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An interview in discusses the exploits of Shyam Iyer, including the founding of SKI Charities in 2010. Also known as Krishen Iyer, he said the his desire “to use finance for positive outcomes” was the reason behind starting the charity. Today, the organization focuses on women and their families in the developing world. He told Ideamensch,com that finance can “empower” and enable “opportunities” for those in need.


The interview goes on to discuss how Krishen Iyer does things like approach his day-to-day tasks, how he comes up with ideas and what excites the founder of Managed Benefits Services. One of the concepts that motivates him involves “devolving management” where more focus is put on the team rather than just the higher-ups as a company. He also said good ideas often require a “healthy tolerance for risk,” which he exemplifies in his efforts to bring finance to Zimbabwe. The idea brought plenty skepticism as did Krishen Iyer’s initial idea of starting SKI Charities.


The wide-ranging interview touches on other approaches Krishen Iyer uses to address his habits and things he tell his younger self. He said he splits his work time between his home and shared office space as a means to provide a change of scenery. This game plan lets him “refresh” his point of view and helps to generate new ideas. He would tell a younger Krishen Iyer that patience is key even though waiting is probably the toughest part about being an entrepreneur.


Krishen Iyer started Managed Benefits Services is a licensed insurance agency, advertising and marketing firm. It is based in Carlsbad, Calif., and focuses on lead management and consulting and the founder is known for entrepreneurial experience and acumen in technical advancements. He also owns Iyer Real Estate Co.


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