Cotemar Mexico: Reinventing The Oil Industry

Cotemar Mexico is one of the largest Mexican companies, in the oil industry. The current general director of the company is Sr. Jorge Humberto who has spearheaded the company into becoming one of the best employers in the nation. The company is worldly known for their strong corporate culture and their core values that are emphasized. The company is fully committed to its environment. Being a company in the most polluted industry, the company raises awareness of the dangers of pollution and encourages better practices that don’t affect the environment. The company also participates in community events that encourage the wellness of the community and also provides jobs for the citizens of Mexico. More importantly, the company has a strong professionalism and work ethics that they use to communicate their plan and how they are going to provide their services to their clients.



Cotemor Mexico offers a wide variety of services to their clients. The company pays attention to their clients’ facilities. They construct, reconstruct and remodel them adding an urban touch to them so that they may serve them well. They use their creative teams to fix these offshore services to their clients’ facilities. The company is also in the food and lodging business, where they offer their guests with excellent hospitable services in their lodgings. Thirdly, the company maintains and develops oil fields and ensures that they are safe for their clients and employees.



In the spirit of giving back to the communities, Cotemar conducts training career fairs and conferences and invites students from universities and colleges to come and learn from the experts in the industry. Students and other individuals seeking jobs are then encouraged to apply for their jobs which helps get rid of unemployment in the country the company continues to prepare these workshops every year and helps several people to turn their lives around.



With more than thirty eight years in the industry, Cotemar knows how it is to remain at the top of their game. Integrity work ethics and string value are communicated which help maintain the company’s position in the market. Through their expertise, clients are confident that their services will be bettered by the day.