George Soros Major Contributor

George Soros has a long history of donating large sums of money to the Democratic party in order to defeat what he believes to be the oppressive Republican party. Back in 2004, Soros gave a then unprecedented amount of money to the Democratic nominee in order to defeat George W. Bush. While his donation of $25 million dollars at the time did not provide the win for the Democratic party on, it sent a message that Soros was not afraid to do whatever he could in order to defeat his political enemies.

George Soros is a billionaire with a net-worth of approximately $25 billion dollars. This allows him opportunities to both vocally and fiscally support the Democratic nominee of the election when he feels necessary. The election of 2016 provided a perfect chance for him to re-enter the realm of political charity.

In his political ideology, George Soros is very liberal. He supports realistic and humane immigration reform and progressive criminal justice reform. In addition, he supports tolerance for all religions, not just the majority.

This is radically different compared to the major political points of the Republican party. This year, the major candidates throughout the election cycle spouted plans and policies that, to Soros, were hateful and intolerant. He felt he had to do something to promote the Democratic agenda.

As a result, this election cycle, Soros has donated more than $25 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign. In addition, he regularly donates to her peers and causes that are supported by the Democratic party. Looking at the record, you can see the wide variety of causes that Soros has donated to.

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First, Soros donated $7 million to a Super PAC called Priorities USA Action who are vocal supporters of Clinton. Next, he gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, which specializes in opposition research. $5 million was donated to Immigrant Voters Win that attempts to increase the frequency of Hispanic voters. He also donated $5 million to a nonprofit focused on fighting voter restriction laws.

Overall, Soros has donated to many different groups in order to boost the Democratic agenda against Donald Trump.

Soros is a vocal Donald Trump enemy who has been noted saying that the Republican nominee is doing the work of ISIS by inciting hate and violence among the population. Like so many of his Republican peers, Donald Trump stands against many of the policies that Soros has supported for years.

Soros, however, does more than donate money. In the circle of Democrat donors, he is often cited as the most influential and vocal. Among all the major donors, he is believed to be most likely to sway other big ticket donors for the Democrat agenda.