Kim Dao’s 10 Japan Travel Hacks

Having been in Japan for a while, Kim Dao has put together a list of 10 travel hacks to help you enjoy a stay in Japan.


Some of Kim Dao’s tips involve getting around once you get to Japan. She suggests using train apps to help you navigate the train systems, and purchasing a card that will let you board trains without standing in lines. She explains exactly what a JR pass is. Kim Dao explains that if you plan to travel between cities that the JR pass can save you money. If you want to travel to the mountains, or other lesser traveled places it’s best to hire a car. She advises having a photo of the place you are trying to go to make asking for directions easier.


Kim Dao also shares a few tips to make things more convenient. She says that while there is free wifi in some places it’s best to obtain either a pocket wifi device, or a SIM card for your phone. She reminds you that power outlets differ between countries and a power board from your own country will help with charging your devices. When looking for more to do or see she recommends using This will help get the most out of your trip. When paying in Japan you’ll need cash in most places so she tells places to easily find an ATM. For chilly weather heat packs that go under your clothes help. Check out her tips on YouTube.


Sometimes life can be hectic; however, simplifying everyday tasks can help make it a bit easier. To simplify each day, beauty blogger, Wengie swears by the following life hacks that are both easy as well as practical:


  1. Stack Important Staples by the Front Entrance


If you have issues forgetting important items, such as your cell phone or keys, on your way out in the morning, try stacking these items on top of other important items, such as your bag or planner, then place them on a surface near the front entrance in order to avoid forgetting them on your way out the door.


  1. Maintain the Perfect Shower Temp


Once you find the perfect shower temperature, use a board marker to mark the setting. This way, you’ll always be able to set the shower to the perfect temperature without having to stand in the shower and wait for it to warm up. If there are various people in your home, simply use a different colored marker to mark each person’s setting.


  1. Remove Jotted Down Information the Right Way


When removing private information that you’ve jotted down, instead of simply scribbling over it or striking multiple lines through it, which still allows the information to be seen, try writing random numbers or letters over the information, which does a better job at masking what you’ve written.


  1. Keep Important Papers Crisp While in Your Bag


To keep important items such as your passport, receipts, or other documents, crisp and water-free while in your bag, try storing them in a Ziploc bag before placing them in your bag. Simply place a piece of cardboard into the Ziploc first, then place the item in front of it in order to keep it crinkle-free.


  1. Take a Picture of Your Fridge


Before heading to the grocery store, take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator with the door fully open. This will enable you to refer to the picture while shopping for items, so you to see items that you already have and avoid purchasing them again.


These are just a few of the exciting life hacks that Wengie has to offer. For more ways to make your everyday life much simpler, see Wengie’s 10 Life Hacks You must Try!