End Citizens United Charge Florida’s Governor for Campaign Violations

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott having to resign as a CEO of Columbia/HCA in 1997, the company paid $1.7 billion in fines due to fraudulent billing practices with Medicare. Now Scott being a candidate for U.S. Senate is refusing to accept responsibility in court relating to that fraud case when he “invoked his Fifth Amendment right.”

End Citizens United goal is to oppose favoritism to the wealthy in any campaign and attempts to prevent wealthy people to influence on the election process. The group has pointed out that Scott has been using the New Republican Super PAC in preparation for his campaign. Ending the influence of Big Money in politics is the goal of End Citizens United and show that money has no political power in elections. So with Scott concluding his second term as Florida governor, watching his practices that offer any financial benefit is crucial. Read more about End Citizens United at Wikipedia.

In mid-April of 2018, American Bridge has reported that Rick Scott had received donations after his decisions on “state pension fund investments.” The Securities and Exchange Commission ruling is to protect decisions on investments from political influence, which resulting gives a reason for the charges against Scott from the End Citizens United. Rick Scott then announced running for a Democratic seat in Congress, but was unaware of the the complaint faced against him. Florida’s voters are not expected to “trust him” with his shady past, predicted by Adam Bozzi, the Communications Director of End Citizens United. He also expresses concerns for the violation of federal law and Scott is in need of immediate investigation.

Senator Nelson and Scott both represent a small section of the Republicans and hope to retain control of Congress under Trump. Senator Nelson comments and expects Scott to “say or do anything to get elected” for this election. He believes that doing the right lets politics “take care of itself.” For the election Scott is likely to spend millions of his personal funds for the election.

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Why Citizens United Want Election Finance Reforms

In the 2010 case F. E.C Vs. Citizens United, the American Supreme Court made a decision that would change country’s Political landscape forever. The ruling, in this case, allowed corporations and companies to be treated as human beings. This attracted particular group and wealthy individuals to the political arena who now are contributing large amounts of cash to political parties and Candidates

Citizens United was formed in 2015 March 1st. The sole objective of this establishment is Challenging and opposing attempts by large Corporations from spending money with the aim of altering an election outcome in their favor. Since inception, Citizens United has been continuously receiving donations from the grassroots to fund their cause. The objective of Citizens United is to champion for the election of candidates such as Bernie Sanders who are willing to promote reforms while keeping Political funding in the spotlight.

End Citizens United has over the years made claims that the right-wing faction of the government has been sabotaging America’s campaign finance laws for the past several years now. It is these Republicans who have now made it possible for special interest groups and other lobbying groups to produce vast amounts of donations to political parties and candidates while hoping to further their causes. This alone proves that the current American election system has been rigged.

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The fact that a foreign country went ahead and purchased advertisements with an intention to sway the outcome of the 2016’s presidential election further proves that the election laws in America have become weak. While all this takes place, within the government ranks, there is zero to negligible efforts made to address the current problem. When it comes swaying the results of the American elections, Foreign governments aren’t the only entities to worry about; this is because wealthy individuals and companies having the resources and cash to spend, with the backing of a politician can influence the outcome by themselves.

To demonstrate the reluctance of the Republicans to address the weak elections laws. These Republican officials have over the years ignored the DISCLOSE act that necessitates the disclosure of political spending by political parties and politicians including public and private entities.

House Democrats who have been trying to put in place the DISCLOSURE act have shifted strategy and are now introducing fresh pieces of legislation such as the “by the people reform package” which entails specific amendments aimed at overturning some of the supreme court’s decisions.

The End Citizens United social media platforms and websites provide information about the group and what they do. In addition to their info, latest news and topics are posted on their sites. Their social media platforms are also used to sensitize the general public on the current finance laws, their impact on American elections and how individuals can come together and address the issue.

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End Citizen United Carries on.

