Guilherme Paulus Is A Grateful Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Draws On His Creativity To Find New Business Possibilities

Guilherme Paulus has been an important figure in the Brazilian world of tourism for many years. He is a hotelier and entrepreneur who has traveled to locations all over the world. He co-founded CVC with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who made an agreement with him to help fund the company as long as he took care of its day-to-day operation. Paulus is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts, which is a hotel brand that operates resorts and hotels all over Brazil. The company has 20 different locations at the time, and Paulus spends some of his time traveling to these hotels and resorts to get to know the workers better. In total, GJP has more than 5,000 workers on its payroll, and the company has been in operation since 1995.

Guilherme Paulus likes to focus on what he is grateful for during most of his days. He feels like his optimistic attitude has made him more productive. Before his week starts, he likes to write out his weekly schedule, which helps him to feel more organized. He has also made it his job to stay close to the operations of GJP, which has helped him to learn a lot about his business. As the chairman of the company, he feels that one of his best habits is engaging with customers.

Guilherme Paulus is not a man that is stuck in the past. He is very excited about modern technology and how it is able to help people find information much quicker than ever before. He has commented on the fact that this has helped him to understand his customers needs much better so he can take direct actions towards making them happier. He also likes to follow market trends through technology and has learned that one of the best things a businessman can do is to listen to people.

Guilherme Paulus is of the opinion that entrepreneurs should love what they do because this is what motivates them to work harder. He feels that too many entrepreneurs keep themselves at a distance from their businesses when they should get to know as much as they can about it. In a recent interview, Paulus revealed that he has been able to find as much success as he has because of his ability to focus on more than one market. This is a skill successful entrepreneurs are able to adopt, and Paulus plans on continuing to use his creativity to find new opportunities.



Dr. Shafix Sachedina and Sussex Health Care Helping People Every day

Dr. Shafix Sachedina; the proprietor of Sussex Health Care; graduated as a Dental Surgeon from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London. After working years, in his field of study, Dr. Sachedina opened Sussex Health Care. They help the elderly with inpatient care even if they do not need care for Dementia. Sussex Health Care maintains their physical health, by having them involved in activities including quizzes, cookery, and handicrafts. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has not only been a blessing to his patients but to their families as well. Sussex Health Care also helps those with learning disabilities by giving them 24-hour care. They also have support for those needing other forms of Neurological care as well.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care have been there for the Sussex area during a critical care shortage. This is a challenging field with a growing need. Sussex Health Care has 20 homes that are mainly in the southern part of England. There trained professionals take care of older people’s needs giving excellent support to people with neurological disabilities. The care homes aid aging boomers by providing care to them and their parents. It also helps them if they have mental or physical disabilities.

Unfortunately, despite the great need, there is an increasing shortage and healthcare workers in this field. The problem stems largely from low pay with hard stressful work. Has the need for services increases to attract more caregivers it will become necessary to raise the pay and thereby increase the burden impatience and Families. It is this unfortunate situation that Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care or trying to help deal with by being part of the solution.

With the Baby Boomers being one of the largest generations in the world, as they get older, the need for your care is going to become a problem. Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care work hard in the Sussex area but more help is needed. Increase problem caring for baby boomers is increased by the fact that people are living longer do the better Medical Care. This is produced an interesting situation where we have more people living longer because of good medical care which results in them needing more medical care.

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Why So Many People are Choosing the Neurocore Program

When you make the decision to utilize the Neurocore program, you are choosing something that is designed to work and get you away and off of the psychiatric medications that you are taking on a regular basis. See more information about Neurocore at

There are many reasons why people love Neurocore and all that it is able to do for them. You can train your brain in 30 minute segments at one of the company’s monitored facilities. This gives you the ability to overcome some of the mental health conditions that you have been suffering with for so long.


If you are tired of feeling badly about yourself or dealing with the myriad of different ailments that you have, it is time that you thought about utilizing the Neurocore program. This program works and is one of the best options for those who want and need to get back to living life normally. Now is the best time to look into what Neurocore is able to do for you and what you need to do in order to begin working with the training program for your own benefit and for the benefit of anyone else who is going to be making use of this particular option. Read more about Neurocore at

Sunday Riley Brings Anti-Aging Retinol Serum To Sephora and Online

If you are looking for a way to fight the signs of aging, Sunday Riley’s new product may be something that you might want to look into. While she has created products like the Luna Sleeping Night Oil that includes retinoids, she has never released something with as high of a concentration of them as her A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum. The levels in her new serum may not be small, it is still available without having to get a prescription. This is great news for everyone who doesn’t want to have to go to a doctor for their skincare products. Some on social media are wondering if this is going to be her next product that wins awards!

As we age, many of us face issues with wrinkles, uneven skin, and congested pores which can all be addressed with the new Sunday Riley serum. It was first released earlier this year on January 16 online followed by a release at Sephora later that month. Her many fans were excited to have the opportunity to try it out and are already talking about it on social media. One of the best things about the product is that while it is potent with a retinol blend that makes up 6.5% of the ingredients, it includes several botanicals that prevent damage to the skin such as Hawaiian white honey and bisabolol. While they are working to balance out the skin and prevent irritation, they are also moisturizing the skin and reducing sensitivity.

Sunday Riley is dedicated to making sure that her products are always of the highest quality that she can possibly provide. She ensures that the suppliers of her ingredients all maintain the highest standards possible and only creates her formulas in smaller batches that all go through testing to measure not only quality but consistency from one product to the next. When developing her product line, she is involved with the research and development process for every step of the way to make sure that she provides products that she is proud to have her name on which is just part of the reason her fans keep coming back.