Securus Technologies Puts GTL’s Wrongdoings Into The Limelight

Securus Technologies, Inc., a leader in technology solutions for civil, criminal justice, investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring announced that it will release reports that will confirm wrongdoings and breach of integrity by Global Tel Link. The CEO of Securus Technologies affirmed recently that Securus respects the rules of operation in the industry in serving law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, inmates and their family members. Securus aims to outline various wrongdoings by GTL in the next six months to shame what Securus refers as lack of integrity.

For example, when GTL served Louisiana Department of Corrections with telecom services to many of their inmates, an investigation by the Louisiana PSC on GTL actions found that GTL programmed the clocks to add either 15 or 36 seconds in each call which is both unlawful and unauthorized. GTL programmed the telephones to rate calls based on higher rates and not based on PSC rate caps. GTL use the add-on programs which is considered most problematic.

Securus Technologies serves thousands of law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities to offer secure, powerful and simple technology solutions to promote accessibility and effectiveness. Securus Technologies has now turned to acquire JPay Inc. JPay Inc. is a market leader in digital payments systems, email services and various entertainment and educational related apps in various correctional facilities. According to the Rick Smith, JPay will bring its innovative team to Securus Technologies and together the companies will forge forward for a continued success.

The deal will help Securus Technologies to offer anything software-based needed by correctional agencies to smoothen their operations and connect inmates with their families. JPay’s CEO, Ryan Shapiro emphasized that the company always wanted to expand it portfolio and services it offers to its clients and the deal with Securus will provided the company with the opportunity to do so.

Securus Releases THREADS 3.1 to Corrections Departments

Just a few weeks prior to adding Vice President John Bell to their senior management team, Securus announced it’s latest release of its large data analytical tool. THREADS 3.1, Securus’ cornerstone product¬†for Investigative Services , is now available to various law enforcement and corrections agencies across North America. The latest release includes several upgrades which makes THREADS easier to use and improves system performance. Anyone can register for these services online.

Migrating the platform to HTML5 from Silverlite, the 3.1 release includes streamlined integration between other Securus products like its Secure Call Platform (SCP) used for recording and monitoring inmate phone calls. While keeping its powerful analytical tools intact THREADS 3.1 adds faster record loading, improved search functions, and an overall smoother user experience. The upgrade also includes faster navigation and the elimination of several antiquated features. The result is a redesigned interface with improved performance and better features, making for a more proactive tool for intelligence and investigations.

Suspicious inmate call patterns and associations can be easily identified, with context-sensitive reporting performed in real-time scenarios. THREADS 3.1 easily flags questionable inmate communication and fraternization events, while providing focused leads to the investigator in a software environment which requires little to no training. They have also integrated their video visitation software into THREADS, making it easier to search and monitor any inmate communications through this platform. The software has had great reviews so far and seems to be benefitting everyone from law officials to inmates and their families. To sweeten the deal, Securus plans to update all of its existing customers for free.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and supports over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies nationwide. As well, Securus provides communications to over 1 million inmates in North America alone. Securus has recently expanded their team to keep up with the demands of the business. By presenting its SCP capabilities bundled with THREADS 3.1 technology, Securus plans to connect and monitor more inmates each year while providing real-time reporting of questionable and suspicious communications to law enforcement and investigative agencies.

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