Sheldon Lavin’s Vision for the OSI Group

The OSI Group was founded several decades ago, and throughout this time it’s become one of the most successful food processors on the planet. Much of this success has been directly related to a partnership with McDonalds, although there have been a significant amount of other successes too. One of the key people behind the companies success has been Sheldon Lavin, who serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, as well as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd.

Sheldon Lavin has been involved with the OSI Group since the early 1970s, when it was still known as Otto & Sons; Mr. Lavin helped finance the company and eventually became more heavily involved. As such, he’s been a part of much of the success that the company has seen for almost half a century. Since coming on board, Sheldon Lavin has helped to take the company from a family-owned business to what may be the largest food processing company in the United States, and perhaps even worldwide. This has led to Mr. Lavin receiving a variety of awards for his work; some of the most notable of these include the likes of India’s Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary Award, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 from RSM US LLP.

However, this has led to many people to wonder what’s behind Sheldon Lavin’s drive to make the OSI Group so successful. In short, this is because when he first partnered with the company, he had a unique vision for the company that persists to this day. In the beginning, Mr. Lavin dreamed of creating a world-class food processing enterprise that would be virtually unrivaled. Since then, that vision has barely changed, with Sheldon Lavin saying that his current vision for the company is to continue being one of the largest companies in the global food industry. Furthermore, he’s also noted that he’s aiming to continue creating world-class outcomes for everyone that they work with. This also includes ensuring that every aspect of the companies operation is consistently done to the highest possible standards. As such, this is something that the OSI Group has aimed for the past few decades.


Paul Mampilly Talks Technology Trends That will Shape 2019

New Sources of Consumer Data

Imagine having alternative sources of consumer data that you can use to create tailor-made products and services. According to Paul Mampilly, this will be a possibility in 2019. Currently, anyone who needs consumer data has a limited number of sources to get the data.

As a result, firms both for-profit and not-for-profit, use consumer data at their disposal to create personalized products or services that may end up not being as custom-made as they would wish.

In most cases, companies or individuals (including Paul Mampilly) who need consumer data during the creation of products and services are left to obtain consumer data from firms like Facebook, whole foods, and tech firms. The growth of location-based services and applications means that companies will have more places to get the consumer data needed to create all-round products and services.

Adoption of Voice Search

Voice recognition has been becoming more sophisticated each passing year. Consequently, products and services running on this technology are becoming better and this is leading to an increase in their use as being witnessed with smart speakers.

Paul Mampilly and tech enthusiasts agree that the usage of voice recognition technology in smart speakers and smartphones is on the rise. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are currently the most purchased smart speakers.

Since more people are quickly transitioning from text-based searches to voice searches, it expected that companies would start adopting the technology to remain competitive and relevant. Paul Mampilly predicts that firms not keen on embracing the new voice search technology risk being left behind, therefore, being irrelevant.

Accessibility to Big Data Will Improve

Big data has been forming interesting talking points in the contemporary business environment. Nonetheless, accessing this data has been far from the reach of startups and small & medium-sized enterprises since they often lack the technological infrastructure.

As we ease in into 2019, it is expected that this will change. Thanks to sophisticated technology, firms will not need to set up expensive tech infrastructure or have big budgets to access big data. The accessibility of big data is expected to bolster the creation of better products and services.

Always The First One To Help: Stream Energy

There are challenges and hurdles that the world throws at us that we simply cannot avoid. These challenges are what makes or breaks us, our humanity, our society, and our sense of community. When natural calamities hit like earthquakes and typhoons, these are the times where in at the darkest hour – our sense of community is tested and our ideology of humanity is bent to its extremes; it’s either we put ourselves first, or we act as a community and help each other out. This is what happened in Dallas, Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit the neighborhood – and one particular organization was headstrong with leading communal efforts to uplift the community. This company is Stream Energy, with their sub-organization that is focused on their philanthropy: Stream Cares.

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating calamities that hit the region of Dallas Texas – dropping 56 inches of rain across the region, floods were unstoppable, homes were washed away and there was nothing but murky water everywhere. By the time that the hurricane died down and the floods left the neighborhood – the region was depressed, destruction was everywhere, it looked like all hope was lost. There were a lot of families separated, a lot of lives lost, and recovery seemed to be the most difficult task.

