Time Warner May Buy Into Hulu To Prevent Next Day Streaming

Bad news for those who rely on Hulu to watch public broadcasting, the streaming website might be getting read of its next day streaming option. Most people who drop their cable or satellite packages rely on Hulu as a backup, but a new report published originally by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the streaming giant might be dropping this option for some of its programming.

According to the report, Time Warner is looking into purchasing a quarter of Hulu’s stock so that it can stop the streaming service from offering current season of premium and network television. The leading cable provider is concerned that Hulu’s next day streaming option is increasing the rate at which people like Jon Urbana and others in Colorado are dropping cable.

Now that Hulu is available on almost every streaming platform and many devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku many people have decided to drop their premium television providers and instead rely on a combination of Netflix and Hulu.

Although many networks are embracing the change in technology and broadcasting such as CBS and HBO by offering their own streaming apps, others are still balking against the change and fighting for cable to come back on top.

Hulu currently boasts over ten million subscribers and it is likely the company would survive without next day streaming, but it is likely that their numbers would drop drastically if they chose to cut out the service.

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