U.S. Money Reserve improved upon their internet presence

The US Money Reserve has helped thousands of Americans according to CBS 19 diversify their assets over the years and so due to the change in the way business is conducted. As more stores are moving online they too have moved online. However, this is not new. Their online shop has been available to customers for several years now but it is welcoming news that they will be refreshing their platform by implementing a few new sections as well as some graphic updates. This is a very good idea as this type of asset is becoming more and more attractive. The asset is precious metals. In the form of gold, silver and platinum.

These precious metals are hailed the last real currency as their value has remained steady over the years compared to a lot of other paper currencies which have gone belly up. This information is worth a lot as many americans want to secure their future, and this is one of the safest ways to do it. On top of that, it is an actual physical asset that you can hold. It can be a coin or an entire bullion. Depending on what you would like to do the U.S. Money Reserve can provide the customer with all the precious metals you may need and want. Even if the customer does not have adequate knowledge about the topic of precious metals there is a experienced professional on staff that can answer every question they may have. Whether it be choosing the precious metal or simply gaining more information on the market standings. Everything can be answered and a staff member at the US Money reserve is always happy to assist.

If for some reason the customer is not entirely satisfied with their purchase, the U.S. Money Reserve offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If the customer decides after the 30 days that they are no longer interested in owning the product, they may send it back and the U.S. Money Reserve will give back 80 percent of the current market value of the item. The other 20 percent is kept for a restocking fee and any other administration. The current president of the U.S. Money Reserve is actually the former director of the U.S Mint, Philip N. Diehl. He has been heading up the new changes that are taking place within the online platform. His VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan, oversaw the entire re-design of the online store and catalogue. He was also in charge of several new applications that were launched along side the project. More information the article topic please find the entire article at CBS 19.

Coriant Expands its Cloud Based Netowrking technology

The name Coriant may not be one on the lips of the general public, but this new entrant to the networking and optical data transfer market has recently been making a splash in the industry with its major technological achievements. Coriant was established from the optical networking department of Siemens, but has recently looked to develop new areas of technology for customers to enjoy; these new technological areas include the major advances made in cloud networking through its Groove developments. Not only will this new cloud data storage technology assist clients in storing larger levels of data, but will also offer major energy savings of up to 70 percent on existing cloud systems.

The release of the Groove Cloud technology coincided with the appointment of new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, who has a long history of technological innovation for the many different companies he has worked for in a three decade long career. Kheradpir is an expert in developing new technologies after he spent a large amount of his early career working in research and development for GTE Labs and Verizon.

Shaygan Kheradpir could have spent the entirety of his career working in research and development, but instead looked to challenge himself with a move into the business side of the industries he has worked in. Kheradpir looked to develop his business skills by conducting a review of the IT department of Verizon, which resulted in lowered costs falling far below the industry average. Kheradir also developed a number of new areas of business during his time as a board member of the financial giant Barclays, which included one of the first mobile payment options alongside many other technological innovations now used throughout the banking industry.

Coriant have grown quickly over the course of their life since being spun out of the Siemens company, but has developed to employ around 3,000 employees. The company is looking to develop itself as a major competitor for the traditional optical networking companies working throughout the world, which the parent company of Marlin Equity Partners believes can be achieved under the leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir.

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A Global Recession Is Almost Certain According To Investor George Soros

The economists that spend their days tracking the health of the world’s economy don’t usually agree with each other. The Wall Street elite try to explain the chaos in equities and global currencies that has been going on this year by throwing numbers and facts at investors. But there is one economic genius that doesn’t sugar-coat the fact that all the economic signs point to a global recession. That genius is George Soros. The eighty-five-year-old Soros is the guy that predicted the British pound would have to be devalued back in 1981. Soros was right and pocketed a cool 1 billion dollars when he shorted the pound against the dollar.

Mr. Soros is predicting on Bloomberg another major economic disaster, and once again, there are economists that agree with him, and economists that claim the sign Soros is seeing won’t turn into a bubble-bursting financial fiasco. Those economists say the economic turmoil in China doesn’t compare to the 1997 Asian debt crisis, but Soros thinks those soothsayers are sweeping the signs under the rug. They don’t like to predict a downtick on Wall Street, and they certainly don’t want to tell the world of market mayhem and the impending global recession.

Bur George Soros is not one to paint any picture but the real one. The S&P 500 began 2016 with the worst performance in its history. Mr. Soros said the United States goes into a recession about every five years. It has been seven years since the last recession, so the U.S. is overdue. The economic forecasters are saying the U.S. GDP will grow by 3.5 percent or more in 2016, but they aren’t reading the signs correctly. The main contributor for the next recession has been setting the stage for it for the last two years. China’s faltering economy has sent Brazil and other trading partners into recession mode already, and Soros believes the other countries are one step away from calling their economies stagnant.

