White Shark Media Reveals Several Success Stories

Over the course of five years, White Shark Media Review has developed quite the reputation for the successful development of advertising campaigns for small businesses.

In fact, White Shark Media has become the go-to company for small businesses in search of a company that will handle marketing strategies for an affordable rate. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://citrite.org/white-shark-media-review-how-to-get-a-free-adwords-evaluation/

White Shark Media has recently published an extensive list of customers and businesses who have worked with them and gained tremendous results upon the completion of a successful advertising campaign.

White Shark Media has released the stories as a way for potential clients to view the real life results that come as a result of partnering with this advertising company.

White Shark Media has helped clients in several ways. One customer who was interviewed regarding their experience with the White Shark Media advertising team described her experience a career-changing one.

The former client of White Shark Media who was interviewed about her experience is the current owner of a very successful bakery.

The former client stated that her partnership with White Shark Media caused her to triple her client base and retain the business of consumers who she would have never thought to target in an advertising campaign.

The client expressed her gratitude to White Shark Media for developing an extremely successful advertising campaign for her baker that was effective in a relatively small amount of time.

White Shark Media has implemented successful strategies that caused small businesses to flourish. The former client of White Shark Media was only one of the thousands of customers who have benefited from the services of this advertising company using BingAds.

The White Shark Media website has a testimonials category that lists the experiences that former clients have had with the company. By visiting this page, potential clients can access testimonial after testimonial that describe the benefits of hiring White Shark Media for small business growth. White Shark Media views the success of these clients as a reflection of the work that the company plans to do for the next several years.

By successfully expanding the scope of the small business community, White Shark Media hopes to become an even larger presence in the advertising world. As the company receives positive review after positive review, its reputation will continue to grow as an expert in the field of company growth through advertising campaigns.

White Shark Media is hopeful that they can continue to benefit from these reviews.

Tarallucci e Vino: Private Event Space NYC

New York City has more world-class restaurants than you can count, so it’s a great place to plan a private party! No matter the size of your party, you can find a restaurant to host your event just the way you want it. From delicious food to unique atmospheres, your guests will be wowed and your event will be the talk of your social circle.

One great choice for a private party is Franny’s on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights. This homey pizza joint is warm and inviting and will fill your heart as well as your stomach. They have a top-notch drink menu with unique cocktails, a great wine selection, a craft beers. Be sure to order small plates to share so no one gets food envy. This space is perfect for more casual, intimate events.

Another restaurant to consider for your event is The Nomad on Broadway. Here you will enjoy a New American menu featuring lots of fresh vegetables. The interior is dark and glamorous, perfect for a bachelor party or boozy birthday dinner. This place has many different private rooms to choose from, including the swanky Parlour, the skylight-lit Atrium, and even on the roof at a table in the hotel’s iconic cupola.

If you want to host an elegant event and feast on a menu of delicious Italian food, try Tarallucci e Vino. They have two locations for private events in the city, one in Union Square and one in Cooper Hewitt. Their huge private event menu includes Italian favorites for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and hors d’oeuvres with both seated and buffet options. If you decide that their menu is not a good fit for your event, you may also bring in your own catering to the space.

The Union Square Location is a bright downtown loft that has four event spaces. The Mezzanine can seat up to 45 guests and is perfect for a casual cozy gathering. Its reclaimed wood and brick decor, comfortable couches, and wine cellar are great for a cocktail party. The sixth floor loft seats 60 and is furnished with elegant chandeliers and mirrors. The fourth floor loft seats 100 and features rustic barn doors alongside a fully-furnished show kitchen. The third floor loft seats up to 150 and offers views of Union Square, a state of the art kitchen, and light from two sides. The Cooper Hewitt Location is full of beautiful vintage decor. Host your guests in the Great Hall (up to 70 people), the Trustees Room (up to 40), the Lecture Room (up to 100), or the Arthur Ross Garden and Terrace (up to 600).

Duda Melzer Debates Wilfredo Gomes On Business Leadership

Duda Melzer and Wilfredo Gomes were invited for a debate on business leadership conference in Santa Catarina. The conference is an exhibition of the finest business leaders in Brazil, and the debate calls attention to the most important part of the business community. This article explains how Duda Melzer has risen to become one of the great captains of industry in his country, and there is a brief talk about his leadership qualifications.

