Changing Habits With Wengie

There are a few bad eating habits that you might want to kick now if you want to get in shape and live a healthier life. Wengie gives a few of the habits that she has and how she has replaced them with those that are healthier.


You usually have to wait about three months before you begin seeing any significant differences. It needs to be a routine and a habit. Change your old habits instead of using a fad diet that often doesn’t work. Self-control is one of the huge things about changing bad habits. The 90 days is painful because you’re getting rid of something that you’ve done for a long time.


Wengie once ate supper late at night, which is something that you shouldn’t do because the calories consumed don’t have a way to burn off. Cut out soft drinks because they are empty calories that are pretty much sugar. Wengie stopped drinking soft drinks and eating a lot of the junk food that she would eat at night. She would eat out a lot, which sometimes doesn’t include healthier foods. The portions are often larger, and you don’t want to waste food, so you just finish the entire meal. These are habits that can lead to a significant weight gain. In order to lose the weight and see a change, cut back on the amount of food that you eat, and avoid soft drinks, drinking water in their place. Cook as many healthy meals as you can at home so that you use fresh ingredients.