Rockeship Education is shaping lives through a unique approach

The solution-finding mentality of Rocketship Schools is not only reflected in the decision to start schools in economically challenged backgrounds, but also in strengthening the parent-teacher-school bond. This was clearly demonstrated when the school community responded to the distress cause by Cayote Creek floods in San Jose area in February 2017.In response, the school community mobilized over $60 000 which was used in securing rent deposits, home repairs among other immediate needs.

Rocketship Schools belong to a class of chartered institutions that come in handy to respond to the need for quality education in low-income areas. Rocketship is going beyond the day-to-day basic provision of education to inculcate great values in students. Embedded in the school creed is the phrase “I am a racketeer at home, school and in my community.”

In recognition of the potential of a fortified school/parent relationship, Rocketship Schools engage parents more where they (parents) name the local schools, help shape the school’s enrichment program and participate in creation of core values for individual schools .Charter schools such as Rocketship are playing a big role in creating cohesive ” family units” that form the larger school communities, as parents and children are encouraged to know and interact with teachers and staff.

The journey to create Rocketship Schools began in when Fr.Mateo Sheedy created a scholarship program to Santa Clara University. He was disappointed at the low number of students meeting the basic requirements to join college. The thought of reaching out to the community was seeded and it has grown to a formidable education provider. Fr.Sheedy died before he could see the entity he had envisioned take shape. However, the school fell in the hands of Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006 and gained a great uplift and transformation. Rocketship Education boasts of 18 schools across Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington.

With the incorporation of a holistic approach, Rocketship is sure to produce students who respond to an increasingly changing society. The presence of Rocketship in low-income societies is particularly significant as the students are molded in character. The future of such institutions will significantly impact on their societies and the world at large.