Papa John’s apologizes on their behalf to their customers

Papa John’s has a new CEO and with that decision comes a lot of changes from an administrative standpoint and marketing perspective according to the article from Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of the well-known pizza chain and penned a letter to all customers to apologize on their behalf for their service as the article explains how it was a great decision for the individual to do this. Ritchie personally apologized to all their customers and stated that their past actions do not represent who they truly are. He made sure to address that every single individual who works at Papa John’s contributes to the company and matters for their continued success in the food industry, while the main goal is to provide excellent service to customers and fulfill their needs. Papa John’s will be making some big changes within the company by hiring experts to oversee their actions while strengthing them as a company and noticing any weaknesses and setting goals for them too. Team members will also be traveling to different stores and speaking to employees about what they can do better as a company. Steve Ritchie addressed himself in the letter and says he will mightily be involved in the operation to win back the trust of their customers. Steve Ritchie made an important and well thought out decision to write a letter addressing customers and telling them about all the changes coming their way as the letter was worded well. There was also another apology that could be found right on their website that Papa John’s would win the trust back from their customers. It was also a good move, the article notes, that CEO Steve Ritchie pointed out that no one person is bigger than the brand and that each member is responsible to their success and that they are a part of the community. He also pointed out the new changes that will be implemented and that he would be overseeing it all. article

Financial Institutions and Subordinated Debt Offerings Nexbank Capital

NexBank Capital, Inc. made headlines in the fourth quarter of 2017 when the company announced a $54 Million Subordinated Debt Offering. A subordinated debt offering is a type of security that is lower ranking than other types of securities. This offering has been placed privately for investors of significant financial status and select institutions.


In addition, this security is non-callable for 5 years with an interest rate just over 6%. Following the non-callable period, a floating interest rate will be assigned to the subordinated debt offering. The maturity date of the security is September of 2027. The notes currently have an investment score of “BBB-” and stability is predicted for the notes. Since 2016 Nexbank has secured over $280 million in debt and equity. The offering for the notes ended on September 19 of 2017. The placement agent for the notes was Sandler O’Neill & Partners. This offering in also significant because the notes can not be sold in the United States because they are not registered under the Securities Act.


NexBank Capital, Inc. specializes in institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking. As it relates to institutional services, Nexbank provides real estate advisory, investment banking and treasury management. Commercial banking offerings include commercial lending, credit services and commercial real estate lending. Mortgage banking services are inclusive of warehouse, wholesale, and correspondent lending. Nexbank also provides personal banking services including savings accounts, checking accounts and mortgages.


Nexbank was founded in 1934 and the company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The company also has three branches in Dallas. Nexbank has assets totaling nearly $8 billion. In addition, the bank is a FDIC certified and has a health-score of “A”. Nexbank is among the 200 largest banks in the United States and it is the 11th largest bank in Texas. Although the bank is not as large as many other financial institutions, it has garnered a great deal of respect in recent years by providing customers and institutions with exceptional service. The company prides itself on having a customer focused approach to banking and financial services.