New Brunswick Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Has Made The City Great Again

New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those cities that has defied the odds, says The state of New Jersey has always gotten a bad rap, but New Brunswick has managed to rise above the snide comments, as well as, the crime and poverty. Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson have been the pillars of the small city, but men like real estate developer, Sam Boraie have kept the city moving in the right direction. Sam’s father, Omar Boraie, is one of the men that is responsible for turning downtown New Brunswick into a mecca for the healthcare industry.

Omar Boraie started buying old buildings in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. In the 1960s, most of the old residents of the city made an exodus to the suburbs. All that was left downtown was rundown turn-of-the-century buildings in disrepair. Boraie Development started buying some of the old buildings along Albany Street, and the company started a major renovation project. That project has lasted more than 40 years. Sam Boraie, and his brother Wasseem, and sister, Hiam, have been instrumental in continuing the work Omar started.

The first Boraie Development, the Albany Street Plaza One high-rise office building, was completed in the early 1980s. The One Spring Street residential building came next. The Boraie’s decided to build the Albany Street Plaza Two building because of the success of the first Albany Street building. Albany Street Plaza Two was completed in the early 2000s thanks to Sam Boraie and his siblings. The Aspire Building was the next big luxury residential project for Sam. The Aspire is a New York City condo-type building, and it offers the professionals in the healthcare industry, and other downtown business people a place to live.

Today as New York Times reveals, New Brunswick has a population of more than 55,000, but the city seems much bigger than the number of people living there. It’s a college town, but it is also the home of several big name companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Sam Boraie was instrumental in attracting those companies to New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie is known for the work he does outside of the real estate development industry. Sam sits on the board of two established nonprofits, the New Brunswick State Theater, and Elijah’s Promise.

Sam is also involved in several other development projects in New Jersey. He teamed up with Shaq O’Neil and developed a luxury residential building in Newark, and he is currently involved in a major residential development project in Atlantic City.

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VTA Publications Writes About How To Obtain Success From Stock Trading

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Leadership And Vision

John Guollet made it to the top the IT industry by using his uncanny instinct and business vision. He began his career as a consultant. From this position John was able to identify the many needs that existed within companies he spent time with. Staffing is an important element of any organization. Businesses are not able to grow without the personnel needed to take on various responsibilities. Finding help is the most difficult part of expanding. Companies must balance themselves between being over-staffed and overworked. John was able to develop a business model that worked well with what most of these technical organizations were trying to accomplish.

John Goullet decided to take matters into his own hands. He founded Info Technologies and quickly applied his knowledge to an area within the IT industry that was greatly lacking. Info Technologies is a staffing company that identifies the employment needs of an organization and recruits qualified personnel to fulfill those positions. Info Technologies made an immediate impact by providing a highly efficient service that became requested throughout the IT industry. It quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company with several Fortune 500 companies as its clients. John had reached his goal and used his own entrepreneurial tenacity to push his company to the forefront of a highly competitive marketplace.

John Goullet saw greater opportunity. He believes that working with others is the most efficient way to grow an organization. He wanted his staff at Info Technologies to have the chance to develop their skills to the highest level. Info Technologies joined forces with Diversant Inc. John was appointed Principal at the new company which eventually became known as Diversant LLC. Teaming up with another established organization provided the growth needed to open doors for John’s personal development and those who supported him. Diversant quickly became a leader within the IT industry. Its own diverse staff exist as an example for those companies who use Diversant’s services to build their own internal business teams. The government has given Diversant the title of “Largest African-American company within the United States”. John Goullet and his executives wear this label proudly. It is a testament to the type organization they intended to put forward.


The Kabbalah Centre Continues an Ancient Tradition in a Modern Way

The quest for spirituality and a more meaningful way of living life has become a major part of life for the majority pf people in the 21st century after interest in religious practices grew for millions of people as the 20th century wore on. Many people are looking outside what are generally classed as the traditional forms of religion; in this changing world of religious belief The Kabbalah Centre has risen to the top of the world of spirituality as people around the world are looking to new areas of spiritual growth that may be seen as outside the traditional forms of religion.

The Kabbalah Centre has been one of the world’s fastest growing religions for a number of decades after spending a large portion of the 1960s operating the religion from within the home of Rav Philip Berg, the religious leader credited with bringing the group into the modern world. In terms of the way The Kabbalah Centre has developed it began its life in the 1920s with the opening of the first centre in the U.S. after experts in Judaism developed a new interpretation based on theoretical Kabbalah.

