BenefulOffers More than a Dozen Different Kinds of Wet Dog Food

Whether to feed your dog wet or dry dog food depends on many factors including his preference and the vet’s preference. Dogs that are in their senior years may find that dry dog food is hard on their teeth. Keep in mind a dog’s allergy problems that may prevent him from eating certain types of dog food and certain brands. Wet dog food is better for dogs who don’t drink the required amount of water to sustain a healthy diet. It really depends again on your dog and whether your vet thinks it’s Okay for your dog’s breed to eat wet dog food.

Beneful wet dog food is cheaper to buy than the large sacks of dry dog food. Each tub is around $3.00 a piece. Coupons for Beneful wet dog food can be found on the Beneful website, in the newspaper food market pages, and even in the stores themselves, especially stores like Pet Smart. There are 20 different varieties of Beneful Wet dog food. Several of them come in variety packs.

There are three different flavored three packs of Incredibites Beneful in the wet dog food type. There’s also Beneful Medleys in different flavors. All the wet dog food comes with meat, chicken, or fish and is loaded with all types of vegetables including carrots, peas, spinach, tomatoes potatoes, and more. The wet dog food is healthy except you must pay extra attention to consuming the wet food quicker than dry because it’ll tend to go bad and cause the dog to get sick. It really depends on the dog’s preference whether the dog likes wet over dry. The results have been mixed. Some dogs prefer dry and some prefer wet. There isn’t any Beneful wet food for puppies. Consult your vet if you want to give your puppy Beneful wet dog food.

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Anthony Petrello And Is Pivotal Role In Nabors Industries

Imagine you are wealthy to a point of being ranked among the highest paid CEOs in the world. The thought itself is riveting, but we both know that may remain a dream because it takes more than a mind’s eye to achieve this. Even more, it takes passion and a lot of zeal to lead a company to unprecedented heights of business landscapes. Well, Anthony Petrello sets himself apart as the exceptional leader and he has led Nabors Industries to its current global position.

Tony Petrello, as he is commonly known by those he works with, graduated from Harvard where he pursued a degree in law. To further knowledge and proficiency, Tony continued his education at Yale University where graduated with a degree in Mathematics. Before joining Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked at Baker and McKenzie law firm where he majored in corporate taxes. His wealthy experience and knowledge have played a pivotal role in the growth of Nabors Industries. Tony has been described as an open-minded leader who accentuates the need for teamwork in his company.

Nabors Industries Ltd has been able to trump in the oil industry under the exceptional leadership of Anthony Petrello. Since he took over the chairmanship, Nabors Industries share price has amplified to 180%. Anthony Petrello continues to adopt cerebral strategies that enable Nabors Industries to crush their competitors. In 2014, Anthony Petrello was ranked among the best-paid CEOs in the world. Progressively, Anthony Petrello continues to shake up the oil industry and continues to show us what makes a remarkable leader.

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Online Reputation Management Essentials

Are there times when you have gone to an online platform only to find material with rather negative impact on your personality or brand? In this era of hard work of building a brand can be destroyed in the wink of an eye by a single post or image.

This is detrimental and can potentially cause irreparable damage to any brand or person.

Online Reputation Management is taking control over the information that the public can access about you or your brand on the internet. ORM helps you to ensure that only the right and positive material is found when people search online for you.

Importance of a positive online reputation

In this digital era, you already know that having a positive online outlook is vital in various aspects of your life. This includes:

  • Employment. Potential employers may look you up before inviting you for an interview and therefore it is vital that content found does not damage your character or reputation
  • Relationships. Sometimes a person that is interested in dating you may search online about you in an effort to know you better.
  • A landlord may look you up to see if you are a viable renter.

Most times, negative results come up from various search engines due to lack of different content. It is therefore important that you keep tabs on what is being passed around. Various studies have said that about 88% consumers base their purchasing decisions on online reviews.

While you may not have complete power over what people may say about you or your brand, there some easy steps to take to create a good online impression.

  • Search yourself or your brand to see whether you have a positive representation.
  • Join social sites that will expose you or your brand to the online community.
  • Choose a reputable PR agency or professional to handle your online presence.
  • Constantly keep tabs on online reviews to ensure that you do not get unfair representation.
  • Choose carefully what you can or cannot respond to.