#1: Duda Melzer Runs The Family Business

RBS Group is a family-owned communications company that has been a part of Duda’s family since before he was born. He is the next in line to run the company, and he has spent over a decade with the company doing several jobs until he was named the new CEO. His ascent through the ranks mirrors what previous generations have done, and his own children may take the same path to lead the company.

#2: The Debate Topic

The Business Leaders Group of Santa Catarina wanted Duda and Willifred to speak on their personal beliefs of business leadership. Leadership provides the direction for a company, and RBS Group has been one of the most-honored in Brazil due to proper leadership. Duda will continue the tradition of excellence, and his family has its own way of managing the company that has been effective.

#3: Thousands Of Employees Value Duda’s Family

There are over 6000 employees at RBS Group, and the family company has provided jobs for families in Brazil for quite some time. Duda is one of many who has benefited from proper leadership at RBS, and he prefers to keep the tradition alive for future generations of Brazilians.

Duda’s debate with Wilfredo Gomes highlights his beliefs in corporate leadership. He offers a perspective other companies do not have, and his perspective helps make RBS magnificent.

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Securus Technologies Puts GTL’s Wrongdoings Into The Limelight

Securus Technologies, Inc., a leader in technology solutions for civil, criminal justice, investigation, public safety, corrections and monitoring announced that it will release reports that will confirm wrongdoings and breach of integrity by Global Tel Link. The CEO of Securus Technologies affirmed recently that Securus respects the rules of operation in the industry in serving law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, inmates and their family members. Securus aims to outline various wrongdoings by GTL in the next six months to shame what Securus refers as lack of integrity.

For example, when GTL served Louisiana Department of Corrections with telecom services to many of their inmates, an investigation by the Louisiana PSC on GTL actions found that GTL programmed the clocks to add either 15 or 36 seconds in each call which is both unlawful and unauthorized. GTL programmed the telephones to rate calls based on higher rates and not based on PSC rate caps. GTL use the add-on programs which is considered most problematic.

Securus Technologies serves thousands of law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities to offer secure, powerful and simple technology solutions to promote accessibility and effectiveness. Securus Technologies has now turned to acquire JPay Inc. JPay Inc. is a market leader in digital payments systems, email services and various entertainment and educational related apps in various correctional facilities. According to the Rick Smith, JPay will bring its innovative team to Securus Technologies and together the companies will forge forward for a continued success.

The deal will help Securus Technologies to offer anything software-based needed by correctional agencies to smoothen their operations and connect inmates with their families. JPay’s CEO, Ryan Shapiro emphasized that the company always wanted to expand it portfolio and services it offers to its clients and the deal with Securus will provided the company with the opportunity to do so.

What Can Online Reputation Management Do You For You?

Status Labs is a reputation management company that can help guide your brand on the right path to achieving success and stay away from ruining your brand. Darius Fisher is the leader of this brand who can guide you. As an international online reputation management company, they offer public relations services, digital marketing, and other forms of advertising to help ensure your company stays safe and getting the right amount of advertising. Growing at an exponential rate as high as 939 percent from 2012 up to 2015, they have definitely grown over the years.

Fisher has received a huge number of awards for his work in the world of business development. The PR World Awards program offered Darius Fisher the, “Business Development Individual of the Year” award for his impressive work in marketing for businesses. What helped build this company focused on reputation management marketing. He helped improve the growth of this firm by garnering a huge client base of top notch fortune 500 companies. Creating new digital marketing services, Darius Fisher combines a wide array of services to clientele.

Focusing primarily on long-term strategic planning and goal setting, you will find that the customer relationships that they build along with the management they focus on can allow for you to grow in the right direction. They focus primarily on public relations and reputation management, enabling them to help companies with their presence and how they are seen in the eyes of customers. Status Labs is ultimately the best brand to be with because of what they are capable of. It’s important to notice that Darius has a whole team that backs up his capabilities to make sure that clients get exactly what they want and need.

Status Labs is definitely a worthwhile company to work with, and they can do everything for you that you need to get noticed. If it’s a magazine advertisement or social influencer marketing, they can get you on the right path to being noticed. They can help monitor every aspect of your brand to help make sure that nobody is seeing your company negatively on the web.

Find Status Labs on Twitter @statuslabs to learn more.