Stream Energy and Stream Cares were one of the very first companies that jumped into action and selflessly sparked efforts to help rebuild the community of Dallas, Texas again. Stream Energy took money out of its own company’s pockets to help aide the financial burden of the people of Dallas.

Stream Energy pulled the textbook definition of running philanthropic efforts and charity work that is helpful and is beneficial for the company. Stream Cares were actually helping the constituents of Stream Energy when they were helping them recover from Hurricane Harvey. The people and the community of Dallas are the customers of Stream and rebuilding the community meant rebuilding the clientelle of Stream as well. It is a win-win situation for both the community and Stream Energy. Stream Cares is a sub-department of Stream that is completely focused on manifesting the philanthropic DNA of the company.

Bhanu Choudrie Is An Investor From India Who Is Involved In Many Different Industries

Bhanu Choudhrie is a businessman who focuses on emerging markets in the East. He was born in India, and he received his education at the University of Boston. It was there that he earned his degree in marketing and international business. He also studied at Harvard Business School and took part in the Owners President Management Program while there. After studying in the United States, he moved to London, and he still calls the city his home, today.

Bhanu Choudhrie started working with C&C Alpha Group Ltd. many years ago and has been serving as its executive director since 2001. The group invests in many successful companies and luxury spa hotels in the UK. On top of this, it also invests in the health care sector and different restaurants. Choudhrie has admitted that he loves all of the different companies and ventures that C&C is invested in and finds the world of real estate to be exciting to work in.

View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie has enjoyed meeting all of the different people who serve in the health care industry in the UK. He has also enjoyed being a part of the opening of multiple restaurants. One of C&C’s investments is in the Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, which is located in Covent Garden. The restaurant was recently honored at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards with the Restaurant of the Year award.

Bhanu Choudhrie made the decision to be a part of the board with New Century Bank in the U.S. He took the position because C&C was looking to get into the financial services sector. While some countries face many issues in their financial industry, the United States is undergoing a period that it will eventually recover from. Choudhrie recently commented that he is happy to be working with Jay Sidhu, and that he is glad to be invested in New Century Bank.

Bhanu Choudhrie also takes part in many different philanthropic efforts and learned to care for other people when he was a child in India. One of his side projects is a film that includes Anup Jalota, who is a well-known singer from India. He is excited about the project and believes there is plenty of talented people in the film industry in India.

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How Jason Hope is Transforming the Community

Jason Hope doesn’t have one title in the society, The Arizona born businessman is known for being an expert in technology issues. His business ideas have always been very effective in the market, regardless of the competition that continues to increase. Jason Hope set the path for his very successful career when in the university. When studying, the businessman began to realize that technology was the only way to live a successful life. The futurist began to realize that although people had all the tools needed to embrace technology, they had failed in making use of it in the workplace and even at home. There were better and even bigger opportunities for the people who were ready to use the internet and any other advanced methods of technology. Internet of things has always been associated with Jason Hope, and it has left many with the results they desired. As time passes by, the global community is starting to realize that they cannot survive without taking advantage of the opportunity brought by Jason Hope. To know more about him click here.

Aging is natural, and scientists have never found a way of reversing the effects of this activity. There is so much research in most of the laboratories in the international market. The society wants to know about the measures they can take so that they are not prone to age related diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure or even diabetes. There are millions of people who have already lost the battle to these diseases just because there was no an effective remedy. Jason doesn’t want more lives to be lost. The Arizona expert has partnered with one of the leading biotechnology companies in the United States so that they can work hard and introduce anti-aging therapies that can be effective. Jason started by giving a significant amount of donation to the Sens Foundation, and he is positive that very soon, the company will deliver results to the community. For so many years, the society has suffered just because they lacked the proper guidance in medicine. With technology, Jason Hope says that it will be easy to find a remedy for the numerous age related diseases.

