DonataMeirelles Enters the World of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion designer who has built his brand using his very own signature known as the red, white, and blue tag. The rise of the brand in the industry happened when he was approached to design a sportswear line for men using his own name and this led the brand to its fame in the industry of fashion. The primary objective of the American fashion designer was to build a brand of clothing that is very comfortable yet stylish all throughout. In addition to this, DonataMeirelles was able to witness the summer collection of Tommy Hilfiger last 2017. She is very attracted to the everyday clothes and summer collection of Hilfiger and his sense of fashion. According to Tommy Hilfiger, his logo simply represents who he is to his clients, all products that he created is all about the quality, color, fun, energy, movement, detail, status, symbol, style, value, and the realistic portrayal of the American Spirit. Each and every consumer of the brand are able to relate to the meaning behind the products and logo of Hilfiger whether it is based on music, entertainment, pop culture, sports, or politics. Check out Donata Meirelles fashion at Marcos Proenca

DonataMeirelles was also able to consult and confer regarding the pieces that were signed in partnership with one of the world’s most popular model, Gigi Hadid. The woman is known across the world as an American fashion model at a height of 5-feet-10-inches with more than 40 million followers on Instagram. Hadid has been part of the fashion industry ever since she was a child and has been walking the runway for the largest and popular fashion designers in our industry today and is recognized on international fashion magazine covers. Gigi Hadid was part of the second collection of Tommy Hilfiger that was landed in Brazil and the style director of British Vogue became part of the exhibit or the display of the collection.

According to the product manager of the brand, Gigi was able to create ideas that combine silhouettes and pieces from the vintage collection of Tommy Hilfiger. During the program, DonataMeirelles had the power to select the best and must-have items of the partnership and admires how Tommy Hilfiger was able to come up with his own unique ideas in the world of fashion. Hilfiger has been very successful in creating men’s clothing, unisex clothing, women’s clothing, unisex fragrance, and so on.

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