Want to dress like a true Steelers fan? Easy! They now have a brand new fashion site!

What do you think about when you hear the name Pittsburgh? Sports, that’s right. And if you walk down the legendary Strip District, you will get to see an endless number of people wearing jerseys from their all time favorite teams. If the Penguins and the Pirates have dozens of thousands of fans, it is the Steelers who definitely won the heart of all the Pittsburghers. In 2015, the Steelers decided to treat their fans with something special, a new fashion line, easy to purchase online through their new website https://shop.steelers.com/. Every Steelers fan can now purchase very varied items of clothing, from cute black pants to men shirts, from hoodies and dresses to extra soft scarves and fun hats. It’s never been easier to find the perfect gift! The magic person behind the launch of this new Facebook website? Susan McGalla, an accomplished businesswoman and a Pittsburgher herself. If she held successfully in her career many prestigious positions, she is mostly famous for being the former president of American Eagles Outfitters Inc. in the beginning of the years 2000. In 2009, she left the company but only to become a private consultant, specialized in retail, financial investments and strategic plannings. As an extremely well respected member of the community, Susan McGalla was also part of the board at the University of Pittsburgh for several years. Susan McGalla is now using all her expertise and dedication to foster and grow the iconic Steelers brand. She is not only responsible for giving the fans a brand new wardrobe. She is also the person who had the idea to make the shop easy to use and easy to explore, no matter what type of electronic device is used. She also approached brands as famous and glamorous as Nike Golf or Victoria’s Secret to create special products designed for all the Steelers fans. Susan McGalla’s new approach to social media and her desire to make the brand more fun and accessible is also one of her many assets.

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