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Why Gareth Henry is a great professional

Gareth Henry is an accomplished financial executive who is renowned for the many contributions he has made in the financial world. His unmatched experience comes from working with various organizations as a top leader. For example, he worked for one of the largest alternative investment firms in the globe known as Fortress Investment Group. While at the company he was at the management team and he contributed a lot to the growth and development of the company. When he was working at Fortress Investment Group Gareth was charged with global investor relations and served here for about four years. He was promoted while working here because he helped in the creation of capital at the company. Visit to read more about Gareth Henry.

It is at Fortress Investment Group that he built his portfolio and reputation. He established a connection with various investors and industries like pension wealth funds and insurance companies. His track record at this time was excellent, and Institutional Investor hedge Fund listed him as one of the most talented young entrepreneurs as he joined the list of 30 Rising Stars. The list was made up of some of the most successful professionals who can be unique when it comes to their leadership and investment. Such entrepreneurs are viewed as role models in the investment world. Working at Fortress Investment Group was crucial for Gareth Henry because it enabled him to acquire the skills needed to run other large organization.

Gareth Henry moved on to secure a top position where he worked as the Managing Director. At Angelo, Gordon & Co he worked as the Global Head of Investor Relations. His outstanding performance at the alternative investment company enabled him to rise to be a partner. Angelo, Gordon & Co is based in New York, but it has expanded to other countries like the United States, Europe, and Asia due to the outstanding work of experts like Gareth Henry. The company is focused on different areas of finance like private equity, real estate, and credit. Gareth Henry has achieved such great things because of his strong educational background. He attended Herriot Watt University and studied Actuarial Science to acquire the knowledge to thrive in the financial industry.

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The Business Relationship that Made OSI Group and McDonalds Stand the Taste of Time

OSI Group has been in the food business for over a century. No one would have thought that a neighborhood butcher shop started by a German immigrant would become one of the largest food providers in the world. The OSI Group McDonalds business relationship played a huge role in the success of the two companies. OSI Group’s humble beginnings dates back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky started it. The butcher shop expanded to become a meat wholesaler in just a decade based in Maywood. In 1928, the business had become stable and named itself Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons partnered with McDonalds, what turned out be a fateful development. Ray Kroc partly owned McDonald’s. The Otto Kolschowsky’s business was tasked to supply McDonald’s restaurant with fresh ground beef. The OSI Group McDonalds business relationship grew stronger with time. At some point, Ray Kroc bought the business and became the sole owner. McDonalds rebranded to McDonald’s Corporation. Supplying meat products to ever-growing McDonald’s chain of restaurants became an uphill task for Otto & Sons because McDonalds franchising model required each of its restaurant to provide consistent, quality and affordable products.

In early 1960s, a technological breakthrough came as a relieve to Otto & Sons. The flash freezing technology also came along with a lot of opportunities for the business. It not only reduced Otto & Sons’ cost of production, but also enabled it to provide consistent and affordable products.

When McDonalds reduced the number of its suppliers, Otto & Sons remained among the four main suppliers. The company built a modern facility in West Chicago, Illinois which supplied meat products to McDonalds restaurants. That saw the OSI Group McDonalds relationship grow stronger with McDonald’s restaurants receiving constant supply of meat.

In 1984, the Otto & Sons became OSI Group. It had established itself to a level of a manufacturer, thanks to the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. It operated as a two-track company. Then, Mr. Kolschowsky’s sons reached retirement age and the company needed someone with top-notch experience and expertise to take the company global. The company hired Sheldon Lavin. After he came on board, the company expanded to West Jordan, Utah. OSI Group McDonalds partnered to expand to Germany. Currently, OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois with over 65 facilities spread all-over 17 countries.


Guilherme Paulus, The Business Visionary

Guilherme Paulus is a man of great accomplishments. When you think about having fun and visit theme parks, you might actually be thinking about one of his locations.He is a major player in the theme park market and one of the biggest operators. He has become one of the Latins largest American tour operators. Guilherme Paulus also started the GJP hotels and resorts which, is a successful company that has over 1500 plus hotels and resorts in Brazil and continues to build and maintain hotels near the airport today.

