge to the newer generation of doctors and researchers. At the beginning of his teaching career, Mikhail Blagosklonny started working at the New York Medical College. Here, he taught numerous batches of students, inspiring them to go on and contribute more to the medical field. Mikhail Blagosklonny no longer teaches at the New York Medical College but is currently a professor of oncological research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is one of the most well-known teachers at the institute and is looked up to by all the students who go there. He has inspired numerous students to take up oncological research as a profession, which was his purpose of getting into teaching in the first place.

Todd Lubar Reckons That Smart Homes Will Dominate Real Estate By 2021

Real estate agents and home buyers are not only familiar with smart homes; they have come to expect them. The houses are increasingly becoming popular as they simplify life for occupants. From detect walking patterns, sensing medical conditions or adjusting lights, tenants are likely to find something that exceeds their expectations.

Common technologies found in homes

Most real estate developers are installing high-tech features in houses that they are building. A standard package might include smart lighting, automatic window shades, motion detecting door bells, and nest thermostats. The systems are easy to use; anyone can understand them regardless of their age or education level. While such homes are only common in cities, experts like Todd Lubar predict that they will also be popular in rural areas by 2021.

Real estate developers have to do more

Although many new home owners embrace smart homes, real estate developers and agents still face challenges when selling high-tech houses. For instance, older citizens are unlikely to install technologies such as smart floors despite the fact that this would prevent injuries that result from falls. Studies indicate that they are not hesitant to embrace technology because they cannot afford it. Many choose not to have the sensors as they worry that the high- tech systems will allow people to hack into their homes and spy on them. Consequently, more tech organizations are looking for better ways to secure smart homes and earn the trust of potential home owners. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

About Todd Lubar

With over 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector, Todd Lubar is one of the top mortgage originators in the U.S. He leads TDL Global Ventures, and he is the senior V.P of Legendary Investments. He acquired a lot of experience in conservative mortgaging banking and relationship building, when he served as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He also has a wide network of contacts in the real estate industry such as insurance and real estate agents, CPAs and financial planners. Mr. Lubar holds an undergraduate degree in Speech Communications from the University of Syracuse, where he graduated in 1995. Check out his about.me page here.

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The Secret Behind The Success Of OSI Group

OSI Group is a premier global supplier of custom value-added food products to much-renowned food service and retail food brands. The company was founded in 1909 with its current headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. The company boosts of a $6.1 billion revenue with its chairman and CEO been Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Group is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world with more than 65 facilities in 17 countries across the world. The OSI Group was listed in Forbes list last year as the #58 largest private company in the world.

The food processing company offers products for lunch, breakfast, desserts, side dishes, snacks and entrees. Among the products they sell include hot dogs, sandwich assemblies, processed and raw chicken products, cooked beef patties, bacon, cooked pork and beef products, smoked and kettle products, breakfast sausages, pizza, vegetable and poultry products, fish, among other products. OSI Group was initially known as OSI Industries, Inc but got the name change in 2004.

OSI Group has been named among the top 100 food companies in the United States as per Food Processing.com. The holding company has been leading in giving its clients custom food options as well as culinary expertise. The quality assurance and food safety enhanced by the OSI Group can not be surpassed by their competitors. Their desire to strive for improvement further makes them explore innovative solutions that will help grow the company.

OSI Group got recognition from the British Safety Council by been awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor award. This was in respect to their exemplary management of environmental factors.They received the award on November 25, 2016, at the Drapers’ Hall in London during the Award Luncheon. OSI Group was among the 18 companies who got recognition of that honor for their global excellence in matters about environmental management. OSI Group is also dedicating at nurturing innovative brains across the world by absorbing them into the company. The company works at identifying diverse ideas and incorporating them into their service so that unparalleled solutions can be achieved.

Beneful Means Beneficial

Benefuls in its most basic definition means full of goodness. The type of dog food produced by Purina Beneful is nothing but beneficial for your dogs health. They offer a wide variety of flavors, snack, treats, and foods so that any pet can easily eat with ease. Purina Beneful also means that the dog food is made with pure ingredients. The food we serve to our dogs needs to be nutrient dense and full of healthy ingredients. This is what workers at Purina Beneful strive for.

The brand itself works day in day out to come out with new and exciting flavors and treats for dogs to eat every day. They believe that dogs are similar to humans. Of courser they get bored with their diet and same old basic routines. That’s why Beneful also means that they like to switch things up. Purina Beneful dog food is more than just a brand, it’s a life style.

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Eva Moskowitz’ Success Academy keeps on experiencing success after success

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the charter network Success Academy, has had a good month. First, Success Academy won a state appeals court ruling that will give her schools an award of $720,000 after it was ruled the City of New York could not force the network to use their pre-K contract.


A few days later, Eva Moskowitz was being given the Broad Prize for Success Academy’s academic achievements.


The prize is given to a charter school network each year that demonstrates superb academic results when related to students of color or those from an economically-disadvantaged background. Something Success Academy has definitely achieved with its students now in the top 10 percent of the state in math.


Eva Moskowitz, of course, knows good things like this do not always come in pairs.


Particularly as she has had to struggle against the City of New York’s insistence on overstepping their authority when it comes to the Success Academy since the Academy’s inception, while also dealing with other people in education being suspicious of what she continues to achieve.


Eva Moskowitz, however, has soldiered on as she believes in the mission of Success Academy as well as sees how effective it is being in the lives of the 14,000 children it currently serves.


Now she is moving forward with another idea. An idea that will help other schools around the country access the curriculum Success Academy uses, and hopefully see the same success.


Called ‘Ed Institute, the program will allow any other charter school network to have the same curriculum, tools and training information the Academy uses, and give it to them completely free of charge.


While this may seem as if Eva Moskowitz is giving out too much information, that is not true at all. After all, she got into the education business to give a good education to all children, no matter where they are from or how much money they have.


If she can help other charter schools do that in other areas of the country, she is happy to do so. That is a sign of a true educator.