Blogger and Successful Entrepreneur-Glen Wakeman

He is known to be a mentor and an entrepreneur in the business world. Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman who after his High School graduation attended the University of Scranton where he graduated with BS in Economics and Finance and later in 1993 he furthered his education at the University of Chicago where he pursued and graduated with an MBA in Finance. Mr. Glen was lucky to secure employment after his graduation, and he began serving at GE Capital in P&L and business developmental position (

During his career, the economist, as well as the financier, was able to make several achievements and considered to been influential entrepreneur as well as mentor. Some of his accomplishments including transforming investments with assets of $15billion and over 17000 staff members and leading them to their success. Mr. Glen Wakeman is recognized for what he has done in the market by guiding start-ups, new market entry, exponential growth, and M&As among many others. Glen has been applying his policy to five different vital routines which include;

  • Risk management
  • Human capital
  • Leadership
  • Implementation
  • Supremacy

Glen Wakeman did not stay in the employment sector for long. Instead, he created his business launch Pad Holdings LLC. Mr. Glen is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the organization which was established in 2015. The firm which Glen co-founded has been responsible for assisting other business persons who are still in their early stages to be able to plan their businesses. Wakeman is not a successful businessman but he is also a successful writer and blogger. In his blogs which he blogs on a daily basis, he mainly focuses on leadership, emerging markets, international affairs, business renovation, as well as offering advice on capital raising and angel financing. Mr. Wakeman has gained vast experience as well as knowledge which he is recognized for all over the world. He has lived in more than six countries and he is passionate about change and development.

Dr. Mark Holterman: Surgeon, Professor, and Researcher

Dr. Mark J. Holterman began his education journey by completing an undergrad in biology from Yale university before going on for his MD and PhD at the University of Virginia. After schooling, he went on to complete residency at the University of Virginia and fellowship at University of Washington Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. He is now a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. In addition, he is also an attending surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Holterman also has memberships with many organizations and specializes in pediatric surgery.

Dr. Mark J. Holterman supports and provides assistance for charitable organizations. Such organizations include the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. In order to ensure that the organization can provide surgical care, IPSAC-VN needs the support of volunteers. Volunteers provide on-site, hands-on support for the organization and are a crucial part of making the organization function. Visa and passports are needed from all volunteers ( In addition, professional licences and CV are needed for all medical volunteers. Volunteers are trained and briefed prior to beginning volunteer hours.

Dr. Holterman is the CEO of regenerative medicine-focused Mariam Global Health (Doctors.HealthGrove). As stated before, he remains interested in cell-based therapies. In 2016, legislation was passed under President Obama and the United States Congress. This legislation aimed to assist patients who possess serious health complications to benefit from new drugs and medical devices. This legislation provides aide for the area of regenerative medicine. In addition, new funds and aide are put into medical research of all areas. The FDA is able to speed up the approval process of new drugs and procedures. This includes certain stem cell treatments, even before they enter the market. Groups such as the World Stem Cell Summit and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine rejoiced the new legislation.

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The Amazing Financial Facts About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a networking company that was created to market the unique services that they offer. The company is a energy service provider that is located in Dallas, Texas. Through the network marketing, the company sells its services to clients by encouraging their customers to move their current provider to stream energy. It offers low monthly bills because they provide little and favorable rates, compared to other companies with energy provision services in Dallas and across the United States. They also get to earn a reasonable extra fee each time a new customer uses their services. At stream energy, they strive to offer a fascinating compensation plan. There are three means you can earn the program ( Through personal customer bonuses, team customer bonuses and lastly unlimited monthly income.


Personal customer bonuses


Stream Energy will pay you each time you bring in a new customer. They will also pay for the services when you bring one new customer to them. You can financially grow your business to higher levels through this company. The good thing is that you will be receiving excellent bonuses all the time. For a new associate, you can earn $400 in the first 90 days. That is attainable through marketing and selling stream services to new clients.


Team customer bonuses


The company earns through unlimited levels. You need to meet specific promotional standards that are required by the company. From each level, you will manage to create a new leadership organization. That will enable you to earn a good bonus which is attached to your organization’s client card. An interesting fact is that you will win new rewards on each level of your team. That enables you to be able to possibly earn a bonus of $100 within just 30 days. Talk about one amazing company (BizJournals).


Frontera Fund Defends DACA And Dreamers Against Trump Administration

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been under fire from conservative Republican politicians for years. The program, instituted by President Barack Obama, provides certain undocumented young people the ability to receive a social security number, permission to work in the United States, access to in-state tuition for college, and prevents them from being deported.


Nine attorneys general have threatened to sue the Trump Administration if they did not rescind DACA by September 5th. In an apparent response to that threat, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has announced that the Trump Administration will end the DACA program.


This announcement, along with what many are calling anti-immigrant statements from President Trump, has sent a wave of fear and uncertainty throughout immigrant communities across the country.


The DACA program is currently in its fifth year of operation. According to reports, the program has had a clear benefit to the United States. Nearly 95% of Dreamers, as the program participants are called, go to school, work, or do both. These activities add millions of dollars in revenue for colleges and universities in America.