Guilherme Paulus is a visionary, who looks for the opportunity within the problem. For example, when he found out years prior that the World Soccer Cup of 2014 and 2016 Summer Olympics might come to Brazil he began buying and bidding on land to develop and maintain hotels throughout major city attraction areas in Brazil. Read more articles by Paulus at

Humble Beginnings Pay Off Big

Guilherme Paulus Started off as a interview for IBM where he shop at his business skills learning everything from leadership supervision management computer technology and more before he decided to move from there and embark on his career in entrepreneurship.

Coming from the poverty area, he has always believed in growth and improving the economy. When he realize that tourism was what his City made the most revenue from, he begin on growing his career in the real estate and tourism world. Now holding a seat as a chairman of CVC a company he started, he is seen as a leader of leaders. He is also a strong motivation for those who come from poverty with hopes and dreams of making a successful career for themselves.

Guilherme Paulus is looked at by most as a voice for the country of Brazil and is an inspiration to those looking for someone to visualize as they focus on their dreams. Learn more:

Start Small Like Vijay Eswaran

One of the best ways for people to succeed at something other than getting a regular job is by starting small. For one thing, starting a business and working for oneself is a lot different than what most people are used to. Therefore, they have to get started in a small way. There are a lot of skills that seem to be irrelevant to the job but are actually crucial to the work that they need to do. One thing that people need to learn how to do when it comes to working is organize their effort. They also have to learn what they need in order to move forward.

One person who has started small and figured out his way is Vijay Eswaran. He has not only started small with his marketing opportunities, but he has also started small with his own business. It is when he has mastered one of the aspects of his business that he has added to his business until it has become this major corporation. While he has a big company, it is focused on making sure that the little people benefit from it in more ways than with usual businesses. His philanthropy gives him the respect and great reputation that is needed for moving forward.

Even when it comes to a favorite activity, it is important for entrepreneurs to start small or in a way that they are comfortable with so that they don’t become overwhelmed. One thing they can do is break down their day so that they will be able to complete their tasks. Vijay Eswaran also organizes everything he has to do so that he does not have to waste any time looking for something.

Vijay is on top of business. At the same time, he is also on top on everything that is spiritual. He speaks on spiritual principles that help people find meaning to their lives. One of the best things people can get from Vijay is a message that gives them the insights they need to find fulfillment. Vijay Eswaran helps people find their purpose and pursue it with passion.

Meet Adam Milstein; a Real Estate Investor and a Great Philanthropist

There are few real estate investors of Israel origin in California. Adam Milstein is one of them, and he has been instrumental in the real estate business. He was born in Israel and is a graduate from Technion. He moved to the US where he attained an MBA from USC. Adam has been working hard in everything to see that he succeeds in his career. The journey has not easy as employers were paying much less compared to what he wanted.

Adam Milstein decided to join the real estate business as a broker. He worked hard and made huge profits from the business. He used the profits to become a real estate investor. Currently, he is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties which is an investment firm that specializes in property development and management. The firm owns and manages over a hundred properties across the United States. Adam has also been pivotal to the company’s success in developing commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Adam is a great Philanthropist who aims at strengthening Jewish people as well as the State of Israel. Adam and his wife Gila founded Adam and Gila Foundation. This foundation supports most Israel organizations such as Israel American Council, Hillel, StandWithUs, The American Israel Education Foundation as well as Hasbara Fellowships. The foundation wants to see a more organized Jewish society which understands their culture. The organization also spearheads many educational and outreach programs. On top of that, the organization sponsors young students to help them attain their personal goals.

On top of that, Adam Milstein has found many organizations that help in promoting Jewish culture in the USA. He is the co-founder of the Israeli- American Council. He is also a co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America which offers free Hebrew books, teaches Jewish Values to over 15000 Israel-American individuals. He also sits on Board in many organizations that his foundation works with.

Adam Milstein Brings ideas to life by pushing them until they become a reality. He does most work by himself to ensure everything is done according to his desires. He has been productive as a result of consistency, works hard and persistence in all his works. Adam Milstein respects his roots, and that is why he spends a lot in strengthening Jewish people.