Talkspace: Your Online Therapy Session

Mental Health has been a topic that the society has been discussing recently and it has proven to be a hot topic – and the conversation has been started. This is a good thing because it is a sign of progress and social development. The community has now grown more sensitive to victims of mental health diseases and are now taking more collective action into helping these victims.

But then, availing psychological and psychiatric help can come with a hefty price – and not everyone has enough budget to avail of these services. But with the advancement of technology, there is now an application that can be used by those seeking professional help – the same psychological and psychiatric help for a cheaper price.

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Talkspace is an application and a technology that allows an individual to get therapy that they need via video chat. Talkspace is sold for 79 dollars a week, and you can talk and seek help from live therapists online, any time any day. An individual can also avail for a message-type of service for 49 dollars a week. In the five years of Talkspace, it has already garnered 1 million users and the company is now generating income in the tens of millions.

Niel Leibowitz was recently hired by Talkspace and is planning to expand Talkspace’s reach and operations. The company is now planning to open up a whole new experience for Talkspace consumers because soon, the licensed physician are going to be able to prescribe medicine through the application. With Niel Leibowitz’ experience and credibility as a former senior medical director at United Health, this feat is something that Talkspace can easily achieve. The psychiatrists are independent consultants of Talkspace, and they will legally be able to prescribe medicine under the video tool of the application, and not through the messaging tool. This is in accordance to state and federal regulations. Niel Leibowitz and the team of Talkspace are still working on which drugs they will be available to prescribe and which drugs they should avoid prescribing. Talkspace is an application that is bringing us closer to what the future looks like. See more on Wikipedia.

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