Check Out a 5×5 Routine for Mass Building

Building up mass remains a top goal of anyone who hits the gym with a desire to become a successful bodybuilder. Even those who just like bodybuilding for fun want to build up a massive physique. After all, without a decent amount of muscle mass, it becomes impossible to present an impressive look. One reason people find it difficult to maximize their mass derives from sticking with the same “three sets of 10” program week in and week out, month in and month out.

Maybe the time has come to try a 5×5 routine. As the name suggests, a 5×5 routine refers to performing five sets of five reps. Since you are only performing five reps, the amount of weight lifted would be heavier than the case with 10 reps. Heavier weight means more resistance. That means muscle tissue must grow to meet the resistance. Yes, muscles will also grow in performing 10 repetitions but the body may get bored with and used to that program. Growth slows down or stops as a result. A 5×5 routine could change things up leading to the body responding to the exercises.

Different trainers create their own unique versions of the 5×5 routine. While differences do exist, there are certain similarities. Among the most important similarities involves longer rest periods between sets.

Why so? A 5×5 routine is mainly a strength building routine. The intensity level becomes higher than with lighter weight at higher repetitions. The body needs to recover from the heavier weight. Failure to take lengthier rest periods could lead to an injury. Also, it may be best for the first two sets to employ lighter weight in order to warm the muscles up.

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One last point about the 5×5 has to be made. Certain programs are listed as beginner routines. This may be a little controversial since the intensity level on a 5×5 can be high. Regardless of your personal goals, it is important not to train to strenuously too early. Doing so opens doors for both injury and overtraining.