Online Reputation Management Essentials

Are there times when you have gone to an online platform only to find material with rather negative impact on your personality or brand? In this era of hard work of building a brand can be destroyed in the wink of an eye by a single post or image.

This is detrimental and can potentially cause irreparable damage to any brand or person.

Online Reputation Management is taking control over the information that the public can access about you or your brand on the internet. ORM helps you to ensure that only the right and positive material is found when people search online for you.

Importance of a positive online reputation

In this digital era, you already know that having a positive online outlook is vital in various aspects of your life. This includes:

  • Employment. Potential employers may look you up before inviting you for an interview and therefore it is vital that content found does not damage your character or reputation
  • Relationships. Sometimes a person that is interested in dating you may search online about you in an effort to know you better.
  • A landlord may look you up to see if you are a viable renter.

Most times, negative results come up from various search engines due to lack of different content. It is therefore important that you keep tabs on what is being passed around. Various studies have said that about 88% consumers base their purchasing decisions on online reviews.

While you may not have complete power over what people may say about you or your brand, there some easy steps to take to create a good online impression.

  • Search yourself or your brand to see whether you have a positive representation.
  • Join social sites that will expose you or your brand to the online community.
  • Choose a reputable PR agency or professional to handle your online presence.
  • Constantly keep tabs on online reviews to ensure that you do not get unfair representation.
  • Choose carefully what you can or cannot respond to.

These steps will give you an upper hand in controlling what internet users find online about you.