Stream Energy Keeps on Messin’ With Texas

Fresh off the unveiling into the Illinois market in September of this year, Stream Energy furthered its wireless, protective and home services in Dallas to now include energy services. Defining its offerings as “connected life services,” Stream Energy provides pathways for consumers to access innovative and tailored solutions outside of the monopolistic paradigm established by the local distribution companies prior.


The open Texas market provided an ideal climate for Stream Energy’s business model to thrive. The market is structured as such where consumer choice is heavily valued in various capacities (TechNewsSpy). The ethos and success of Stream Energy can be attributed heavily to co-founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji’s establishing Stream as a formidable retail energy provider in the deregulated energy market of Texas during the mid-2000s.


Utility companies continue to be responsible for the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity and natural gas. However, the opportunity to diversify customer options on the commodity side of the equation exists in open markets like that of Illinois and Texas.


Consumers are often subject to the volatile pricing associated with any commodity, from oil, precious metals, and food items. The energy sector is no different. A variable pricing structure is inherently difficult to plan around, thus the appeal in an open market to hav a choice, much like one can choose which cell phone provider to use across shared telecommunication arteries.


Stream offers fixed-price options to allow customers varying contractual durations, with the certainty of what they pay each month. In addition, environmentally-conscience customers have the freedom to select a clean energy source (i.e. solar, wind, small hydro) to fulfill their residential and/or commercial sustainability goals.


With customers seeking to have more involvement in the resources they consume and the associated impacts of those choices, expanding its service offerings into the Dallas market aligns with its goal to be the premiere global energy retail choice for consumers.


About Stream Energy


With the connected lives/connected home concept being made possible by the virtual sinews of the Internet, Stream Energy has made its place among Energy Providers in the US by offering holistic solutions for consumers for all the key commodities and services needed to operate a residence or business.


Stream commodity procurer for electricity and natural gas in a half-dozen states, while also providing wireless plans as well as home and identity protection services.


In 12 years, Stream Energy now offers its service in 6 states, including Washington DC. from its inception into the market in 2005. In that same time, Stream Energy has seen over 850% growth in revenue (>$6 Billion).

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