Avaaz continuous work in spearheading global change

For an organization that was founded on the principle of enacting change through global activism, it helps to ensure that its members are found in every corner of the globe and is able to reach each and every member it is important to ensure that you are multi-linguistic. This is what Avaaz has been able to achieve across six continents and more than 30 countries.

The founders of Avaaz were brought together by the common need to unite its future members to act on the various pressing issues that were facing humanity world wide. These issues include conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, acting on climate change, elimination of bad governance as well as archiving of human rights.

The Avaaz organization is a member driven organization that has delegated the authority of identifying causes and campaigns on which to pour its resources to its members. This is done through a process where emails of suggestions of the various campaign ideas are sent to the members the members then discuss, vote and send feedback to the Avaaz employees who then walk through the feedback and choose those that receive the most support from members this is then passed on to the board which then make them actionable.

The organization has established that by using a model where it funds itself it has been able to avoid falling into the trap where corporations and other wealthy donors set its agenda and influence the actions it takes.

Avaaz has achieved numerous success in all the areas it has taken head on which include working to end FGM in Somalia, it has worked to reunite refugee children with their families this has mainly been for Syrian refugee children who have often stranded and lost in Europe Avaaz works with lawyers to ensure all legal process are achieved to this end.

Working with schools in South Africa to make them safe as well as sending emergency aid to Nepal after they were hit by an earthquake.Members were able to contribute up to 2.5 million dollars that went towards rescue operations as well as shelter and medical support.