Alexandre Gama Bringing Creativity to Brazil

Alexandre Gama was born on June 1st, 1958 in Rio de Janeiro and currently is actively involved in the advertising and communication industry. He is a graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Advertisement and Communications Among the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil is Neogama and Alexandre Gama is the CEO as well as the CCO of this top notch company. Among his achievements, is his position as the Global Chief Creative Officer of BBH a British-based agency network and Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to hold such a position.

In 2016, he joined a Public Group committee as a strategic, creative leader for purposes of the planning of innovation and new initiative development. He was the only Brazilian in the group of six worldwide agency leaders. His career is at the pick but where exactly did he start. It is in 1982 that he began his career where he was a copywriter and offered creative ideas for Standard Ogilvy & Mather. He did not stop, and he advanced his career, and in 2014 Gama launched VIOLAB, a project involving Brazilian acoustic guitar that is instrumental music, it also included a recording label, a YouTube channel, a studio and a radio program.

Neogama a company he founded in the year 1999 became the first Brazilian Company to win a Lion in the Festival of Cannes just after a year of business. He took Neogama international in 2002 by forming a partnership with BBH, a London-based agency. The company was good and let to it being named bets agency 2002. He left BBH network and operated Neogama independently. He has received numerous awards including Entrepreneur of the year 2007; he is indeed a shining star.

Duda Melzer Debates Wilfredo Gomes On Business Leadership

Duda Melzer and Wilfredo Gomes were invited for a debate on business leadership conference in Santa Catarina. The conference is an exhibition of the finest business leaders in Brazil, and the debate calls attention to the most important part of the business community. This article explains how Duda Melzer has risen to become one of the great captains of industry in his country, and there is a brief talk about his leadership qualifications.

#1: Duda Melzer Runs The Family Business

RBS Group is a family-owned communications company that has been a part of Duda’s family since before he was born. He is the next in line to run the company, and he has spent over a decade with the company doing several jobs until he was named the new CEO. His ascent through the ranks mirrors what previous generations have done, and his own children may take the same path to lead the company.

#2: The Debate Topic

The Business Leaders Group of Santa Catarina wanted Duda and Willifred to speak on their personal beliefs of business leadership. Leadership provides the direction for a company, and RBS Group has been one of the most-honored in Brazil due to proper leadership. Duda will continue the tradition of excellence, and his family has its own way of managing the company that has been effective.

#3: Thousands Of Employees Value Duda’s Family

There are over 6000 employees at RBS Group, and the family company has provided jobs for families in Brazil for quite some time. Duda is one of many who has benefited from proper leadership at RBS, and he prefers to keep the tradition alive for future generations of Brazilians.

Duda’s debate with Wilfredo Gomes highlights his beliefs in corporate leadership. He offers a perspective other companies do not have, and his perspective helps make RBS magnificent.

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