Coriant: Providing Networking Solutions to Evolving Business Needs

Coriant is a telecommunications company that develops networking solutions. It banks on the internet and cloud based information systems to develop products for evolving business environments. The company was launched on May 6, 2013, making it independent from Nokia Siemens Networks.

Coriant creates income generating services for businesses and the end consumer in mobile, video and cloud. It also serves large network operators such as content providers, government agencies, cloud and data center operators, mobile and fixed line service providers and financial institutions. It operates in more than 100 countries and its networking solutions are used worldwide.

Networking Solutions

Coriant products are developed with intention of meeting their client needs while solving unforeseen networking problems that may arise. This means that every product has a core objective on which it is built upon. Below are two of their main products:

On Demand and Application Agility for Better Network Control

To achieve this, Coriant unleashed ‘The Coriant Transcend TM SDN Solution’. This product has SDN and NFV capabilities providing an open, automated and programmable application environment for total network control. It gives businesses an edge through automated responses (work flow automation), new revenue sources and application-centric services.

It is geared to enable network operators customize and program to a preferable network behavior. It provides a multi-layer service for a smooth performance and a lowered network cost. It also provides cloud based services enabling resource integration across transport networks, data centers and enterprises. It enables easier migrations by integrating with existing client specifics and packet forwarding solutions.

Service Management and Simplifying Networks

Through the ‘Transport Network Management Systems (TNMS)’ businesses are able to manage multi-domain, multi-layer and multi-vendor transport networks. The TNMS accelerates service time through point and click capabilities as well as proper service control and visibility. It ensures proper resource utilization enabling growth. It also allows easier interworking between multi-vendors.

Coriant C.E.O, Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current C.E.O and chairs the Coriant board. He is recognized for his skills as a technological and business leader. He possesses more than 28 years of experience across fields such as: finance, technology and telecom service. He graduated from Cornell University and now holds a bachelor’s, master’s and a Doctorate in engineering. He also has patents to his name spanning from media, telecom and payments.

Throughout his career, he has delivered innovative networking solutions for the top ranking network operators in more than 100 countries. At GTE Corporation, where he began his career, he was part of the team that spearheaded the systems modernization, innovation and pioneering of product initiatives such as FiOS (one of the United States’ major infrastructure programs). He has also made accomplishments at Barclays where he took a leadership role in its historical TRANSFORM program.

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Services of Coriant

Coriant is technically a telecommunications company. This is how it is listed due to the kind of technology it produces and works with. However, the networking hardware the company produces can be used anywhere, which is why it is more of a universal brand than anything else. However, it is still important to understand what the company does and what it produces. This way, it is possible to know how it is expanding and why.

Coriant has been an independent company since 2013. It did start out in the mid 90s ad a branch inside of Siemens Optical Networks, although once Siemens went under new ownership, Coriant spun off into its own brand. With over 3,000 employees, it is a larger company that most might know. This is why understand what it does and why CEO Shaygan Kheradpir is so important, especially for anyone in the tech field.

The company focuses and specializes in fiberoptic technology. When it first started up in the mid 90s, this was a rather new field. Most tech companies relied on copper wiring to transmit information throughout the business network. However, that has changed significantly over the last several years as the need for faster data transfers has risen. It is often important to do whatever a company can in order to stay on top of growing data needs. With ever single passing year, technology requirements become more and more important. That is why having all of these different organizations producing fiber optics to improve data transfer speeds is important.

Fiber optics uses either glass or plastic to transmit beams of light. As light can transfer faster than any other signal, it allows for a faster data transfer with more data transferred at the same time.

Shaygan came in as the CEO just after the company spun out from Siemens. While a new CEO to the company, he does have extensive background in the industry as he helped Verizon develop the company’s own fiber optics network FiOS. All of this has gone a long way in building the company and helping him become CEI.

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QNet Really Does Care

QNet is quickly becoming one of the most well-known names in the direct selling industry. QNet has made many inroads in India. Decisions have been made to move all manufacturing to India and, also, to build up a large network of local affiliates in the country. QNet does feel a lot of appreciation towards the people of India. This appreciation is visible in QNet’s “We Care” program.

QNet’s “We Care” program is designed to help underprivileged families. Recently, QNet has directed care and relief packages to those families impacted by the flooding in Chennai. The devastation caused by the flooding was massive. Homes were totally destroyed, and families were left with no place to go. Rebuilding the city and its surrounding area may take an incredible amount of time.

QNet recently made a public and generous donation at the IIFA Utsavam awards ceremony. This was one of the most perfect events in which to donate funds. The event is one designed to bestow awards to filmmakers in South India. Awards banquets such as these definitely do garner a lot of publicity. As more people learn about the relief efforts thanks to the news coming out of the awards show, more funds end up being directed towards the cause.

QNet continues to do its part towards the relief efforts. QNet served as an an associate sponsor at IIFA Utsavam, and the company seeks to further help the victims of the flooding in many ways. Look for more news about QNet and the “We Care” program in the coming weeks.

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Lime Crime: Changing Makeup for the Bold

Many makeup companies are dedicated to their customers, but they do so in a way that makes the customers want to cover up the parts of their face that make them unique. They work to cover up blemishes, show the people that there is something wrong with their face and even make them not want to use makeup. Lime Crime does none of these things and instead focuses on the positives of their customers’ faces. They want their customers to feel good about the decisions they make for their makeup and do so by allowing the customers to pick out what they want depending on their style and the colors that they love.

With everything from China doll face primer to electric green eye shadow, customers can pick what they like from Lime Crime. This allows them to be able to do what they want and can help the customers focus on their own personality. They will be able to do so because there are many different options that are offered by Lime Crime. All of these options are created ethically and are done in a way that can make the customers feel good about what they are putting on their faces. Not only are the colors great for customers to choose from, but they are also a great way to put something healthy on their faces.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. She is the owner of the company and is able to provide bold choices to bold customers. She does this because she is a bold person herself. In the past, she had trouble finding makeup that was right for her fun personality while still remaining healthy for her skin. She was tired of the washed out looks offered by major cosmetics companies and did not want to sacrifice quality for colors that she loves. Her idea of providing high quality makeup in bold colors is progressive and has allowed her to remain a prominent feature in the world of cosmetics.

Despite scandals and hardships that have come along with the Lime Crime model, Doe Deere has been able to make the company a successful one. She works endlessly to ensure that her customers are satisfied with the choices they can make concerning their makeup. She does not want customers to feel like they must cover up their faces, which is essentially like covering up their personalities. She wants bold customers to have bold makeup that they can put on their face whenever they like. She does not want them to have to worry about where it came from or how many chemicals are in it. Instead, she focuses on the looks she can create for customers.