How Jason Hope is Transforming the Community

Jason Hope doesn’t have one title in the society, The Arizona born businessman is known for being an expert in technology issues. His business ideas have always been very effective in the market, regardless of the competition that continues to increase. Jason Hope set the path for his very successful career when in the university. When studying, the businessman began to realize that technology was the only way to live a successful life. The futurist began to realize that although people had all the tools needed to embrace technology, they had failed in making use of it in the workplace and even at home. There were better and even bigger opportunities for the people who were ready to use the internet and any other advanced methods of technology. Internet of things has always been associated with Jason Hope, and it has left many with the results they desired. As time passes by, the global community is starting to realize that they cannot survive without taking advantage of the opportunity brought by Jason Hope. To know more about him click here.

Aging is natural, and scientists have never found a way of reversing the effects of this activity. There is so much research in most of the laboratories in the international market. The society wants to know about the measures they can take so that they are not prone to age related diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure or even diabetes. There are millions of people who have already lost the battle to these diseases just because there was no an effective remedy. Jason doesn’t want more lives to be lost. The Arizona expert has partnered with one of the leading biotechnology companies in the United States so that they can work hard and introduce anti-aging therapies that can be effective. Jason started by giving a significant amount of donation to the Sens Foundation, and he is positive that very soon, the company will deliver results to the community. For so many years, the society has suffered just because they lacked the proper guidance in medicine. With technology, Jason Hope says that it will be easy to find a remedy for the numerous age related diseases.

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Talkspace: Your Online Therapy Session

Mental Health has been a topic that the society has been discussing recently and it has proven to be a hot topic – and the conversation has been started. This is a good thing because it is a sign of progress and social development. The community has now grown more sensitive to victims of mental health diseases and are now taking more collective action into helping these victims.

But then, availing psychological and psychiatric help can come with a hefty price – and not everyone has enough budget to avail of these services. But with the advancement of technology, there is now an application that can be used by those seeking professional help – the same psychological and psychiatric help for a cheaper price.

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Talkspace is an application and a technology that allows an individual to get therapy that they need via video chat. Talkspace is sold for 79 dollars a week, and you can talk and seek help from live therapists online, any time any day. An individual can also avail for a message-type of service for 49 dollars a week. In the five years of Talkspace, it has already garnered 1 million users and the company is now generating income in the tens of millions.

Niel Leibowitz was recently hired by Talkspace and is planning to expand Talkspace’s reach and operations. The company is now planning to open up a whole new experience for Talkspace consumers because soon, the licensed physician are going to be able to prescribe medicine through the application. With Niel Leibowitz’ experience and credibility as a former senior medical director at United Health, this feat is something that Talkspace can easily achieve. The psychiatrists are independent consultants of Talkspace, and they will legally be able to prescribe medicine under the video tool of the application, and not through the messaging tool. This is in accordance to state and federal regulations. Niel Leibowitz and the team of Talkspace are still working on which drugs they will be available to prescribe and which drugs they should avoid prescribing. Talkspace is an application that is bringing us closer to what the future looks like. See more on Wikipedia.

Unroll Me Offering the Much-Needed Solution of Managing Subscriptions

Unroll Me is an application that was developed to offer a solution in managing subscription and other emails. The users can easily unsubscribe from receiving unwanted emails using this free service. The application’s user dashboard summarises the user’s subscription activities and also offers them the option of rolling up these junk mails that usually clutter their inboxes into one email. They can now retrieve their other important emails with ease.

Recently, the developers extended this service to the people with Android phones because they realized that offering the application on the iOS only is leaving another huge chunk of the market unattended. Now, all the Smartphone owners can install Unroll Me and begin enjoying its many benefits. It was a strategy of earning more users for the application since the majority of Smartphones users use Android phones.

One of the developers of the Application, who also happens to be the CEO, Jojo Hedaya explained the company’s goals as introducing a fan aspect in the management of subscriptions. He likened it to the strategy that Tinder application has been using where you can swipe left or right. The Unroll Me user can choose to swipe left if they wish to unsubscribe, swipe right if to retain the subscription and also swipe upwards to add the email to the set rollup.

The developers of Unroll Me have explained that they are not looking make the app a replacement of email client, instead, they are offering the users more options for solutions that helps them to manage their emails better. Since its release, it has been a free service which also adds to its benefits to the users. The company that developed the application makes money out of it using the users’ data. The company is currently owned by Ratuken Intelligence which operates as a market research company. Unroll Me is transparent about its use of the users’ information and assures them that it does not use the information in a manner that compromises the privacy of the user.

The transactions information of the 5.5 million users of the application is first combined, de-identified and then processed to make an analysis on market trends. This processed data offers information on aspects such as the leading food delivery company and many other market information. This market information is sold to the companies that need it.

Harry Harrison Barclays

Harry Harrison is the former head of Barclays Non-Core in London. He held the position for three years through 2017. Harrison worked at Barclays for over 20 years. He has earned a Master of Philosophy in Finance from the University of Cambridge and a BS in Economics from the University of Warwick. He was interviewed by IdeaMensch, and the interview was posted in September, 2018.

