Welcome To Fagali, But Now What?

Just like a book, do not judge Fagali by its cover. The airport is not the most modernized airport. However, the single grass strip airport gets the job done. The once government-owned airport has a long history.

Though most villagers will say they are not fans of the airport because of the noise and pollution, the airport does allow tourists to easily visit their beautiful island. There are several places that should not be missed while visiting.

Places to eat

There are plenty of restaurants on Fagali, but there are a few that really stand out. One of those standouts is The Deck Restaurant. Relax in an outdoor setting and enjoy the view. The food is unbelievable and the service is top notch. Do not miss the pool next to the bar.

The village

Spend some time immersed in the island’s culture. The Samoa Cultural Village gives visitors a chance to get a hands-on experience while learning about life in the village. Learn how to weave baskets or take a woodworking class. For those who would rather shop, there is a market. Visitors will leave with a greater sense of how the ancient people lived.

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The hidden secret

One of the hidden secrets that can be found when visiting Fagali is the Piula Cave Pool. This cave is hidden away off the beaten path of tourists according to radionz.co.nz. Take a swim in a freshwater pool. If you are brave enough, the pool leads into the cave. Make sure to have a waterproof flashlight to see the surroundings.


The best way to see Samoa is through an ecotour according to wikipedia.org. The Rainforest Runaway Ecotours will go to places that most visitors never get a chance to see. The local guide will take the group to hidden beaches and through beautiful forests.

Do not let the first sight of Fagali fool you. There is plenty to do and see while visiting. This will be a vacation that will not be forgotten.

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