George Soros Investing in the Clinton Campaign

George Soros is known as a man that invests quite a bit of money into a variety of things, as well as being a billionaire that has made a fortune off of his predictions and willingness to invest. He pulled the trigger on a deal that eventually led to him being called the man that made a billion dollars in a day, as he essentially bet against the UK and the state of their currency at the time. He was correct in his predictions, made about a billion dollars in the end off of that single move and secured his place as being one of the most looked to people, in terms of financial predictions.

Soros is heavily invested in US Politics and has invested quite a bit of money over the last several decades. He is a democrat that has not only put up a ton of money for the democratic parties of the past and current, but he has also donated a great deal of money to disrupt the Republican parties elections. This includes investing money to lead to lower votes for the Republican candidates, as well as putting money to invest in the democrat nominee. During this election cycle, George Soros is one hundred percent behind Hillary Clinton and has invested about twenty five million dollars to her campaign. Soros is one of the biggest donors to the Clinton campaign and there are quite a few ways that his money is being used. One of the most notable ways that his donations have been used is to increase the turnout for Hispanic voters. One of the biggest reasons why this has been a major focus of the Soros backed, Clinton campaign is the fact that there was a lot of controversy over Donald Trump and his statements about building a wall. This is something that the Clinton campaign on has focused on, as George Soros has been under the impression that this is a great place to pick up votes. Based on the fact that the majority of Hispanic voters would likely vote for Hillary Clinton, based on these statements made by the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election, voter turnout in the Hispanic community is huge.

At the same time, there has been quite a bit of talk about illegal immigrants and with the Republican nominee making statements about deporting illegals that have come into this country illegally, this is another place that Soros has decided to put his donations. Aiming these donations in a fight for affording illegal immigrants the right to vote is another huge aspect of where George Soros is heading with his campaign donations and investments. In a sense, Soros has been aiming at both the offensive and defensive side of the campaign and there is little question that it has been making some impact, but we will have to wait until the second week in November to see if the investments that he has made in the Clinton campaign will pay off.