Men Are Turning Into Fashion Shoppers

The days when men would come to work with a plaid shirt and a pair of gaudy striped pants are gone. Well, not really. A subtle plaid shirt and mini striped pants could be considered a fashion statement by certain men these days. Men are taking risks when it comes to dressing in the 21st century, and women across the country are saying, “It’s about time.” Modern men have turned into clothes horses and fashion mavens, and the clothing and accessory industry is working overtime to please them.

The question on everyone’s mind is what happened? When did men wake up and start understanding that what you wear is an expression of creativity? The answer is men are finally able to shop without the hassle. They shop on the Internet because there is no wait, no lines, and online stores are open 24 hours a day. Men can express themselves without someone looking over their shoulder and telling them their color choices don’t fit their personality. Men are free to be men in any way they choose, and their choices have changed the direction of men’s fashions.

There was a time when men wouldn’t shop for shoes unless the soles on the one pair of shoes they wore were splitting at the toe or coming apart at the heel, but those days are gone. Companies like Paul Evans Footwear are giving men the chance to pick quality leather footwear that speaks to them. The New York-based designers at Paul Evans have developed a line of men’s fashion forward looks that can’t be found anywhere else. Men can find their size, their color and their style with a few clicks of a mouse.

Paul Evans Footwear is designed using the finest calfskin and side leathers available. Each shoe is handcrafted in Italy. The Italian factory takes extra care and produces each pair of shoes just like the old days. Paul Evans Footwear is all about quality, not quantity, so every shoe is different. Men pick what they want from a compact collection that contains every look in men’s fashion. Style, color, and size are never out of stock because Paul Evans Footwear makes what is ordered. There is no mass production line that produces shoe lemmings that reek with sameness.

A recent article published by explains how and why men are shopping in the 21st century. The tide has changed for men. They want to express their creativity, but they want to do that on their terms, not at the mercy of brick and mortar stores.