Jeremy Goldstein Supports Fountain House

Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness. In addition to the effects of their particular disorder, they are also faced with the misunderstandings and stigmas of society, and even of their own family. This can lead to conditions that are often just as devastating as the illness itself, as the victim becomes increasingly isolated and cut off from resources.


Luckily, places like Fountain House exist. Fountain House is a charity that is not only dedicated to the personal recovery of those with mental illness, but has a mission to fight the negative associations that accompany mental illness. The staff of Fountain House provides programs to assist with employment, education, housing, and other needs sufferers have to achieve wellness. As well as providing numerous opportunities, Fountain House cultivates the desire and confidence to build a successful life.


The Associates Committee of Fountain House hosts an annual Fall Fete to present young professionals a look at the mental health model built by Fountain House. Two scholarships are always awarded at the event for two Fountain House members whose lives and education have been impacted by mental illness. Guest speakers share personal accounts of their experiences and successes with mental illness. The evening serves as an inspiration for others to join the fight against mental illness and the resulting effects on daily life.


In 2008, Jeremy Goldstein became a member of the Fountain House Board of Directors. Goldstein helps to operate various mental health programs in New York City, and collaborates with global partners to promote Fountain House as a model and to encourage the start of similar facilities. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in his own firm, and has been involved in many large corporate transactions in the past several years. He also is a speaker and writer on corporate issues, and is widely recognized as a prestigious executive compensation lawyer.


Through his many interests, Goldstein has a lot of knowledge of employment and educational opportunities. Combining this knowledge with the Fountain House need to match employees to suitable jobs, makes the partnership even more productive. Goldstein is not hesitant to spread the word about Fountain House, and he and other board members are always looking for ways to expand prospects for those who often think their future is a bleak one. Philanthropists like Jeremy Goldstein believe that those who suffer from mental illness can recover, and are willing to put their time and effort into making it happen.


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