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Hurricane Matthew left behind a lot of damage and displaced residents, but IAP Worldwide was there to help. They aided in the restoration of the area, provided resources, and program management. IAP is a leading facilities management team with advanced technology, and technical support services. IAP Worldwide have a strategy for long-term growth by acquiring DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications Solutions. They will expand the size of IAP, provide increased logistics, and advanced technology solutions. In fact, this will improve their response time with government contracted vehicles. They also use U.S. government contracted vehicles to meet global demand.

IAP is up early in the morning, with their clients mission in mind. They’re the first one on the job and the last one to leave. During a client’s briefing, they will discuss the nature of their project and the desired outcome. They will work diligently until their client’s outcome is met. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction, providing their clients with unique facilities management services. You never have to handle a global crisis on your own because IAP Worldwide provides quality-professional services trusted around the world. They have one of the fastest global response times in the world.

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There are 2,000+ brave men and women employed by IAP. They’re currently adding professionals to their team, to expand their core services. IAP has great benefits and empower their men and women with the skills and knowledge, to effectively and accurately, do their job. They work hard to ensure their employees receive top training that will allow them to embody their mission statement. Their goal is to meet the demands of their clients without hesitation. IAP Worldwide has professionally managed many highly classified and top secret projects for their government client’s and big corporations. Their client’s privacy, satisfaction, and safety is a top priority for IAP.

IAP Worldwide has contracted a $800 million dollar project with the U.S. Navy, based in Dallas, Texas. They will work under the program manager, providing technical support, advanced technology, and program solutions. This is the largest contract, IAP has ever contracted with a government entity. They believe that expanding their business relationships, they can better serve the needs of the general public because they’re doubling their size and restructuring their core. Kaye Scholer, is the legal representation, during their upgrades. You can learn more about IAP Worldwide by visiting their official website for more details and program information.

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