Eric Pulier Utilizes Technology to Solve Humanity’s Challenges

The impressive achievements of Eric Pulier across different disciplines serve as an inspiration to many upcoming tech executives. Pulier wears several hats – he is an accomplished author, a leading technologist, a philanthropist, and a respected public speaker. He has stamped his authority in the arena of creating startups and developing them to maturity. Being a venture capitalist, Pulier has funded entrepreneurial ventures and charitable entities, including Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, as well as E-Companies.

Academic background

A native of New Jersey, Pulier became an innovator while still pursuing his high school education. In his fourth year, he created a firm that specialized in computer programming. In 1984, Pulier was running an established database computer company. After completing his high school course, Pulier secured an admission at the Harvard University. Upon graduating, he started editing The Harvard Crimson, the University’s daily newspaper.

Success in the philanthropy world

Eric Pulier is a leading philanthropist and community leader. He supports endeavors that leverage technology to resolve intractable issues in the physically challenged children and poverty-stricken communities in the U.S. and globally. In early years of his career, Pulier came up with a cutting-edge educational program, which taught people about dealing with multiple Sclerosis.

ACE Foundation

For several years,Eric Pulier has handed out millions of dollars to the ACE Foundation, a premier organization that is revolutionizing how new software can solve grand challenges that the humanity encounters. The ACE Foundation is currently creating numerous projects, such as a micro-transaction system for distributing clean water and data analysis system.

Entrepreneurial accomplishments

XPrize is debatably one the advanced startups to have been created by Eric Pulier. The program consists of numerous awards and competitions for people who are committed to making huge strides in their areas of specialty. The primary objective of forming XPrize was to help ambitious youths and adults to attain their goals.Pulier was also the founding father of the respected Akana. He developed the SOA software program and a couple of other SOA vendors back in the 2000s. Pulier, however, decided to sell Akana after turning it into an authority in the provision of SOA solutions.

OSI Group: A Food Provider That Cares

OSI Group is a world leader in providing quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. Their knack for serving up food that meets every industry standard has been recognized time and time again.

Recently, OSI won the 2016 Globe of Honour, which was presented by the British Safety Council. The award is given only to those companies who have demonstrated excellence in environmental management and an independent panel of experts decide which companies fit the bill. A company can’t even compete for the Globe of Honour without having first received the maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme.

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OSI Group itself has implemented Arrowsight Inc.’s third party 24/7/365 Remote Video Auditing (RVA) system in multiple food processing facilities in America. Among other things, this technology confirms that trailers are sealed and ensures that a set of safety protocols are always followed when food products are handled. Arrowsight Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Adam Aronson stated, “This RVA technology is a proven method for companies to better protect their food products.” OSI Group’s commitment to food safety, health standards, environmental management, and the sustainability of its company and how it treats the planet Earth is always a top priority with the company. OSI also works closely with the local communities it serves to ensure it is always on the cutting edge of providing real people the products they need.

There are many career opportunities for people who aspire to work with OSI Group, and the working environment for all of its employees is one of encouragement and enthusiasm. As an equal opportunity employer, OSI guarantees that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and that everyone in their employment is treated fairly. They know that it’s people who matter, and their business model is one that many companies around the world should look to emulate.

Norman Pattiz: Keeping The Radio Alive

There is a company and an entrepreneur for everything. Norman Pattiz happens to be involved in radio. He has founded PodcastOne. He has been featured on magazines in a four page feature. Among the achievements he has been recognized for is bringing in greatest hits that have been infused with celebrities. Prior to starting PodcaseOne, he has also run Westwood One, which has brought forth a lot of news, entertainment, interviews and plenty of other productions that have kept audiences entertained and informed about what was coming and what was available. Norman has made sure that he had a large and successful radio show.


Norman Pattiz has found inspiration for PodcastOne after he has left Westwood One. He has met with Kit Gray. They have put together some of the best of the best with Norman’s interviews. Norman has described it as a great four year ride. This clues people in that Norman enjoys what he does. This is one of the signs of success. Work does not have to be miserable. When creativity and productivity are involved, work can be some of the most fun that one could have. After all, Norman works in the entertainment industry. He has to have some kind of fun while at it.


Norman does not have a typical day when he is on the job. He is always taking on new projects and acquisition of talent. As a matter of fact, he keeps himself involved in every aspect of the business. Therefore, his day is always bringing forth something new that he can appreciate.