A Preview into the History, Services and Achievements of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide specializes in the provision of programmed management, base operations support and logistics services. The company has been operational for more than 60 years and has served more than 20 countries. IAP Worldwide Services has been growing and expanding through the years with the acquisition of new companies. In 2005, IAP Worldwide Services acquired JCWS, a readiness management support company that specialized in technical services, base operations support and logistics. This has allowed the company to build a strong reputation that reflects its experience in solving complex problems.

The company has acquired DRS Technologies, an aviation logistics company situated in Oklahoma City. Also among the companies acquired recently is the Communications & Network Solutions business, which operates from Aberdeen Proving Ground, offering aircraft repair and logistics services. A PR Newswire publication confirms that the company will integrate capabilities and talent brought in by the two acquisitions to expand their networks and to offer better services.

Government services
As explained on their online portal, IAP Worldwide Services offers different services required by the government, ranging from full-base operations support to requisite infrastructure. They are always effective and timely while utilizing conventional wisdom to help security agents execute their work seamlessly.

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IT and communication
The IT solutions availed by IAP Worldwide Services include latest advancements and reliable tools for reliability. The company has showed a thorough understanding of the intricacies that are found in cabling, wiring and air conditioning components of any electronic infrastructure. In the event of a limitation on space, they can avail an entire data system packed in a container, which is assembled immediately on arrival. IAP Worldwide Services offers a mix of expertise that can help even in the most complex situation.

Power solutions
With the help of IAP Worldwide Services, companies can access temporary and emergency power installations. The company has installed more than 10,000 generators in different facilities. They also install permanent power solutions and they have constructed powerful 600 megawatts plants. All the assets used in the installations are sourced from the company’s power plant fleet. Once installed, they offer management services as well as emergency maintenance and control. They have a special program that saves money through cost-effective equipment reuse.

Corporate responsibility
As part of fulfilling their corporate responsibility, IAP Worldwide Services supports environmental conservation through emphasis on the application of methods that do not release harmful substances to the environment. The company has also been keen on recycling to reduce littering.

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Andy Wirth Speaks to Madeleine Brand of KCRW on the Recent Drought Phenomenon

Andy Wirth recently spoke to Madeleine Brand of the California based KCRW about the effects of drought on California ski resorts. Andy Wirth is a prominent personality in the resort industry; he currently heads Squaw Valley Ski Holdings as its CEO.

In the interview held on July 30, 2015, Madeleine began by pointing that drought had forced Californians to cut back on water usage by 27% compared to 2 years ago and placed scarcity of water as the number one concern in the minds of many in the state. Andy Wirth told Madeleine that his resorts remained profitable and resilient in spite of 20% drop in visitor numbers due to the devastating effects of what Stanford meteorologist call the “”ridiculously resilient ridge”.

The occurrence, according to Andy prevented the pressure system from forming over the mountains, causing a reduction in the amount of precipitation that brings snow. Andy also affirmed that the mountain resorts under his watch were more than capable of withstanding bad weather because some 4,000 acres of skiing surface out of the possible 6,000 acres were still in play.

Some of the strategies Andy has proposed to keep the business viable include using modern techniques to manage snow and making more snow using science. The other strategies include making long and short-term business adjustments and hedging on the existing business model to take advantage of the winter and summer holiday seasons. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth
Andy Wirth added that his resorts were already doing brisk business in the summer because of activities such as weddings, meetings and events. Madeleine also asked Andy about the future of his resort business and Andy promptly answered by affirming that his businesses have embraced the Stanford meteorological findings about the increase volatility of weather.

In the final analysis, Andy vouches for an adjusted mountain resort and hotel industry business model that will lead to increased use of green energy and thereafter low carbon imprint. Andy told Madeleine that his grasp of various weather aspects stems from his years working as a fire ranger in New Mexico.

About Andy Wirth

Andrew Wirth, best known as “Andy” is the President and CEO of the Olympic Valley, California based Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. According to Wikipedia, Andy supports various charitable causes and foundations, including Special Warfare Warrior for the Navy Seal Foundation, The McConkey Foundation and Truckee River Watershed Council. The Navy Seal foundation offers immediate and outgoing support to Naval Special Warrior community and their families.

Andy is currently involved in fundraising efforts to support the foundation through Crowdrise.com. He also sits on the board of various organizations including the Reno Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, Master of Tourism Management of Colorado State University and Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation.

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