With a focus on his entrepreneurship, Harrison responded to questions about creating and growing new companies. With his economics and finance degrees, he said that his interest in how companies work led him to Barclays Non-Core. He believes and has seen in action that the ideas of diversity, humility, and collaboration are required characteristics of any team that brings an idea to life. One trait that Harrison recommended for all entrepreneurs is to tackle problems as they arise and avoid creating long to-do lists. When it comes to growing a business that has already been formed, he thinks that innovation is the key to success.

In the realm of personal perspectives, Harrison disclosed that yoga is an activity he has recently started and that he spent $80.00 for a seat at the US Open in the sweltering heat, humidity, and sunshine. When asked about his typical day, Harrison responded that he does not have such a thing. He is taking a break from and exploring life outside of large financial institutions. He has loved being a stay-at-home dad for a five- and eight-year-old. That involves playdates, minor ailments and injuries, field trips, and homework assignments. In addition to the yoga, Harrison is working on his French and his golf game. He is also taking time to follow his favorite soccer team, and he believes that this year, as every year, could be West Ham United’s year in the Premier League.

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InnovaCare Health And The Leadership Team Of Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading healthcare companies in North America, providing managed healthcare services. The organization specializes in physician services, Medicaid as well as Medicare Advantage Programs. The company managed to rise to the top as a result of its commitment to quality healthcare by creating models which are sustainable and cost effective through its two primary avenues of care, Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. InnovaCare Health aims to redefine healthcare management in order for it to meet the challenges of the complex healthcare environment.

The organization is being driven by Dr. Rick Shinto, who serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. His strong academic and professional record makes him the right person for the job, having more than 2 decades of experiences in the healthcare field. He holds an MBA and BS degree from the University of Redlands and the University of California respectively, and received his medical degree from the State University of New York.

Prior to joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto had several important roles in a number of companies within the healthcare sector. He was the Chief Executive Officer of MMM Healthcare, Aveta, Inc, and PMC Medicare Choice. Additionally, he was also the President of Aveta, and the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, and of Medical Pathways management Company. During his time at Aveta, Dr. Shinto won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, an honor which distinguishes outstanding entrepreneurs who showed success and excellence in such areas as personal commitment, innovation, and finance.

Another important figure at the helm of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides, who acts as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. She rejoined the company back in 2015, and in the past she served as the Chief Operating Officer and the Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has experience in government healthcare programs, and is knowledgeable in the development of clinical programs as well as management of healthcare operations. Prior to working with InnovaCare, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health and the Corporate Vice President of Americhoice.

The strong leadership team continued to expand in 2018, when Peter Zafris joined InnovaCare Health as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Frank Izquierdo got named the Vice President of Corporate Contracting and Network Development. Zafris has as strong background in the field, having experienced in managed care strategic planning as well as business development. On the other side, Izquierdo has over 25 years of experience in healthcare management operations, focusing on Medicare Advantage plans.

Madison Street Capital Shines in M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital has worked so hard for the last decade so that it can retain its position in the corporate world. The organization, which is currently based in Chicago, has been fortunate to expand its services to different destinations of the world. Founded by Charles Botchway, an expert in investment matters, this company knows how to impress customers who come its way. The organization has invested heavily in the professionals it hired at any department, and this is one of the aspects that have brought success in the American company. To land a position in this organization, any employee must meet the high standards that have been put in place. In the past years, Madison Street Capital has been given awards, even in the international platform, because of its great service to the customers. As 2018 came into an end, the company was announced as a winner in yet another platform. The team working in this company is over the moon. Getting awarded, especially in the finance department, is very difficult, keeping in mind the kind of competition many people are dealing with.


The M&A Advisor Awards are always considered to be among the top in the global market. The company has been awarding top companies in different industries in the past. For any company to achieve a recognition from the M&A Advisor, it must show the world that it is committed to giving customers only the best. During the thirteenth Turnaround Awards that are held every year, Madison Street Capital was given a top award. According to the management of Madison Street Capital, the officials in the awarding platform were convinced that the Deal of the year award should only be offered to the investment company. The organization settled on Madison Street Capital because of various reasons.


Madison Street Capital was fortunate enough to receive the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year Award because it performed so well when it was offered a chance to serve as an exclusive advisor for a transaction that was taking place between the Sachs Capital Group and RMG Networks. At the end of the transaction, which was being led by Barry Peterson, the managing director at Madison Street Capital, everything landed in its rightful position. Charles Botchway is proud of his team in Madison Street Capital, and he believes that they got the position using the right channels. The hard work and effort the team put in made the transaction very successful.


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Susan McGalla: A Businesswoman Example

Success is not an easy task; it rather demands special characteristics. Success looks for someone who has a persistent view of his goals; bypassing all obstacles in the way. Susan McGalla is a businesswoman and is one of those effective people. She proved to everyone that gender does not affect efficiency. Susan McGalla’s goal-focused path and diligence made her excel in her field, giving no regard to what people say or think.

McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised by loving parents who treated her and her two older brothers equally. Her father who was a football coach and her mother always reinforced inside their children hard work and confidence which had a great impact on her personality and later on her career.

McGalla graduated from Mount Union College with a BA in business and marketing. She launched her career from the Joseph Horne Company. From 1986 to 1994, she has gone through various positions in marketing and management. In 1994, she headed to American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. to work as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. After hard work and continuous successes, she exceeded her male colleagues and deserved to become the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. McGalla later became chief executive officer in Wet Seal Inc., before she founds P3 executive consulting. She is now Vice President of business strategy in Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla is a prosperous businesswoman who always encourages and advises women to move forward in business. She has shown that by hard work and aiming at goals people can have different lives.

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Make It Your Way: OSI Food Solutions

Did you know that many of today’s food products come from the same food provider? Yes, this is categorically true, and many of today’s most popular restaurants tend to use the same food provider. The difference in taste comes from the actual ingredients and how they’re combined in the manufacturing process. This is also the case with grocery store foods.

Two separate meat products may have different brand names, but they could potentially come from the same food provider. OSI Food Solutions is a top-tier food provider that produces a wide range of foods such as:

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Wings
Pot Roast
And numerous others

OSI Food Solutions also specializes in custom foods. The company has some of the top R&D specialists on deck, and these professionals are highly trained to work with the client. The clients very own inspiration will be implemented into the product. The custom foods not only look tantalizing, but they also appear to be visibly pleasing.

OSI Food Solutions date back to over 100 years ago. The company has deep roots from Germany because the company’s founder was a German-immigrant. Some of the company’s facts are:

It started as a family-owned business.
It was headquartered in three different municipalities.
A leader in custom-food production.
Has more than 60 factories & facilities.
And more

OSI Food Solutions is the food provider of choice for hundreds of food retailers. Some of its most prominent clients are Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonald’s. This make-it-happen mentality has lead to extreme success, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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Papa John’s apologizes on their behalf to their customers

Papa John’s has a new CEO and with that decision comes a lot of changes from an administrative standpoint and marketing perspective according to the article from Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of the well-known pizza chain and penned a letter to all customers to apologize on their behalf for their service as the article explains how it was a great decision for the individual to do this. Ritchie personally apologized to all their customers and stated that their past actions do not represent who they truly are. He made sure to address that every single individual who works at Papa John’s contributes to the company and matters for their continued success in the food industry, while the main goal is to provide excellent service to customers and fulfill their needs. Papa John’s will be making some big changes within the company by hiring experts to oversee their actions while strengthing them as a company and noticing any weaknesses and setting goals for them too. Team members will also be traveling to different stores and speaking to employees about what they can do better as a company. Steve Ritchie addressed himself in the letter and says he will mightily be involved in the operation to win back the trust of their customers. Steve Ritchie made an important and well thought out decision to write a letter addressing customers and telling them about all the changes coming their way as the letter was worded well. There was also another apology that could be found right on their website that Papa John’s would win the trust back from their customers. It was also a good move, the article notes, that CEO Steve Ritchie pointed out that no one person is bigger than the brand and that each member is responsible to their success and that they are a part of the community. He also pointed out the new changes that will be implemented and that he would be overseeing it all. article

Financial Institutions and Subordinated Debt Offerings Nexbank Capital

NexBank Capital, Inc. made headlines in the fourth quarter of 2017 when the company announced a $54 Million Subordinated Debt Offering. A subordinated debt offering is a type of security that is lower ranking than other types of securities. This offering has been placed privately for investors of significant financial status and select institutions.


In addition, this security is non-callable for 5 years with an interest rate just over 6%. Following the non-callable period, a floating interest rate will be assigned to the subordinated debt offering. The maturity date of the security is September of 2027. The notes currently have an investment score of “BBB-” and stability is predicted for the notes. Since 2016 Nexbank has secured over $280 million in debt and equity. The offering for the notes ended on September 19 of 2017. The placement agent for the notes was Sandler O’Neill & Partners. This offering in also significant because the notes can not be sold in the United States because they are not registered under the Securities Act.


NexBank Capital, Inc. specializes in institutional services, commercial banking and mortgage banking. As it relates to institutional services, Nexbank provides real estate advisory, investment banking and treasury management. Commercial banking offerings include commercial lending, credit services and commercial real estate lending. Mortgage banking services are inclusive of warehouse, wholesale, and correspondent lending. Nexbank also provides personal banking services including savings accounts, checking accounts and mortgages.


Nexbank was founded in 1934 and the company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The company also has three branches in Dallas. Nexbank has assets totaling nearly $8 billion. In addition, the bank is a FDIC certified and has a health-score of “A”. Nexbank is among the 200 largest banks in the United States and it is the 11th largest bank in Texas. Although the bank is not as large as many other financial institutions, it has garnered a great deal of respect in recent years by providing customers and institutions with exceptional service. The company prides itself on having a customer focused approach to banking and financial services.