China is trying to build a gigantic fixed asset bubble that isn’t contributing to the country’s GDP growth, according to Soros. He also said China’s currency is overvalued, and he is betting it will depreciate in 2016. Shanghai equity prices are down 40 percent over the last two years, and Chinese rail freight volume keeps dropping by 10.5 year after year. China is telling the world that their economy will grow by 6.5 percent over the next five years, But Soros says the Chinese government will have to pull a financial rabbit out of a black hat in order for that to happen.

Soros expects more stress on corporate earning as the global economic growth continues to slow down. He also thinks real estate values and equity prices can no longer be supported by incomes and GDP. All the signs are there for a 2008 type recession. Soros says it’s time to believe them.

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

OrganoGold is Something Special for Healthy Coffee Drinkers

Organo sells Organo Gold gourmet coffee and tea. It suffuses these beverages with Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum, better known as reishi or lingzhi mushroom. Chinese healers have used Ganoderma for at least 2,000 years, and it has many beneficial health effects, as documented by modern medical studies. That led the Chinese to call Ganoderma the “King of Herbs.” According to prominent nutritionist Dr Bob Rakowski, Ganoderma strengthens the immune system, lowers inflammation, helps rid the body of toxins, promotes akalization and increases the amount of oxygen delivered to body cells. Therefore, everybody can benefit from taking Ganoderma.

Bernardo tells us that healthy Organo Gold coffee comes in the flavors: Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Supreme, Cafe Mocha and Cafe Latte. Tea drinkers can choose from Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Ice. For people who don’t enjoy either beverage, Organo Gold also offers Hot Chocolate.

Founded in 2008, Organo is the latest company created by Bernardo Chua. Chua grew up in the Philippines, and learned of the health benefits of Ganoderma there. Prior to founding Organo Gold, he worked with Gano Excel, running the branch in the Philippines. It also focused on promoting products with Ganoderma. He helped expand Gano Excel into Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. He now serves as the CEO of Organo. Organo is based in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2015, the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in the Philippines gave Chua its prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award, which reognizes Filipino businesses bringing world-class products to the global marketplace. They described Chua as an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.” The Napoleon Hill Foundation gave Chua its Gold Medal.

Organo Gold currently sells its products in 44 different countries, and has over 400,000 active distributors. In 2013 Direct Selling News said it was the 55th largest network marketing company, with sales of $215 million.

Ganoderma has a listing in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium. The mushroom produces ganoderic acids with a structure similar to steroid hormones. Medical science has documented various beneficial health effects. It contains beta glucans and various polysaccharides that promote immune function. It’s also an anti-inflammatory with positive effects on asthma.

The mushroom grows readily in both temperate and tropical forests. It tends to grow at the base or on the stumps of trees, especially maple. It’s grown commercially on logs or beds of woodchips. It has a bitter taste, and so is usually prepared as a tea or a soup.

George Soros Predicts That The European Union Is On The Road To Collapsing.

George Soros is a famous business person and philanthropist, who claims that his success in business makes him obliged to speak out on sensitive matters that others fear talking about. George Soros was born in Hungary, where he fled to England due to government oppression before he moved on to America. George Soros is usually called upon by international media to give his economic analyst view of different situations and was recently interviewed by Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German magazine, WirtschaftsWoche. This interview was mainly about the current state of the European Union and the possible outcome. According to George Soros, the European Union is on the verge of collapse due to the many problems the union is facing at the moment.
George Soros identified on Bloomberg.com that the Syrian crisis as one of the major issues the European Union has to deal with if it wants to stay afloat. The war in Syria is generating a lot of refugees who are looking refuge in other European nations. Despite nations like Germany, whose chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the chair of the European Union welcoming the refugees into their countries wholeheartedly, there are some like Hungary and Poland, which have resorted to a no refugee policy. This brings back progress though the only real solution is to bring lasting peace to Syria.

The issue of increased Syrian refugees is backed up by another problem of immigrants. For many years, Europe has been a hot cake to illegal immigrants from the third world and developing countries. The increased number of immigrants recently has even posed a challenge to the economy of European nations as it is currently. With the current unstable economic state, most countries and can not cater for all the immigrants entering their countries. For this reason, Angela Merkel, the chair of the European Union introduced an asylum seeking a policy that allows a member of the union to receive a sustainable number of immigrants from time to time.