Norman Pattiz is also very appreciative. For one thing, he has never had a job that he would consider bad. He has enjoyed every job that he has taken on. Part of it is that he has always been ambitious and active. He takes joy in all of the projects that he takes on. Given that he works in the entertainment industry, he has a lot of fun with the projects that he takes on and he keeps well informed on what is going on in his company so that he is not hit with any unwanted surprises.

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Norman Pattiz

How Does Mike Baur Ensure Better Startup Funding?

Startup funding from the Swiss Startup Factory is quite an important part of the business world, and this article explains how Mike Baur helps his clients search for funding. There are many people who need proper funding for their businesses, and they will learn quite quickly they may build their company from the ground up using his assistance. Mike is an industry expert, and he has many partners in the startup world who will help him.

#1: The Funding Sources

Mike has many sources in the industry who are willing to help him find funds for his clients. He works quite hard to ensure his clients are given what they need, and he will share the information about each client with many different venture capital experts. The venture capital becomes an integral part of the business. Mike does not get involved farther than his role, and he allows his venture capital partners to mentor his clients.

#2: Governance

There is quite a lot to do with a company where governance is concerned. They must be prepared to hire a number of people to manage their company, and they may have people coming on their board who will help them improve. Improving a business is difficult because many people in the business world do not have experience. They need people who will help them, understand how to run the company, and the people who offer their assistance will become partners for some time,

#3: Mike Stays With Each Company

Mike is willing to stay with a company until they are no longer a startup. He will give them all the guidance they require, and he will show them how they may exit the startup field to the more standard business world. The people who are learning from Mike will become far better at their jobs, and they will have reason to believe they may sustain their businesses. It is quite important that everyone who is working with Mike asks him to mentor them for the long term.

The Swiss Startup Factory is the finest place to come for information for their businesses, and the startup will grow from the kernel of a business that it is today into something else. The company will grow with the funding that is found by Mike’s staff, and it will continue to grow long after it is no longer a startup in the traditional sense.

VTA Publications Writes About How To Obtain Success From Stock Trading

Are you a beginner in the stock trading arena or in the investing industry? Want to learn how big money is really made in stock trading? Perhaps you’ve read the numerous positive reviews written by professionals on Crunchbase who have applied Jim Hunt’s secrets and tactics to achieve awesome wealth.

When it comes to obtaining the knowledge you need to become prosperous in stock trading on YouTube, it’s imperative to learn from those who know what they are doing. There are many individuals and firms out there offering to provide you with information on how to achieve financial success, but it’s vital to look for information and books published and promoted by an expert who has a great reputation. You wish to have a chance to learn from an expert who has an established history of producing impressive results at That’s where Jim Hunt can help you – to show you exactly how to become a successful entrepreneur.

VTA Publications is a highly regarded and trustworthy company that promotes high quality guidebooks and courses related to wealth-building, business success, attaining financial freedom, wealth management strategies and other interesting topics that can help you reach your goal.

VTA Publications publishes a vast range of non-fiction information products and has helped numerous individuals in their quest for business and investing success.

As a successful entrepreneur and stock trading expert, Jim Hunt has a good understanding of what most entrepreneurs are doing wrong and the best strategies to improve their trading skills and attain the success they desire. He created Wealth Wave on Dumb Funded to help all those who are serious about learning what works in the stock trading arena and proven techniques that lead to success. Jim is highly confident that any person who is truly serious can use the information in his training and courses, to become highly successful in stock trading.

It is also advisable to learn success habits of those who have already become successful in their respective endeavors. One such habit is creating a positive, motivating environment while staying away from negative people and naysayers.

Check out VTA Publications and courses by Jim Hunt and you’ll certainly learn how to change your financial future.

Mike Baur’s Financing and Banking Keen Interest since Teenhood

The Swiss entrepreneur, Mike Baur, was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. In his teenhood, Mike developed a keen interest in the workings of finance and banking and landed a job in the Swiss private banking industry after his college education. He began working as a commercial apprentice at UBS and is currently an executive board member of a leading Swiss private bank. He is a holder of a computer science degree from Harvard University, an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an excellent MBA from the University of Bern. Mike is an active supporter of the Swiss youth entrepreneurship program that supports various Swiss establishments financially and morally.


