Richard Liu Qiandong Launched 360Buy Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiandong is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China’s most prominent e-commerce platform,, which currently employs 167,000 people, while offering its services to more than 100 million active customers.

With an estimated valuation of $60 billion, has grown exponentially each year and has secured a number of prominent investors, most notably, Amazon and Walmart. With the world’s largest fleet of drones, as well 500 logistics centers throughout the country, operates with extreme efficiency, boasting an average delivery time of 3 hours in Beijing, and 6 hours across the country.

Despite growing at a rate of 100 percent, the 44-year-old CEO has shown no signs of slowing down, as he plans to expand throughout Southeast Asia, as well as the United States and Britain in the immediate future. Next year, he plans to increase the number of employees by 30,000.

Despite being one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the world today, Richard Liu Qiandong’s road to the top began in the Jiangsu province, in the small town of Suquian. It was there that his parents worked as coal-shippers, operating their own small business. During this time, Richard Liu learned the intricacies of entrepreneurship first hand, albeit in a smaller capacity. Excelling in his studies throughout his youth, he was accepted to The People’s University of China where he majored in Sociology. While seeking work, Richard Liu began to study computer science, helping him to garner a variety of freelance work assignments, as well as his first job with the supplement company, Japan Life. After becoming the Director of Computers, he left Japan Life in 1998, launching his initial store in Beijing’s tech sector.

By 2003, Richard Liu Qiandong’s brick-and-mortar operation had expanded to twelve locations, but the flourishing entrepreneur would face a number of obstacles as the SARS epidemic ravaged China. As interpersonal communication came to a considerable halt, Richard Liu launched the first iteration of his e-commerce empire, operating it dually with his physical retail stores. By 2005, 360Buy Jingdong had become a standalone online retailer and was later renamed to

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Mike Nierenberg’s Success in the Management of Business Operations

Mike Nierenberg is the chairman and head of operations at New Residential Investment Corp. The company is a real estate investment trust that specializes in assets that will provide long term cash flows to the investors. Mike has been an essential pillar for the company spearheading all operations and helping the company to make significant growth in stocks. Mike has extensive years of experience as an investment manager having worked with some of the reputable companies in the finance and investment fields.

Mike Nierenberg’s Background Information

Mike Nierenberg has diversified his management skills since he kickstarted his professional career. His first job at Lehman Brothers introduced him to adjustable mortgages and their management. His attention to detail enabled him to gather information that helped him become an expert in his field. He played a role in the growth and development of adjustable mortgage rates of the company.

Mike Nierenberg has climbed up the corporate ladder and worked with other companies such as Bear Stearn, JP Morgan and Bank of America Merryl. His work ethics and diligence have propelled him to work in senior management positions. He has demonstrated leadership qualities while working as the head of structured and mortgage-backed securities, head of interest rates and foreign exchange operations among other high ranking positions.

Mike’s prowess in the investment sector has facilitated the success of the New Investment Residential Corp. The company announced an increase of six percent on its year over year book value in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the focus now shifted to the growth of mortgage servicing rights portfolio. Mike Nierenberg states the commitment of the company to protect the shareholders and increase their dividends.

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