New Brunswick Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Has Made The City Great Again

New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those cities that has defied the odds, says The state of New Jersey has always gotten a bad rap, but New Brunswick has managed to rise above the snide comments, as well as, the crime and poverty. Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson have been the pillars of the small city, but men like real estate developer, Sam Boraie have kept the city moving in the right direction. Sam’s father, Omar Boraie, is one of the men that is responsible for turning downtown New Brunswick into a mecca for the healthcare industry.

Omar Boraie started buying old buildings in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. In the 1960s, most of the old residents of the city made an exodus to the suburbs. All that was left downtown was rundown turn-of-the-century buildings in disrepair. Boraie Development started buying some of the old buildings along Albany Street, and the company started a major renovation project. That project has lasted more than 40 years. Sam Boraie, and his brother Wasseem, and sister, Hiam, have been instrumental in continuing the work Omar started.

The first Boraie Development, the Albany Street Plaza One high-rise office building, was completed in the early 1980s. The One Spring Street residential building came next. The Boraie’s decided to build the Albany Street Plaza Two building because of the success of the first Albany Street building. Albany Street Plaza Two was completed in the early 2000s thanks to Sam Boraie and his siblings. The Aspire Building was the next big luxury residential project for Sam. The Aspire is a New York City condo-type building, and it offers the professionals in the healthcare industry, and other downtown business people a place to live.

Today as New York Times reveals, New Brunswick has a population of more than 55,000, but the city seems much bigger than the number of people living there. It’s a college town, but it is also the home of several big name companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Sam Boraie was instrumental in attracting those companies to New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie is known for the work he does outside of the real estate development industry. Sam sits on the board of two established nonprofits, the New Brunswick State Theater, and Elijah’s Promise.

Sam is also involved in several other development projects in New Jersey. He teamed up with Shaq O’Neil and developed a luxury residential building in Newark, and he is currently involved in a major residential development project in Atlantic City.

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Hurricane Matthew left behind a lot of damage and displaced residents, but IAP Worldwide was there to help. They aided in the restoration of the area, provided resources, and program management. IAP is a leading facilities management team with advanced technology, and technical support services. IAP Worldwide have a strategy for long-term growth by acquiring DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications Solutions. They will expand the size of IAP, provide increased logistics, and advanced technology solutions. In fact, this will improve their response time with government contracted vehicles. They also use U.S. government contracted vehicles to meet global demand.

IAP is up early in the morning, with their clients mission in mind. They’re the first one on the job and the last one to leave. During a client’s briefing, they will discuss the nature of their project and the desired outcome. They will work diligently until their client’s outcome is met. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction, providing their clients with unique facilities management services. You never have to handle a global crisis on your own because IAP Worldwide provides quality-professional services trusted around the world. They have one of the fastest global response times in the world.

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There are 2,000+ brave men and women employed by IAP. They’re currently adding professionals to their team, to expand their core services. IAP has great benefits and empower their men and women with the skills and knowledge, to effectively and accurately, do their job. They work hard to ensure their employees receive top training that will allow them to embody their mission statement. Their goal is to meet the demands of their clients without hesitation. IAP Worldwide has professionally managed many highly classified and top secret projects for their government client’s and big corporations. Their client’s privacy, satisfaction, and safety is a top priority for IAP.

IAP Worldwide has contracted a $800 million dollar project with the U.S. Navy, based in Dallas, Texas. They will work under the program manager, providing technical support, advanced technology, and program solutions. This is the largest contract, IAP has ever contracted with a government entity. They believe that expanding their business relationships, they can better serve the needs of the general public because they’re doubling their size and restructuring their core. Kaye Scholer, is the legal representation, during their upgrades. You can learn more about IAP Worldwide by visiting their official website for more details and program information.

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IAP is a global corporation that is devoted to solving big problems around the world. It operates in 25 countries with a staff of 2000 people working on the most difficult problems one can imagine. IAP Worldwide’s employees are an elite family of experts who do their job without complaint and keep asking for more responsibility. This is a company that serves the U.S. military in war zones, as well as the public, and private sector domestically and internationally. In some situations, IAP Worldwide Services must charge boldly into natural disasters like hurricanes at a moment’s notice. It can plan and complete challenging missions that few other companies could ever hope to solve. IAP is also on the cutting edge of research so that its staff has the best tools available to them when they are called out on a mission.

IAP was founded more than 60 years ago and it has achieved a near legendary reputation for its reliability and responsiveness. There is little question that it is a market leader in the fields of logistics, technical services, and facilities management. IAP Worldwide is notorious for exceeding its customer’s expectations so that they don’t have to lay up at night worrying that their problem is unsolvable. They have confidence that if a solution exists IAP Worldwide will find it. IAP adopts its customer’s mission as its own and channels its commitment into raw passion.

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IAP’s stance on corporate responsibility is to treat everyone with respect. Every contractor that IAP worldwide staff come into contact with will be treated as a member of the family because that is part of IAP’s fundamental values. The company does not rest until the results have been achieved. IAP credits its success to four key principles that it holds close to its breast at all times: Leadership, History, Partners, and Ethics.

To IAP Worldwide Services leadership means serving communities and customers with ingenuity and a genuine sense of purpose. History means building in the present with the future in mind and remembering where you come from. Partners refers to allying with diverse businesses who share the same values. Ethics means doing things the right way and making sure that ones actions are in alignment with professional standards of conduct and high moral standards at all times. It is more than just solving problems as efficiently as possible because the values you carry with you are an essential part of who you are. That is the IAP Worldwide way.

A Preview into the History, Services and Achievements of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide specializes in the provision of programmed management, base operations support and logistics services. The company has been operational for more than 60 years and has served more than 20 countries. IAP Worldwide Services has been growing and expanding through the years with the acquisition of new companies. In 2005, IAP Worldwide Services acquired JCWS, a readiness management support company that specialized in technical services, base operations support and logistics. This has allowed the company to build a strong reputation that reflects its experience in solving complex problems.

The company has acquired DRS Technologies, an aviation logistics company situated in Oklahoma City. Also among the companies acquired recently is the Communications & Network Solutions business, which operates from Aberdeen Proving Ground, offering aircraft repair and logistics services. A PR Newswire publication confirms that the company will integrate capabilities and talent brought in by the two acquisitions to expand their networks and to offer better services.

Government services
As explained on their online portal, IAP Worldwide Services offers different services required by the government, ranging from full-base operations support to requisite infrastructure. They are always effective and timely while utilizing conventional wisdom to help security agents execute their work seamlessly.

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IT and communication
The IT solutions availed by IAP Worldwide Services include latest advancements and reliable tools for reliability. The company has showed a thorough understanding of the intricacies that are found in cabling, wiring and air conditioning components of any electronic infrastructure. In the event of a limitation on space, they can avail an entire data system packed in a container, which is assembled immediately on arrival. IAP Worldwide Services offers a mix of expertise that can help even in the most complex situation.

Power solutions
With the help of IAP Worldwide Services, companies can access temporary and emergency power installations. The company has installed more than 10,000 generators in different facilities. They also install permanent power solutions and they have constructed powerful 600 megawatts plants. All the assets used in the installations are sourced from the company’s power plant fleet. Once installed, they offer management services as well as emergency maintenance and control. They have a special program that saves money through cost-effective equipment reuse.

Corporate responsibility
As part of fulfilling their corporate responsibility, IAP Worldwide Services supports environmental conservation through emphasis on the application of methods that do not release harmful substances to the environment. The company has also been keen on recycling to reduce littering.

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