New York City Real Estate Growth

The New York real estate market hasn’t always been a constant market, and at times it has been tough. RE/MAX founder and representative, Dave Liniger, has plans to flourish the area with his business that he has worked hard to build throughout the years. He hopes to bring some much needed business to the area and work with some of the brokerage companies that have been producing business at high rates. He wants to be able to expand his services throughout the state and he plans to bring on long time native Terri Bohannon, who has been part of the real estate industry for many years. Terri will be working hard on the marketing spectrum of the business aspect and helping to grow the branding campaign. The internationally global company has expanded to over 100 countries throughout the country and employs over 100,000 agents. Dave Liniger is definitely familiar with all aspects, the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the real estate business as he has been in the industry since the early seventies. He knows the market well, and has studied to know the New York real estate market. He knows that at times it has presented challenges, just like with any other type of market; however, he wants to work on getting things moving in the New York real estate industry and feels that by doing so he will need to go after the proper management team.

TOWN Residential is one the most sought after real estate brokerage firms in New York. They have only been in business for five years, but they have increased their market very rapidly and placed themselves at the top of the real estate business when it comes to looking for luxurious million dollar residential homes, leasing plans or commercial properties, along with many other buying options. The employees are highly skilled, proficient in their job and understand the market. TOWN Residential was names one of the top 50 places to work in New York City, and their brokers stand to show the reputation for TOWN Residential to be that of the utmost value.