IAP Is Dedicated To The Mission

IAP is a global corporation that is devoted to solving big problems around the world. It operates in 25 countries with a staff of 2000 people working on the most difficult problems one can imagine. IAP Worldwide’s employees are an elite family of experts who do their job without complaint and keep asking for more responsibility. This is a company that serves the U.S. military in war zones, as well as the public, and private sector domestically and internationally. In some situations, IAP Worldwide Services must charge boldly into natural disasters like hurricanes at a moment’s notice. It can plan and complete challenging missions that few other companies could ever hope to solve. IAP is also on the cutting edge of research so that its staff has the best tools available to them when they are called out on a mission.

IAP was founded more than 60 years ago and it has achieved a near legendary reputation for its reliability and responsiveness. There is little question that it is a market leader in the fields of logistics, technical services, and facilities management. IAP Worldwide is notorious for exceeding its customer’s expectations so that they don’t have to lay up at night worrying that their problem is unsolvable. They have confidence that if a solution exists IAP Worldwide will find it. IAP adopts its customer’s mission as its own and channels its commitment into raw passion.

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IAP’s stance on corporate responsibility is to treat everyone with respect. Every contractor that IAP worldwide staff come into contact with will be treated as a member of the family because that is part of IAP’s fundamental values. The company does not rest until the results have been achieved. IAP credits its success to four key principles that it holds close to its breast at all times: Leadership, History, Partners, and Ethics.

To IAP Worldwide Services leadership means serving communities and customers with ingenuity and a genuine sense of purpose. History means building in the present with the future in mind and remembering where you come from. Partners refers to allying with diverse businesses who share the same values. Ethics means doing things the right way and making sure that ones actions are in alignment with professional standards of conduct and high moral standards at all times. It is more than just solving problems as efficiently as possible because the values you carry with you are an essential part of who you are. That is the IAP Worldwide way.

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