In December of 1992, Mike Baur started ScanSource incorporation in partnership with a team of five other members. He leads the company as its president since 1992 and also serves a member of its board of directors since his appointment in 1995. In 1994, the firm completed its IPO and earned the status of a Fortune 1000 company with sales of over $3 million recorded annually. In 2002, the company opened more offices internationally and currently has regional branches in Europe, North America and South America. ScanSource has a total of 43 offices internationally and approximately 2200 employees.


In 2014, Mike established the Swiss Startup Factory in partnership with two of his colleagues, Oliver Walzer and Mike Meister. The firm specializes in providing start-up enterprises with funds, services, training, mentoring, office locations, and connections to a significant investment and entrepreneurial network in Switzerland and across the world. The firm offers a three-month long program to interested candidates and avails the best coaches and mentors in the market to the subscribers. With the leadership of the trio, the firm has grown to be the leading independent and privately funded startup with the fastest growth rate in Switzerland.


Mike led the company’s accelerator program in partnership with Goldbach group in early 2016 and also in February 2016 when it partnered with Fintech Fusion. When the Swiss Startup Factory began operating, Baur became the assistant deputy managing director of the CTI investment. The accelerator program received a boost from Micheal Hartweg, who offered to assist in the evaluation exercise of the process. Swiss Factory partners with Fusion to reduce the gap between Swiss German parts in French and Switzerland. Mike commented that the partnership is a boost to Swiss’ efforts to focus its resources and skills in the business across nations with differences in language.




The Davos CAP Calculator Launched

The Davos CAP Calculator is a very useful device that was launched by the famous Davos Real Estate Group recently. The company is associated with the David Osio’s Davos Financial Group. According to the real estate company, the application will help investors when making investments in the industry. The Davos Real Estate Group is considered to be one of the best service providers when it comes to matters concerning real estate. Individuals who need advice about sales, rent, new developments, legal issues and mortgage can be addressed efficiently by the experts in the company.


The strong team of experts hired by the Davos Financial Group works hard under the leadership of David Osio to make sure that the investors in the real estate industry will not experience any risks. These experts also ensure that the investors get good returns at the end of the day. According to these experts, the real estate industry investments currently need special considerations and assessments. An investor must consider the costs of selling, maintenance and buying of new properties. This reasons made the experts come up with an app that will be able to solve these problems.


The Davos CAP Calculator was designed using the modern technology, and the real estate investors will not have a problem dealing with it. The users will be able to determine the capitalization rate, cash flow and net income for different real estate investments in the United States using the application. Investors are already very excited about the introduction of the app, and they are hoping that things will work correctly for them.

David Osio and his team of experts worked hard to come up with the invention. They partnered with one of the technology companies in the country to ensure that the consumers will benefit from it. The Davos CAP Calculator is available on the Android devices, and it is not complicated to use.


David Osio is a finance executive who is behind the successful financial group. He is currently the chief executive officer and founder of the Davos Financial Group. He established the company in the year 1993, and since then, he ensures that consumers get all the financial advice they need to do well in the competitive environment. Osio has several investments in different parts of the globe, and most of them are doing very well. Apart from being a finance expert, David Osio is a respected philanthropist who has donated his wealth to noble causes in the community.

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Dick DeVos Entrepreneurial and Leadership Journey

 Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr, also called Dick DeVos, is a Michigan-born entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of the Windquest Group, an investment firm that specializes in manufacturing, non-profit, technology, and clean-tech solutions. Sustainability is one of the core visions of the Windquest Group under the leadership of DeVos. He is working to help the company invest in environmentally sound and economically sustainable technologies. Dick DeVos has been the President of the Windquest Group since 2002 and was the CEO of Amway before that.


1974 is when Dick DeVos started in Amway Corporation a company co-founded by his father; Richard DeVos Sr. He has held various positions at Amway in several departments including finance, marketing, research and development, sales, and manufacturing. DeVos then rose to Vice President of Amway in 1984, a position that saw him lead the company to new markets, and drove international sales of the company to three times higher than the domestic ones, a first in history for Amway. In 1993, DeVos returned to Amway as its president, a position he held until 2002. His responsibility was to oversee the operations of the company in over 50 countries across six continents. While he was Amway’s president, he took the company on a corporate restructuring mission that resulted in a new parent company called Alticor. This process took 20 months, and also led to the formation of other subsidiary companies. DeVos saw the restructuring as necessary to return the company to profitability and prevent it from downsizing more than it already had; a feat he achieved with his brother Doug DeVos. In the fiscal year that DeVos retired as president, he saw the company rack in $4.5 billion in sales.

