Gareth Henry, the Jamaican Born LGBT Activist

Gareth Henry is renowned social justice, HIV/AIDS, and LGBT activist. He was born in Jamaica in October 1977. Due to constant threats and homophobic violence in his native country, he immigrated to Canada to seek asylum.

While growing up, he did not have his family around. His mother was a teen and his father a constant absentee. He was forced to stay with his grandmother in a humble background. He had a strict upbringing and was only provided with the essential basic needs.

Gareth Henry gained entry into high school education at an early age of 10.

He later realized that he had a unique attraction to his male colleagues. He was regularly harassed and mocked by his schoolmates due to his sexual orientation. He remained secluded for the better part of his schooling.

He publicly came out as a gay person on his 16th birthday. On completion of his high school studies at Titchfield High School, he moved to Kingston City, Jamaica’s Capital. He was selected to join Excelsior Community College. He later received his bachelor’s in Social Work from the West Indies University.

Gareth Henry furthered his education with a Masters in Social Behavioural change and Communication. In the year 1997, he began his activism by working as a volunteer at Jamaica AIDS Support for Life. At the organization, he was committed in the fight against abuse and discrimination of people living with the disease.

In 1998, he started fighting for the gay people’s rights by joining the J-Flag movement. The organization strongly advocated for equal treatment of all people disregarding their sexual affiliations. It was at this point that Henry started experiencing assaults and even death threats.

When it all got worse, he fled to Canada seeking refugee in the year 2008. The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto and Amnesty International were the reason behind his accommodation.

Gareth Henry found an opportunity to further his activism in his new found country. He joined the Toronto People with AIDS organization as a volunteer. He also joined the famous Rainbow Railroad which has its headquarters in Canada. The activist spends his leisure time with friends or traveling.

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