These steps will give you an upper hand in controlling what internet users find online about you.

End Citizen United Carries on.

Elections in the United States of America changed significantly after the decision made by the Supreme Court on the case between Citizen United and the Federal Election Commission in 2010. It also made open the door for people with special interests and billionaires alike to spend much money in the America’s election. It is in this connection that a political action committee known as End Citizen United was established. The board is funded by grassroots donors and is devoted to making reforms in the America’s system of campaigns. They aim at making it known to the voters, candidates, the press, and election officials that the grassroots are not pleased with the billionaire’s attempt to buy elections. The outcry is meant to reach the lawmakers so that they take necessary action and is key to the establishment of a partnership to bring reforms in the campaign finance.


End Citizens United’s paramount goal is to pass an amendment reversing the 2010 decision by Supreme Court on Citizen United that increased the super PACs and increased dark money in the political world. Over 325,000 people signed the petition by End Citizens United demanding that the Congress should pass such legislation. The group also partnered with Ready Hillary and the support went up. Ready Hillary had over four million people and rented its email list. End Citizens United was pleased to announce that it endorsed Democratic candidates.


End Citizens United is a different group altogether since it seeks to address issues not dealt with by other PACs. It aims at giving its full support to candidates who support the campaign finance reforms and will stand up against Citizen United. As a group, End Citizens United intention is to set up an independent disbursement arm backing candidate using advertisements on televisions, polling, and direct mailers.


The hope of End Citizens United is to assist in enacting the reforms on campaign finance at both the national and local level. The primary purpose of the group is passing the constitutional amendments. End Citizen United has a tremendous support by the grassroots and prides itself in having 136,000 donations. The group has five staff members who include Reed Adamson who managed 2012 Brad Schneider’s victory and Valerie Martin who worked in the 2006 campaign at Missouri.


The mission of End Citizens United is to fight and destroy the political system that is rigged and characterized by much money. The mission is achievable by selecting proper reforms on the campaign fund as well as passing the state ballot measures. Illimitable and dark money in politics will be a thing of the past.


End Citizens United offers its support to Democrats since they are at the forefront in the fight against Citizen United and hence there is a possibility of change in its leadership.


Eric Pulier Utilizes Technology to Solve Humanity’s Challenges

The impressive achievements of Eric Pulier across different disciplines serve as an inspiration to many upcoming tech executives. Pulier wears several hats – he is an accomplished author, a leading technologist, a philanthropist, and a respected public speaker. He has stamped his authority in the arena of creating startups and developing them to maturity. Being a venture capitalist, Pulier has funded entrepreneurial ventures and charitable entities, including Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, as well as E-Companies.

Academic background

A native of New Jersey, Pulier became an innovator while still pursuing his high school education. In his fourth year, he created a firm that specialized in computer programming. In 1984, Pulier was running an established database computer company. After completing his high school course, Pulier secured an admission at the Harvard University. Upon graduating, he started editing The Harvard Crimson, the University’s daily newspaper.

Success in the philanthropy world

Eric Pulier is a leading philanthropist and community leader. He supports endeavors that leverage technology to resolve intractable issues in the physically challenged children and poverty-stricken communities in the U.S. and globally. In early years of his career, Pulier came up with a cutting-edge educational program, which taught people about dealing with multiple Sclerosis.

ACE Foundation

For several years,Eric Pulier has handed out millions of dollars to the ACE Foundation, a premier organization that is revolutionizing how new software can solve grand challenges that the humanity encounters. The ACE Foundation is currently creating numerous projects, such as a micro-transaction system for distributing clean water and data analysis system.

Entrepreneurial accomplishments

XPrize is debatably one the advanced startups to have been created by Eric Pulier. The program consists of numerous awards and competitions for people who are committed to making huge strides in their areas of specialty. The primary objective of forming XPrize was to help ambitious youths and adults to attain their goals.Pulier was also the founding father of the respected Akana. He developed the SOA software program and a couple of other SOA vendors back in the 2000s. Pulier, however, decided to sell Akana after turning it into an authority in the provision of SOA solutions.