What Can Online Reputation Management Do You For You?

Status Labs is a reputation management company that can help guide your brand on the right path to achieving success and stay away from ruining your brand. Darius Fisher is the leader of this brand who can guide you. As an international online reputation management company, they offer public relations services, digital marketing, and other forms of advertising to help ensure your company stays safe and getting the right amount of advertising. Growing at an exponential rate as high as 939 percent from 2012 up to 2015, they have definitely grown over the years.

Fisher has received a huge number of awards for his work in the world of business development. The PR World Awards program offered Darius Fisher the, “Business Development Individual of the Year” award for his impressive work in marketing for businesses. What helped build this company focused on reputation management marketing. He helped improve the growth of this firm by garnering a huge client base of top notch fortune 500 companies. Creating new digital marketing services, Darius Fisher combines a wide array of services to clientele.

Focusing primarily on long-term strategic planning and goal setting, you will find that the customer relationships that they build along with the management they focus on can allow for you to grow in the right direction. They focus primarily on public relations and reputation management, enabling them to help companies with their presence and how they are seen in the eyes of customers. Status Labs is ultimately the best brand to be with because of what they are capable of. It’s important to notice that Darius has a whole team that backs up his capabilities to make sure that clients get exactly what they want and need.

Status Labs is definitely a worthwhile company to work with, and they can do everything for you that you need to get noticed. If it’s a magazine advertisement or social influencer marketing, they can get you on the right path to being noticed. They can help monitor every aspect of your brand to help make sure that nobody is seeing your company negatively on the web.

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Lowering Employee Turnover With Job Satisfaction

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs
Darius Fisher is a star within the public relations area. He is also the president of Status Labs and the co-founder.He is well-informed within the digital communications area. Darius has been given a big kudos for being a highly respected individual in this entire field.

Employee Turnover is Costly for any Business
A business may need to pay approximately 30 to 50 percent of one annual salary in order to replace just one entry-level employee. The cost rises up to 150 percent for a mid-level employee. The prices for a senior and a specialized employee can go as high as 400 percent. This is quite costly to have a chronic employee turnover rate. It is not possible to eliminate all employee turnover. There is, however, a good way to reduce the overall turnover rate. This can be accomplished with job satisfaction.

Methods to Achieve Job Satisfaction
The following methods will help to create job satisfaction within the work place. These are some methods that have been used for the creation of team satisfaction. These include:
* Incentives and goals; employees will be motivated with an added incentive. Receiving a treat for reaching a goal is a grand gesture that motivates. The incentive may depend on the business budget. Employees will go the extra mile with a little added incentive

* Notice and Acknowledge Accomplishments; everyone appreciates it when their hard work is actually noticed. A simple acknowledgement can come in an email. Congratulating an employee for a job well-done will lead to satisfaction and feeling valued

* communicate will employees and keep them informed of the happenings of the business; A monthly newsletter can keep employees feeling as if they are a valuable part of the company
These are a sample of methods that lead to job satisfaction which will lower the employee turnover rate.

Darius Fisher and Crisis Management
Darius Fisher can offer his impressive skills in crisis management. He has the ability to even polish up Google search results. He is known for cleaning up many digital reputations for his satisfied clients at Status Labs.