All About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a company that was founded in 2011. It is located in California at an area called San Francisco. This is a school communication platform that has been helping millions of students, their families and teachers in each and every time that they can be able to build supportive communities and also have a strong relationship. It is done using two ways to ensure it has been achieved. One is by being able to share what has been taught in the classroom back at home through photos, student portfolios, messages, and videos. The other way to learn is to help the students to be able to social-emotional skills in the classroom feedback and also engage in the home and school activities.

This is the company that is progressing well and therefore it is among the companies that are growing fast in education technology all the time. It is loved by millions of parents, students and their teachers in the United States together with other 180 countries.

ClassDojo is a team that is made up of designers, educators, and engineers all around the world. Having the deep background in charter and public schools and also Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, Dropbox, Y Combinator and many more.

The other way to be able to connect with smart educators is through conferences from the world and people love to share teaching and also ways that technology can also make an improvement. If you can be able to start attending small state-level meetings, you will be able to get little things that you didn’t know. After learning from the online platform community then you find yourself having ideas and start contributing to the conversation too.

The conferences will be able help by ensuring that you have establish your expertise as a teacher in the classroom technology. You will start having presentations in small conferences, getting a chance to also teach educators in issues regarding classroom technologies and end up getting yourself now presenting in large conferences. In the end, you will be at a level that you will start finding being quoted in United States publications according to Stephanie Smith.