Dreamers pay taxes and contribute to their local economy. DACA participants have higher earnings and they put that money towards buying homes and starting businesses.


This is a far cry from how Sessions referred to them in his announcement. The Attorney General called them “a group of illegal aliens” who are taking American jobs. He went on to say that these Dreamers were contributing to a sense of “lawlessness” in the nation. This type of rhetoric has outraged and angred many acitivista and civil rights proponents.


Many activist and civil rights groups have viewed this attack on DACA as a rallying point. They have begun organizing a resistance to the Trump Administration’s actions. One such organization is the Frontera Fund.


The Frontera Fund is dedicated to fighting for civil rights for all immigrants. They have waged a campaign against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and have defended DACA against attacks from the Right.


This is an organization who’s sole peupose to fight for those individuals who are powerless and do not have a voice in the current political debate.


Freedom Debt Relief: tips on protecting your credit information

Earlier this year, one of the three credit monitoring bureaus in the United States, Equifax, experienced an adverse security breach. The culprits accessed information such as birth dates, social security numbers, addresses and other private information belonging to over 143 million citizens. There are several actions you can take to protect yourself in the wake of such a breach.

First, you will need to find out whether you are a victim. This can be made possible by visiting, a website created by Equifax to address the same. You will also need to sign up for free credit protection and monitoring. The site provides a free one-year identity theft protection and credit monitoring for those who register before the November 21 deadline. Upon signing up, you will be given a copy of your Equifax credit report as well as the ability to freeze your Equifax report which prevents creditors from viewing your credit information via Equifax.

Since children do not use credit, it may take long before parents notice that their security numbers have been used. Therefore, it is advisable to check your children’s credit routinely. It is also prudent that you review the annual report received from the three credit bureaus for any suspicious activity.

Another precautionary move involves placing a credit freeze with the other credit bureau. This will prevent the other creditors from viewing your credit history. Subsequently, scammers will be unable to open credit in your name. You may additionally monitor your bank and credit card frequently from unauthorized activities without having to wait for your monthly statement. It is also advisable that you change your passwords and report any suspicious activity in your account.

Finally, reliable online lenders like Freedom Debt Relief can help prevent this kind of breeches. Established in 2002, the corporation has worked to ensure customers enjoy valuable and quality loan experiences. This is achieved by their quality lending services that meet the specific client needs through their complex yet easy to use vetting processes in their application. Freedom Debt Relief additionally provides professional advice through their certified loan officers and experts.

Julia Jackson: Family, Work Experience, and Education

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbra Banke. Julia is the youngest daughter in a thin the family. Her interest is revealed to be in the wine-making and wine processing. Julia, besides working with the Jackson family company, she as well works with a non-profit organization which empowers women. She founded the “Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment giving program”. The program awards $100,000 cash grants to the non-profit organizations every year.Julia has been working with the family company, Jackson Family Wines, in the sales and marketing of the wine products. Julia’s work with the family company started at a very younger age, she worked with the Jackson family wineries, in the harvest in Bordeaux during the summer breaks. Therefore, Julia has more experience in the wine-making, which was cultivated in her from a tender age.Julia Jackson

At the current, Julia works with the Jackson family wineries in the department of marketing and international sales. Julia’s main duty is to introduce the family’s wine to the current generation as well as the global market. Julia is also the co-founder of the Rex Apps where she currently works.Julia has a bachelor of arts in Studio Art from Scripps College (2006-2010). In 2010, Julia attended the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management, where she attained her summer certificate.Jackson family has the Kendall Jackson as the mainly produced wine brand. Kendal Jackson was founded in 1982 and has made greater achievements ever since. Apart from the Kendall Jackson, the Jackson family as well produces the wine brand known as White Rocket Wine Co. the brand mainly targets millennial generation. The company is as well in possession of the Arrowood brand, which it acquired in 2006. Arrowood is a highly valued wine brand, which has been in existence since the 1980s.

Karl Heideck: Laws That Affect Small Businesses

If you are a business owner in Pennsylvania, it is important to update yourself on the current labor laws. Employment legislation affects your corporate future. The regulations may affect particular enterprises and sectors.

Most of the laws apply to all types of businesses. The Fair Labor Standard Act outlines compensation limitations and covers work hours, overtime, and minimum wage. State legislation and the federal laws complement each other. It is important to know when either of the two is applicable. The minimum wage in Pennsylvania in 2016 was 7.25 dollars per hour while the federal minimum was 10.15 dollars per hour. If you cannot decide amongst the two, select the one that is higher.

The Family and Medical Leave Act gives guidelines on leave days. According to the act, employees are eligible for leaves for medical and family purposes. During this period, it is not mandatory to pay employees. However, you cannot terminate them or discontinue their health insurance policy. The time allocated for this leave is not more than 12 weeks annually.

If you have employees below the age of eighteen, you are required to follow the Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act dictates that you offer opportunities to all age groups. There are also regulations that protect employees from harassment, unfair hiring, and discrimination.