The ancient tradition of Kabbalah has many different forms, including theoretical, meditative, and magical Kabbalah; the basis of magical and meditative Kabbalah have never been published and are only passed on using the oral tradition, meaning theoretical Kabbalah is now the basis of the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre. The teachers of The Kabbalah Centre use their skills to develop new ways of interpreting the ancient scriptures in a bid to allow them to be understood by people in the modern world. Ancient aspects of these scriptures are still a major part of the work of The Kabbalah Centre as these form a huge part of the how to understand the universe, including the use of horoscopes and a thin red string worn on the left wrist that protects the individual from the evil eye. Merging the ancient and the modern has become a major part of the work of The Kabbalah Centre as the students of the group seek a better understanding of the way the universe that remains hidden from the vast majority of people.

Taste The Evolution

That adorable little sphere you see while you shop is the Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm, which is better known as EOS. Deep hydration for your lips is brought to you by way of natural and organic ingredients with this innovative product. The unique packaging, vivid colors, wide range of flavors, moisturizing effects and affordability has made EOS lip balm a popular choice worldwide. Here are ten of the top flavors available from the Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms.

Sweet Mint

A pale blue casing holds a minty surprise that will leave your lips tingling.

Strawberry Sorbet

This natural and organic formula is packaged in pink.


Yellow was the obvious choice for this traditional and refreshing flavor.

Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor is bursting with antioxidants, and it is packaged in a crimson shell.

Summer Fruit

This flavor comes in a red case, and it is a blend of various fruits, such as blueberry, strawberry and peach.

Honeysuckle Honeydew

With a refreshing and mild flavor, you can find this EOS in pale green.

Blueberry Acai

The beautiful, bright blue case will remind you of a robin’s egg, and the flavor is incredible.

Medicated Tangerine

The orange lip balm is brilliantly flavored, and it is medicated to fight against bacteria.

Coconut Milk

This fabulous, yet subtle flavor can be found in pink with swirls of pale pink.

Blackberry Nectar

Look for the purple swirled with a lighter shade of purple if you are interested in a bold blackberry flavor.

EOS lip balm products are available on Walmart, Target stores and Ulta nationwide.


ClassDojo Grows App with New Funding

ClassDojo, a free communication app for teachers and parents, has just finished their second round of fundraising. This second round closed at 21 million, which will help the app grow their team and expand their features. This app has grown tremendously over the years from its initial application and has matured into a full-fledged classroom communication and collaboration app with extra resources.

ClassDojo sets itself apart from other apps. Most educational tech focus on lesson planning and grade book management. ClassDojo is communication platform that helps to connect the classroom and home in an innovative way. With such constant communication, it makes those quarterly parent teacher conferences obsolete. Sam Chadhaury and Liam Don are hoping to grow the at school and at home features. They want the app to guide the conversations at home between parents and children.

The popular app can be used to create a positive classroom culture through acknowledgement of positive behaviors or sending photos or videos of those precious classroom moments. Often teachers do not have the chance to make all the positive calls, but ClassDojo gives them the chance to “catch them doing the right thing.”

The 25 employee start up has kept the focus on getting the app out to more people, because they have yet to generate profits, yet. User data has never been an option to make profits. Student privacy has always been a concern. They hope to grow the app and create features at home that parents would like to purchase.

The investors have seen the growth of ClassDojo like that of a social network. The messaging, exchange of moments, and other communication features allow parents, students, and teachers to exchange information on progress easily. When the company does choose to make money, they want to make sure that they are making money on features that parents or teachers needs. ClassDojo has always been focused on making both job’s easier in staying connected. Some of the ideas would be like buying yearbooks or paying other fees or maybe transactional features like school lunches or field trips.

Mike Baur’s Financing and Banking Keen Interest since Teenhood

The Swiss entrepreneur, Mike Baur, was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. In his teenhood, Mike developed a keen interest in the workings of finance and banking and landed a job in the Swiss private banking industry after his college education. He began working as a commercial apprentice at UBS and is currently an executive board member of a leading Swiss private bank. He is a holder of a computer science degree from Harvard University, an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an excellent MBA from the University of Bern. Mike is an active supporter of the Swiss youth entrepreneurship program that supports various Swiss establishments financially and morally.


In December of 1992, Mike Baur started ScanSource incorporation in partnership with a team of five other members. He leads the company as its president since 1992 and also serves a member of its board of directors since his appointment in 1995. In 1994, the firm completed its IPO and earned the status of a Fortune 1000 company with sales of over $3 million recorded annually. In 2002, the company opened more offices internationally and currently has regional branches in Europe, North America and South America. ScanSource has a total of 43 offices internationally and approximately 2200 employees.