Elections in the United States of America changed significantly after the decision made by the Supreme Court on the case between Citizen United and the Federal Election Commission in 2010. It also made open the door for people with special interests and billionaires alike to spend much money in the America’s election. It is in this connection that a political action committee known as End Citizen United was established. The board is funded by grassroots donors and is devoted to making reforms in the America’s system of campaigns. They aim at making it known to the voters, candidates, the press, and election officials that the grassroots are not pleased with the billionaire’s attempt to buy elections. The outcry is meant to reach the lawmakers so that they take necessary action and is key to the establishment of a partnership to bring reforms in the campaign finance.


End Citizens United’s paramount goal is to pass an amendment reversing the 2010 decision by Supreme Court on Citizen United that increased the super PACs and increased dark money in the political world. Over 325,000 people signed the petition by End Citizens United demanding that the Congress should pass such legislation. The group also partnered with Ready Hillary and the support went up. Ready Hillary had over four million people and rented its email list. End Citizens United was pleased to announce that it endorsed Democratic candidates.


End Citizens United is a different group altogether since it seeks to address issues not dealt with by other PACs. It aims at giving its full support to candidates who support the campaign finance reforms and will stand up against Citizen United. As a group, End Citizens United intention is to set up an independent disbursement arm backing candidate using advertisements on televisions, polling, and direct mailers.


The hope of End Citizens United is to assist in enacting the reforms on campaign finance at both the national and local level. The primary purpose of the group is passing the constitutional amendments. End Citizen United has a tremendous support by the grassroots and prides itself in having 136,000 donations. The group has five staff members who include Reed Adamson who managed 2012 Brad Schneider’s victory and Valerie Martin who worked in the 2006 campaign at Missouri.


The mission of End Citizens United is to fight and destroy the political system that is rigged and characterized by much money. The mission is achievable by selecting proper reforms on the campaign fund as well as passing the state ballot measures. Illimitable and dark money in politics will be a thing of the past.


End Citizens United offers its support to Democrats since they are at the forefront in the fight against Citizen United and hence there is a possibility of change in its leadership.


George Soros Major Contributor

George Soros has a long history of donating large sums of money to the Democratic party in order to defeat what he believes to be the oppressive Republican party. Back in 2004, Soros gave a then unprecedented amount of money to the Democratic nominee in order to defeat George W. Bush. While his donation of $25 million dollars at the time did not provide the win for the Democratic party on bloomberg.com, it sent a message that Soros was not afraid to do whatever he could in order to defeat his political enemies.

George Soros is a billionaire with a net-worth of approximately $25 billion dollars. This allows him opportunities to both vocally and fiscally support the Democratic nominee of the election when he feels necessary. The election of 2016 provided a perfect chance for him to re-enter the realm of political charity.

In his political ideology, George Soros is very liberal. He supports realistic and humane immigration reform and progressive criminal justice reform. In addition, he supports tolerance for all religions, not just the majority.

This is radically different compared to the major political points of the Republican party. This year, the major candidates throughout the election cycle spouted plans and policies that, to Soros, were hateful and intolerant. He felt he had to do something to promote the Democratic agenda.

As a result, this election cycle, Soros has donated more than $25 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign. In addition, he regularly donates to her peers and causes that are supported by the Democratic party. Looking at the record, you can see the wide variety of causes that Soros has donated to.

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First, Soros donated $7 million to a Super PAC called Priorities USA Action who are vocal supporters of Clinton. Next, he gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, which specializes in opposition research. $5 million was donated to Immigrant Voters Win that attempts to increase the frequency of Hispanic voters. He also donated $5 million to a nonprofit focused on fighting voter restriction laws.

Overall, Soros has donated to many different groups in order to boost the Democratic agenda against Donald Trump.

Soros is a vocal Donald Trump enemy who has been noted saying that the Republican nominee is doing the work of ISIS by inciting hate and violence among the population. Like so many of his Republican peers, Donald Trump stands against many of the policies that Soros has supported for years.

Soros, however, does more than donate money. In the circle of Democrat donors, he is often cited as the most influential and vocal. Among all the major donors, he is believed to be most likely to sway other big ticket donors for the Democrat agenda.