Eva Moskowitz’ Success Academy keeps on experiencing success after success

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the charter network Success Academy, has had a good month. First, Success Academy won a state appeals court ruling that will give her schools an award of $720,000 after it was ruled the City of New York could not force the network to use their pre-K contract.


A few days later, Eva Moskowitz was being given the Broad Prize for Success Academy’s academic achievements.


The prize is given to a charter school network each year that demonstrates superb academic results when related to students of color or those from an economically-disadvantaged background. Something Success Academy has definitely achieved with its students now in the top 10 percent of the state in math.


Eva Moskowitz, of course, knows good things like this do not always come in pairs.


Particularly as she has had to struggle against the City of New York’s insistence on overstepping their authority when it comes to the Success Academy since the Academy’s inception, while also dealing with other people in education being suspicious of what she continues to achieve.


Eva Moskowitz, however, has soldiered on as she believes in the mission of Success Academy as well as sees how effective it is being in the lives of the 14,000 children it currently serves.


Now she is moving forward with another idea. An idea that will help other schools around the country access the curriculum Success Academy uses, and hopefully see the same success.


Called ‘Ed Institute, the program will allow any other charter school network to have the same curriculum, tools and training information the Academy uses, and give it to them completely free of charge.


While this may seem as if Eva Moskowitz is giving out too much information, that is not true at all. After all, she got into the education business to give a good education to all children, no matter where they are from or how much money they have.


If she can help other charter schools do that in other areas of the country, she is happy to do so. That is a sign of a true educator.