In 2014, Mike established the Swiss Startup Factory in partnership with two of his colleagues, Oliver Walzer and Mike Meister. The firm specializes in providing start-up enterprises with funds, services, training, mentoring, office locations, and connections to a significant investment and entrepreneurial network in Switzerland and across the world. The firm offers a three-month long program to interested candidates and avails the best coaches and mentors in the market to the subscribers. With the leadership of the trio, the firm has grown to be the leading independent and privately funded startup with the fastest growth rate in Switzerland.


Mike led the company’s accelerator program in partnership with Goldbach group in early 2016 and also in February 2016 when it partnered with Fintech Fusion. When the Swiss Startup Factory began operating, Baur became the assistant deputy managing director of the CTI investment. The accelerator program received a boost from Micheal Hartweg, who offered to assist in the evaluation exercise of the process. Swiss Factory partners with Fusion to reduce the gap between Swiss German parts in French and Switzerland. Mike commented that the partnership is a boost to Swiss’ efforts to focus its resources and skills in the business across nations with differences in language.




Chris Burch Makes Fashion And Technology Interesting

The business world is made up of many business markets. Each business market is different in terms of the potential customers and customers that are in the market. Also, the companies in each market are also different. There is constant change in all business markets. With the various differences and changes that occur in each market, companies are challenged on a daily basis.


There are numerous markets that provide interesting aspects to business operations and competition between companies in the markets. However, two of the business markets that provide the most excitement, interest, and competition for the companies in the particular markets are fashion and technology.


Both the fashion and technology markets have a focus on trends. What are the latest trends? What trends are most popular? These are things that impact the technology and fashion markets on a daily basis. While different, the technology and fashion markets are very similar in various respects. This similarity is one of the reasons why fashion designers have been reaching out to create fashion designs that utilize aspects of technology to highlight the fashion designs.


The use of technology in fashion is an interesting way to bring two of the most exciting markets together in one particular way. Technology has changed the very landscape of the way people go about their daily lives while fashion is a source of individuality that people watch closely.


There have been many technology innovations over the past decade that give fashion designers numerous ideas to use with fashion designs. Technology is more than just technology for many people. Technology is used to express individuality in the same manner that fashion is used by many people. This is why the use of popular technology to accent fashion designs is an idea that a variety of fashion designers use in an attempt to catch the imagination of the fashion industry and people interested in fashion.


Chris Burch is a well-known businessman who has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He has started multiple companies, and he has made all the companies very successful. He has a unique way of making companies perform well in the business markets where the companies compete.


Also, Chris Burch has an understanding of the business world that allows him to be able to recognize what is required for companies to succeed in the business world. During his career, Chris Burch has provided great leadership for companies in numerous business markets.

Talk Fusion Revolutionizes The Way Online Businesses Work

Talk Fusion is a hot new idea and it seems to be taking the internet by storm. That’s because it’s a company that has really discovered what online businesses need in order to be successful. It’s more than that, though. Talk Fusion is the driving force behind making a business successful. They don’t consider themselves just a product rather they consider themselves a business partner for those who utilize their service.


According to a recent interview on the Morning Blend, a person with Talk Fusion mentioned how they do more than just create videos for a company, they want to be a helpful business partner. But, what exactly is Talk Fusion and what exactly does that mean?


Talk Fusion is a 9-year-old marketing and technology company that specializes in video communications which is truly the way of the future. Nowadays so many people communicate online, conduct business online, and essentially live their life online. Talk Fusion helps with online businesses send video newsletters, utilize video chat, and broadcast meetings online. This is very helpful for those companies who have workers spread all over the world. This way important messages can get across and everyone can feel connected online even if they are physically far apart. Talk Fusion simply helps a business to run better.


All of these video-centered products are great because it also helps a customer reach a consumer. People feel more comfortable online but they still want to be able to chat or see a real person. This helps forge better business relations and therefore creates a great partnership between client and the company.


Talk Fusion has a far and wide reach because it is global. Talk Fusion offers world class support no matter where a person’s business may be located. They also offer customizable graphics that go with a businesses brand. They really have thought of it all when it comes to helping out a company. Overall, Talk Fusion takes pride in making all businesses successful and that’s why they have a company covered in all aspects. They discovered a need for a product and now they want to make sure that everyone has success with it that uses it.