 Other Achievements

 In 1991, the DeVos family bought the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and Dick DeVos became its president until 1993. When he started out, some critics expressed doubts that he couldn’t manage an NBA franchise, but DeVos proved he could by using his business acumen to run the team. He went through the Forest Hills Public school system and then graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. DeVos attended Harvard business School but did not graduate, and he also went through the Executive Study Program at Wharton School. He has honorary doctorates from Northwood, Central Michigan University, and Grove City College. In 2006, DeVos ran for Governor of Michigan on a Republican ticket but lost. He got elected to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 but only served two years then left to run Amway.

David Osio’s Davos REG Now Has A CAP Calculator App

David Osio, founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group and Davos Real Estate Group (REG), is proud to present the company’s new CAP calculator app for mobile devices. Done in partnership with Tecknolution and spearheaded by Osio’s colleague Gerard González, this app hit the market just a couple months ago and aims to make clients’ tasks for calculating real estate investments much easier. The Davos Financial Group is working on more apps to streamline the user experience when making large investment decisions, or looking for guidance in investment strategies.

Basically, this app takes into account all the costs and fees that go into purchasing property, either for residential or commercial use, and adds them up with expected property income returns such as renting or leasing costs, and shows clients where they can expect the value to be at years down the road. This app is going to be integrated along with the other apps, into the Davos Real Estate Agent contact form and allow users to submit real estate history reports to the agent. Currently this app is available to US clients, but Davos REG is working to bring it and the next series of apps overseas to Europe and Asia, as the company is in the midst of forming new alliances with new foreign real estate agencies.

David Osio is both a businessman and philanthropist who has spent over 30 years of his career in both investment advising and real estate buying, as well as law and corporate banking. David Osio has lived most of his life in Venezuela, where he got his undergrad in finance and banking from the University of Andres Bello in Caracas. After graduating from there, he started out as a legal financial advisor for the Venezuelan law firm MGO, where he advised clients on how to manage funds in compliance with Venezuela’s laws.

Later on, he went to grad school at both the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración and New York’s Institute of Finance. He started working for the major banking firm Latino International Bank in Miami, where he was made Director of Commercial Banking for about 4 years. He started up his own company, the Davos Financial Group in 1993, merging various independent investment firms into an international company that has branches all around the world from Switzerland to Panama. David Osio also has won a Medal of Honor from the US government in recognition of his accomplishments for Latin America, and he’s a philanthropist who donates to organizations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and the WAYU TAYA Foundation.

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Andy Wirth elected as the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This is a position which he holds with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. He has worked tirelessly to make this company one of the most popular Skiing companies.

Andy Wirth has also been on toes to make the Ski area one of the top tourist destinations all over the world. He has a passion for skiing and skydiving, but it has not been an easy journey for him. He once had a severe accident which almost put him down completely. Wirth is a talented individual with a handful of skills and experience.

He was out skydiving with his friends, and he landed in a vineyard. As he was landing, a pole that was holding up the vines took off his arm. Wirth realized that it was bad quickly enough, but he knew he had to remain calm. His arm was spurting out blood, and it was painful.

He, however, recovered from the accident and came back to Skiing and Skydiving. He did not let the accident bring him to his knees or make him give up his responsibilities. He co-founded an Ironman team which is called the Wounded Warrior Support. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

It is a program that helps Navy Seals who have been injured at war. Wirth had known Andrew Messick the IRONMAN CEO, and he sent him a video riding a bike saying he was back after the surgery, and this is how the CEO helped him found this Ironman program.

Andy Wirth has been elected as the Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. According to the board, Andy Wirth is going to be a valuable asset to the company.

Andy Wirth has been a major player in the development of some airports and major airservices for communities and major resorts in Colorado and other parts. Wirth said he was honored to serve as the Chairman of an entity that is crucial to the development of their entire region and community.

He is determined to make the airport and the airport services better and better in the region just like he did with Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. As part of his achievements after being elected the Chairman of the Board, Wirth has played a major role in establishing air service to the airport with JetBlue service from JFK Airport and Alaska airline services from John Wayne Airport.