Another major issue is the instability of the European currency, the euro. With the current Chinese instigated global crisis, the euro is affected. Its value has significantly reduced in the recent past. With Britain trying to pull out of the union, the value of this currency is will even be under more threat. The European Union has no option but first to solve its internal crisis like that of Syria, to at least try and save the euro.

But that will not be enough, the Russian inversion to Ukraine is even more threatening and needs to be addressed first. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, seems to be taking advantage the situation to want to take control of the Union and all European leaders should be cautious of him. Internal conflicts affected the economy of the Union as a whole as it cripples regional trade. Greece also has to be saved from its economic crisis so that it can join hands with other European nations to fight the other problems and prevent the collapse of the union.


Coriant: Providing Networking Solutions to Evolving Business Needs

Coriant is a telecommunications company that develops networking solutions. It banks on the internet and cloud based information systems to develop products for evolving business environments. The company was launched on May 6, 2013, making it independent from Nokia Siemens Networks.

Coriant creates income generating services for businesses and the end consumer in mobile, video and cloud. It also serves large network operators such as content providers, government agencies, cloud and data center operators, mobile and fixed line service providers and financial institutions. It operates in more than 100 countries and its networking solutions are used worldwide.

Networking Solutions

Coriant products are developed with intention of meeting their client needs while solving unforeseen networking problems that may arise. This means that every product has a core objective on which it is built upon. Below are two of their main products:

On Demand and Application Agility for Better Network Control

To achieve this, Coriant unleashed ‘The Coriant Transcend TM SDN Solution’. This product has SDN and NFV capabilities providing an open, automated and programmable application environment for total network control. It gives businesses an edge through automated responses (work flow automation), new revenue sources and application-centric services.

It is geared to enable network operators customize and program to a preferable network behavior. It provides a multi-layer service for a smooth performance and a lowered network cost. It also provides cloud based services enabling resource integration across transport networks, data centers and enterprises. It enables easier migrations by integrating with existing client specifics and packet forwarding solutions.

Service Management and Simplifying Networks

Through the ‘Transport Network Management Systems (TNMS)’ businesses are able to manage multi-domain, multi-layer and multi-vendor transport networks. The TNMS accelerates service time through point and click capabilities as well as proper service control and visibility. It ensures proper resource utilization enabling growth. It also allows easier interworking between multi-vendors.

Coriant C.E.O, Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current C.E.O and chairs the Coriant board. He is recognized for his skills as a technological and business leader. He possesses more than 28 years of experience across fields such as: finance, technology and telecom service. He graduated from Cornell University and now holds a bachelor’s, master’s and a Doctorate in engineering. He also has patents to his name spanning from media, telecom and payments.

Throughout his career, he has delivered innovative networking solutions for the top ranking network operators in more than 100 countries. At GTE Corporation, where he began his career, he was part of the team that spearheaded the systems modernization, innovation and pioneering of product initiatives such as FiOS (one of the United States’ major infrastructure programs). He has also made accomplishments at Barclays where he took a leadership role in its historical TRANSFORM program.

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Services of Coriant

Coriant is technically a telecommunications company. This is how it is listed due to the kind of technology it produces and works with. However, the networking hardware the company produces can be used anywhere, which is why it is more of a universal brand than anything else. However, it is still important to understand what the company does and what it produces. This way, it is possible to know how it is expanding and why.

Coriant has been an independent company since 2013. It did start out in the mid 90s ad a branch inside of Siemens Optical Networks, although once Siemens went under new ownership, Coriant spun off into its own brand. With over 3,000 employees, it is a larger company that most might know. This is why understand what it does and why CEO Shaygan Kheradpir is so important, especially for anyone in the tech field.

The company focuses and specializes in fiberoptic technology. When it first started up in the mid 90s, this was a rather new field. Most tech companies relied on copper wiring to transmit information throughout the business network. However, that has changed significantly over the last several years as the need for faster data transfers has risen. It is often important to do whatever a company can in order to stay on top of growing data needs. With ever single passing year, technology requirements become more and more important. That is why having all of these different organizations producing fiber optics to improve data transfer speeds is important.

Fiber optics uses either glass or plastic to transmit beams of light. As light can transfer faster than any other signal, it allows for a faster data transfer with more data transferred at the same time.

Shaygan came in as the CEO just after the company spun out from Siemens. While a new CEO to the company, he does have extensive background in the industry as he helped Verizon develop the company’s own fiber optics network FiOS. All of this has gone a long way in building the company and helping him become CEI.

