Finding a Lawyer for Your Business

Are you a business owner or organization leader? Looking for legal advice or dispute resolution in Brazil?

Do not wait until you are sued to get a lawyer. Some business organizations and entrepreneurs wait until they get summons to enlist the services of a lawyer or law firm. You should keep in mind that when you have been served with summons or complaint, it is too late. You will have to come up with attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses.

It is very easy to get into court. On the other hand, you will find it a nightmare to get yourself out. The fee the law firm or lawyer charges is a small fraction of the lawyer’s fee to get you out of trouble. It is important to take these into consideration.

Look into the nature of your case. For example, if you have suffered an injury as a result of another person’s neglect, lawyers that handle personal injury will be the ideal to handle your legal circumstance. You need a lawyer, which focuses on your case.

The size of a law firm also really matters. Larger and reputable law firms work with qualified professionals and can take a high number of cases. Nonetheless, you will find small law offices able to provide clients with top notch representation.

Lawyers are now becoming more specialized. Someone who handles personal injury case may not be the best for business litigation.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced business and corporate litigation lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for many years and is well versed in handling business and corporate litigation issues. Some of his clients include corporate executives, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, high profile individuals and politicians.

Ricardo Tosto advises business and corporate clients on a wide range of business dispute issues, including issues involving contracts, liabilities, partnerships, and shareholders. Ricardo Tosto brings his wealth of negotiation and trial experience in representing organizations into the courtroom for your benefit. Mr Ricardo Tosto has earned a great reputation due to his unique courtroom style and business litigation strategies.

The Ever-Expanding Town Residential and New York’s Expanding Market

In an article by Daniel Geiger from Crain’s New York, he writes about the Town Residential brokerage firm. The company had opened up its 10th location in 2013. The ever-expanding real estate development group opened up its first location in 2010.

The location is along the Hudson River, and it has close access to Central Park. This area has been an important area for investors, who have recently been developing along this region with such properties as high-rise condos, or commercial space for artists. Town Residential has leased an entire floor of W. 14th St, and it has leased the location for fifteen years. The location also has a great access to the High Line, so it is an accessible access point for brokers who want to show properties, but who also want to be appealing to the time it takes to these properties. Along with close access to the High Line, the location is poised for high-end sales. The Chief Executive, Andrew Heiberger hopes that the location will also have its own distinct personal flair that he would like to be known for in New York.

Along with the location in the West Side, it also opened a location in Greenwich Village. Both locations have been opened to expand the locations in which Town Residential can expand its presence on the expanding New York City real estate market.

Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, and it specializes in residential real estate in New York City. They have a partnership with a real estate development firm called Joseph Sitt’s Thor Equities, who are also the landlords to Town Residential W.14th street location. Also, Crain’s New York named Town Residential as one of the Top 50 Places to Work in New York City. In 2013, Town Residential purchased Thomas & Ingram, which helped Town Residential boost its presence in the West Village, because that is where Thomas & Ingram had its main focus on sales.

Andrew Heiberger is also the founder of Citi Habitats, which is a brokerage firm that has a focus on rentals, but he sold it to NRT, which is the largest brokerage firm in the United States.



Bob Reina’s Accomplishments in the Philanthropy Arena

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. The mandate of this organization is to assist people by giving back to the community. Bob Reina, who is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion, takes great pride in helping more people every day. Through Talk Fusion, Reina has made an impact on the world. He helps not only people but also animals. Reina donated $1 million to an Indonesian orphanage to save the lives of many homeless animals. He is a staunch believer that believes that lives can be changed through practical actions, and this belief is the basis of his company and the colleagues he works with all over the world.


Reina’s love for charity has driven him to launch a program that enables members of Talk Fusion to donate. This program allows charitable organizations to access Talk Fusion products such as live meetings, video mail, and video chats. The goal of this program is to enable nonprofit organizations to reach more people and in turn help them. For a long time, Reina has invested time and resources in finding new and innovative ways to assist people. Therefore, hearing stories of how people have benefited from video marketing products offered by Talk Fusion is fulfilling for Reina.


Reina’s Background

Bob Reina held a variety of jobs before he established Talk Fusion. He once worked as a police officer in Tampa Bay, Florida. Reina got into the network marketing business in the early 90s and worked part-time as an associate. Having grown to love network marketing, he quit his job on the force to start his own business. In 2007, he introduced Talk Fusion in the global marketplace after learning how to send a video via email to his family and friends.


Animal causes

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Reina loves animals, and he has participated in finding a dog for the Hillsborough-based K-9 unit of the Sheriff’s Office. He also takes his dog to work with him. Before funding the initiatives of Indonesian Orphanage, Reina had adopted 11 dogs and several cats.

George Soros Investing in the Clinton Campaign

George Soros is known as a man that invests quite a bit of money into a variety of things, as well as being a billionaire that has made a fortune off of his predictions and willingness to invest. He pulled the trigger on a deal that eventually led to him being called the man that made a billion dollars in a day, as he essentially bet against the UK and the state of their currency at the time. He was correct in his predictions, made about a billion dollars in the end off of that single move and secured his place as being one of the most looked to people, in terms of financial predictions.

Soros is heavily invested in US Politics and has invested quite a bit of money over the last several decades. He is a democrat that has not only put up a ton of money for the democratic parties of the past and current, but he has also donated a great deal of money to disrupt the Republican parties elections. This includes investing money to lead to lower votes for the Republican candidates, as well as putting money to invest in the democrat nominee. During this election cycle, George Soros is one hundred percent behind Hillary Clinton and has invested about twenty five million dollars to her campaign. Soros is one of the biggest donors to the Clinton campaign and there are quite a few ways that his money is being used. One of the most notable ways that his donations have been used is to increase the turnout for Hispanic voters. One of the biggest reasons why this has been a major focus of the Soros backed, Clinton campaign is the fact that there was a lot of controversy over Donald Trump and his statements about building a wall. This is something that the Clinton campaign on has focused on, as George Soros has been under the impression that this is a great place to pick up votes. Based on the fact that the majority of Hispanic voters would likely vote for Hillary Clinton, based on these statements made by the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election, voter turnout in the Hispanic community is huge.

At the same time, there has been quite a bit of talk about illegal immigrants and with the Republican nominee making statements about deporting illegals that have come into this country illegally, this is another place that Soros has decided to put his donations. Aiming these donations in a fight for affording illegal immigrants the right to vote is another huge aspect of where George Soros is heading with his campaign donations and investments. In a sense, Soros has been aiming at both the offensive and defensive side of the campaign and there is little question that it has been making some impact, but we will have to wait until the second week in November to see if the investments that he has made in the Clinton campaign will pay off.