Paul Herdsman: Location, Location, Location

Many high-level executives and CEO’s talk a good game about team morale and support of staff, but Paul Herdsman, the CEO of NICE Global puts his words into action. His company’s successes and positive long-term growth can be traced back to Mr. Herdsman’s unyielding support of his people and the company’s investment in its personnel. Quality and highly skilled staff are continuously trained and coveted by Herdsman, and thus he retains employees at a very high rate.

NICE Global is a service solution for businesses who are looking to outsource processes. Mr. Herdsman relishes his role in building the structure which businesses then utilize to provide the best customer service possible. His strategic vision and business insights, along with his dedication to staff, have allowed him to make NICE Global a success.

Before starting NICE Global, Mr. Herdsman had already worked at outsourcing various service departments for large companies. However, he soon realized the disadvantages of the spread-out nature of providing these services on a global scale. Instead, he focused on developing one strategic and centralized location to carry-out these services. He eventually decided the beautiful Island of Jamaica was just that place. Centralizing the services in an area where most of the employees would already speak English, provided an added bonus. The Island’s proximity to the US made it easy for prospective clients to meet and see for themselves the excellent services that NICE provides. The office in Montego Bay was soon bustling with employee training, tours, and on-site client meetings.

Looking ahead, NICE is considering expansion to another location in Jamaica, specifically the city of Kingston. This would provide the ability to continue to build within the Jamaican culture, yet tap on a more diverse talent pool outside the Montego Bay location. In addition, Mr. Herdsman has not ruled out further expansion to another country.

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