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Lowering Employee Turnover With Job Satisfaction

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs
Darius Fisher is a star within the public relations area. He is also the president of Status Labs and the co-founder.He is well-informed within the digital communications area. Darius has been given a big kudos for being a highly respected individual in this entire field.

Employee Turnover is Costly for any Business
A business may need to pay approximately 30 to 50 percent of one annual salary in order to replace just one entry-level employee. The cost rises up to 150 percent for a mid-level employee. The prices for a senior and a specialized employee can go as high as 400 percent. This is quite costly to have a chronic employee turnover rate. It is not possible to eliminate all employee turnover. There is, however, a good way to reduce the overall turnover rate. This can be accomplished with job satisfaction.

Methods to Achieve Job Satisfaction
The following methods will help to create job satisfaction within the work place. These are some methods that have been used for the creation of team satisfaction. These include:
* Incentives and goals; employees will be motivated with an added incentive. Receiving a treat for reaching a goal is a grand gesture that motivates. The incentive may depend on the business budget. Employees will go the extra mile with a little added incentive

* Notice and Acknowledge Accomplishments; everyone appreciates it when their hard work is actually noticed. A simple acknowledgement can come in an email. Congratulating an employee for a job well-done will lead to satisfaction and feeling valued

* communicate will employees and keep them informed of the happenings of the business; A monthly newsletter can keep employees feeling as if they are a valuable part of the company
These are a sample of methods that lead to job satisfaction which will lower the employee turnover rate.

Darius Fisher and Crisis Management
Darius Fisher can offer his impressive skills in crisis management. He has the ability to even polish up Google search results. He is known for cleaning up many digital reputations for his satisfied clients at Status Labs.

Igor Cornelsen Is a Commonsense Investor

What Igor Cornelsen has become is a commonsense investor that is able to relay information in a way that makes sense. I have seen him build his resume, and he is the perfect choice for that investor that just doesn’t have any perspective on investing yet.

Igor Cornelsen certainly gave me a better perspective because he had information about investing outside of the United States. I didn’t think that this would be in my near future, but I learned a little bit about the Brazilian stocks. I got familiar with the people and the culture. I took all the necessary steps that it would take to push myself to become less fearful of investments outside of the United States.

I started slows with a couple of index funds. I would see that this was working so I branched out even more. This was something that I would have never done without getting this tip from Cornelsen. I would also see myself becoming one of those investors that fell back on the value of diversity, another core principle from Igor Cornelsen.

I made sure that I spread my investments out so that I could reap the benefits of both American and foreign stocks. It has been such a great ride for me because so many of my friends get advice from me. Most of them do not realize that this is second-hand information that I got from Igor Cornelsen.

He has become this investor that has opened the minds of my friends. We didn’t know that we could do international investing successfully, but we have the confidence to do it. Cornelsen has taught us about Brazil, but that was only the tip of the iceberg in the financial world.

What he taught us that has really meant the most is to research the companies that we are pumping our money into. There has to be a desire to know about what your company is doing. There has to be a time when you look at the company and know if it will survive 10 years down the road. If it cannot survive, you don’t need to invest in it. I learned this the hard way, but I learned it all the same. Cornelsen makes me mindful of this every time that I see the new hottest gadget on the market. I have to ask myself if this company will last.

I need to know that I am putting my money in a company that will continue to grow in value. It is pertinent to know what the executives are up to with the company that you are spending money on. That makes it much easier to make sound decisions in portfolio building.

QNet Really Does Care

QNet is quickly becoming one of the most well-known names in the direct selling industry. QNet has made many inroads in India. Decisions have been made to move all manufacturing to India and, also, to build up a large network of local affiliates in the country. QNet does feel a lot of appreciation towards the people of India. This appreciation is visible in QNet’s “We Care” program.

QNet’s “We Care” program is designed to help underprivileged families. Recently, QNet has directed care and relief packages to those families impacted by the flooding in Chennai. The devastation caused by the flooding was massive. Homes were totally destroyed, and families were left with no place to go. Rebuilding the city and its surrounding area may take an incredible amount of time.

QNet recently made a public and generous donation at the IIFA Utsavam awards ceremony. This was one of the most perfect events in which to donate funds. The event is one designed to bestow awards to filmmakers in South India. Awards banquets such as these definitely do garner a lot of publicity. As more people learn about the relief efforts thanks to the news coming out of the awards show, more funds end up being directed towards the cause.

QNet continues to do its part towards the relief efforts. QNet served as an an associate sponsor at IIFA Utsavam, and the company seeks to further help the victims of the flooding in many ways. Look for more news about QNet and the “We Care” program in the coming weeks.

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