The Kabbalah Centre Continues an Ancient Tradition in a Modern Way

The quest for spirituality and a more meaningful way of living life has become a major part of life for the majority pf people in the 21st century after interest in religious practices grew for millions of people as the 20th century wore on. Many people are looking outside what are generally classed as the traditional forms of religion; in this changing world of religious belief The Kabbalah Centre has risen to the top of the world of spirituality as people around the world are looking to new areas of spiritual growth that may be seen as outside the traditional forms of religion.

The Kabbalah Centre has been one of the world’s fastest growing religions for a number of decades after spending a large portion of the 1960s operating the religion from within the home of Rav Philip Berg, the religious leader credited with bringing the group into the modern world. In terms of the way The Kabbalah Centre has developed it began its life in the 1920s with the opening of the first centre in the U.S. after experts in Judaism developed a new interpretation based on theoretical Kabbalah.

The ancient tradition of Kabbalah has many different forms, including theoretical, meditative, and magical Kabbalah; the basis of magical and meditative Kabbalah have never been published and are only passed on using the oral tradition, meaning theoretical Kabbalah is now the basis of the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre. The teachers of The Kabbalah Centre use their skills to develop new ways of interpreting the ancient scriptures in a bid to allow them to be understood by people in the modern world. Ancient aspects of these scriptures are still a major part of the work of The Kabbalah Centre as these form a huge part of the how to understand the universe, including the use of horoscopes and a thin red string worn on the left wrist that protects the individual from the evil eye. Merging the ancient and the modern has become a major part of the work of The Kabbalah Centre as the students of the group seek a better understanding of the way the universe that remains hidden from the vast majority of people.