Need that Democratic or Progressive political campaign launched efficiently and successfully?

If the answer is a definitive Yes, then NGP VAN can be a technological solution for that next political campaign launch.

For those Progressives and Democrats that are looking to upend the Republican stronghold in Congress in 2018, there are many steps to make sure that the campaign gets a great start. With the initial campaign launch, it is critical to start off with a big rollout. It is also best to prepare before the actual start of the launch.

When deciding to put together that communication plan, that big speech announcing the actual political campaign launch should be at the top of the To-Do list. Background information like biographies, as well as professional photos, should be a part of this launch press kit. Moreover, by using the MiniVan app (created by NGP VAN), this software application can help campaigners in many ways. Some of these include methods include cutting out the lengthiness involved in the administrative side of things and making the of reaching out to the general voting pool, much more manageable.

With NGP VAN, field organizers who spend a lot of time putting together a plethora of turf packets can reduce time and hassle by using unique Action IDs for volunteers who will sign in to MiniVAN.

Another thing to keep in mind for starting that Democratic or Progressive party focused campaign is to have that engaging website with a responsive design that is correctly formatted for people to be able to view that vital information on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. With NGP VAN’s tools, making sure that website is ready to go before that critical campaign launch is the key. NGP VAN’s digital applications include the ability to create web design themes or wrappers for forms. There is also APIs to use.


Concerning the management side of that essential campaign data, it is best to use the NGP VAN Digital 8. As a trusted platform for Democratic campaigns, a trustworthy CRM like NGP VAN includes the Targeted Email tool, Online Actions, and other tools to help.

NGP VAN provides demonstrations about how Digital 8 tools would work for campaigns. NGP 8 has ways to keep track of campaign donors and paperless call time tools.

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