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The modern, educated man is concerned about the economy. This concern stretches to both the national economy as well as the local economy. Unfortunately, people sometimes overlook the importance of the local economy. But the nation is compromised of several regions, each of which has its’ own local economy that needs to be prosperous and bring jobs and widen the market on its’ own. Cities that have a successful university or a few major pieces of real estate a more likely to have flourishing small businesses and wealthy citizens. So, when a real estate giant such as Wasseem Boraie brings his projects to Newark, as has been reported in this article, it is an exciting time.

Several Projects
If a local economy is going to be enhanced, it is not enough for there to be one large project. One large project is more vulnerable to failure than several smaller projects. After all, if something happens, such as a financial collapse or a natural disaster that compromises that one business, then everything that the city was hangings its’ hopes on will collapse with it. So, argues Boraie, it is far more important for the city to concern itself with several smaller projects. That is why he is currently involved in at least ten real estate development projects.

Why Newark?
Individuals who are educated in real estate know where to invest their business. Since Boraie wants to develop a 168 unit residential high-rise, he thinks that the location is everything. Residential consumers are not going to come to a big city for a single project. However, Newark would be more receptive to this sort of project. That is why he chose it for this particular project. This will help to enhance the local economy and bring jobs to Newark.

About Wasseem Boraie
Mr. Boraie is a very successful real estate developer, managing the company Boraie Development. His company reportedly has an annual revenue of anywhere between 10 to 20 million dollars. Cities become excited when he wants to build something there, because what he invests his company in will usually become successful. So, he leaves cities in a better state than he finds them.

Boraie Development does more than just develop real estate. They provide other services related to the industry, such as sales and marketing, and more. They have a great reputation with their clients.

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