Hostages Finally Freed From Venezuelan Prison

Recently a Danilo Diaz Granados on facebook posted on 14 hostages have finally been freed from a prison in Lara Sate after a 4 day stand off with criminal gangs. When a grenade was set off in the prison cafeteria, many individuals were sent to the hospital. Criminal gangs then managed to take 14 public workers hostage. These public workers were helping inmates with legal and educational needs. All of the prisoners who were a part of this will be facing trials and will have time added on to their sentences.

The great scandal in all of this is the fact that firearms were smuggled into the prison from an inside source. All security workers are being questioned now. This is something that is making individuals all over Venezuela question the nature of those who work for the government. It is alarming to think that an inside source could have been a part of the problem. Venezuela Analysis by Diaz Granados reports that there is a push since 2011 to give inmates better living conditions and more recreational opportunities.