Other laws require you to follow procedures as laid down by other bodies such as IRS. Specific laws may also be applicable as the 2017 Philadelphia law that bars employers from inquiring an employee’s salary history.

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Karl Heideck focuses on helping organizations understand these legislations. He has over ten years’ experience in contract law. Karl has a J.D from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University and a B.A from Swarthmore college. Previously, he has represented individuals, governments, businesses, and corporates on several litigations.

Karl Heideck is passionate about helping other people comprehend the law and its applicability in business and other aspects of life. He contributes to the body of knowledge on the law through blogs and online articles.

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Face Mask Reviews by Kim Dao

Have you ever wondered what some of the top beauty products are in Japan? There are so many to choose from and if you are unfamiliar with the popular brands you may not know what to purchase. Fear not, Kim Dao has recently recapped ten of her favorite top Japanese beauty products. Kim Dao is a popular YouTube vlogger and blogger who utilizes social media platforms to share her top rated product lists as well as top rated travel tip lists. Kim Dao went to Daiso and bought ten different beauty products to put to the test. The first product Kim picked up from Daiso is a skin care mask. It is relatively simple to use. The masks look like tiny tablets and there is an included tray that you drop the tablet into. You add a few drops of toner that is included in the kit and the mask sucks up the moisture. You remove the mask and apply to the face, it already has eye nostril and mouth areas cut out. Kim does not feel the mask is as moisturizing as the packaging lets on. She said it feels rather heavy and not as refreshing as she had hoped. Kim Dao also picked up a silicon moisturizing mask. You put this mask on after removing a previous mask or using a moisturizer. This mask is designed to help the skin retain moisture. This is like a silicon glove for an existing face mask. It will hold a face mask in place and prevent it from drying out to quickly. More products reviewed by Kim Dao can be found here.
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Avaaz continuous work in spearheading global change

For an organization that was founded on the principle of enacting change through global activism, it helps to ensure that its members are found in every corner of the globe and is able to reach each and every member it is important to ensure that you are multi-linguistic. This is what Avaaz has been able to achieve across six continents and more than 30 countries.

The founders of Avaaz were brought together by the common need to unite its future members to act on the various pressing issues that were facing humanity world wide. These issues include conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, acting on climate change, elimination of bad governance as well as archiving of human rights.

The Avaaz organization is a member driven organization that has delegated the authority of identifying causes and campaigns on which to pour its resources to its members. This is done through a process where emails of suggestions of the various campaign ideas are sent to the members the members then discuss, vote and send feedback to the Avaaz employees who then walk through the feedback and choose those that receive the most support from members this is then passed on to the board which then make them actionable.

The organization has established that by using a model where it funds itself it has been able to avoid falling into the trap where corporations and other wealthy donors set its agenda and influence the actions it takes.

Avaaz has achieved numerous success in all the areas it has taken head on which include working to end FGM in Somalia, it has worked to reunite refugee children with their families this has mainly been for Syrian refugee children who have often stranded and lost in Europe Avaaz works with lawyers to ensure all legal process are achieved to this end.

Working with schools in South Africa to make them safe as well as sending emergency aid to Nepal after they were hit by an earthquake.Members were able to contribute up to 2.5 million dollars that went towards rescue operations as well as shelter and medical support.

Follow SahmAdrangi for Disruptive & Lucrative Investor Activism

SahmAdrangi is a confident and disruptive trader. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a privately-held investment management firm. It was established in 2009 and is based in New York. He serves as the chief investment officer. He is quick to make bold bets and rapidly mobilize financial support behind him. There seems to be no shortage of punters in the alternative investment sector.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is not afraid to bet against particular portfolios. In fact, SahmAdrangi caught the spotlight for shorting doubtful companies of Chinese origin. He is a champion of short research and activism. He seems to have mastered the strategy of short-selling. SahmAdrangi is one of the most notable upcoming hedge fund executives. The company then puts together a public case by publishing their research brief to targeted investors.

Kerrisdale Capital Management mobilizes public support around their analysis and predictions. The current campaign has landed over $100 million. This is aimed at a new company. SahmAdrangi plans to use the funds to short the stock and run away with hefty yields. The company operates strategic hedge funds. It has successfully bet against popular companies in the past such as Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics among numerous others.

The short positions have been lucrative with over twenty-five percent returns in the last five years. SahmAdrangi’s disruptive trading strategies have been behind the rapid rise of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The firm has grown under his leadership from a paltry $1 million small business to over $500 million in investment assets. SahmAdriangi is passionate about using social media to market his products.

He prides himself on being able to move global markets at the flick of a tweet. He believes in proper research and analysis to understand the portfolios on the hedge fund. He also believes it pays to be confident and loud about your positions. The young trader is quickly polishing his skills in corporate raiding. He is aggressive with a no-frills strategy that leaves no room for hostages.

He is expected to join the big leagues of hedge fund managers with the added twist of being a successful social media activist. SahmAdrangi has extensive financial experience working for Deutsche Bank. He attended Yale University where he graduated in economics.

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