Employees Safety and Protection in the Current Economy

Handy is an experienced company that deals with all types of home services. To get these quality services, book on their free app and get experienced personnel’s working for you. Services provided by Handy.com ranges from plumbing, furniture assembly, interior house painting and cleaning services.

Handy has experienced professionals who are registered and insured. Handy.com has qualified professionals’ who works in a friendly manner, putting into practice and observing the code of ethics. Handy offers a full reverse of money paid to them if the client is not satisfied with the work done.

Oisin Hanrahan, the Chief Executive Officer of Handy, works to provide education and training to employees. Hanrahan focuses mostly on employees’ protection from market disruptors. Currently, Handy is facing rapid growth and its evolving at a higher rate. The growth of country’s economy is affecting independent workers.

Good Work Code and call for portable benefits are the only initiatives that can offer safety and stability of employees in their security of full-time jobs. Greg Nelson, a former President Obama adviser, led a coalition that supports flexibility and benefits for workers who works on contract basis.

Greg coalition mobilized Chief Executive Officers of big companies such as Handy, Lyft and Instacart to unite capitalists with policy and academics professionals. The coalition agenda was based on urging employers to provide their employees with safety insurance, without considering the job assigned to them. Greg viewed this as a way of advocating for equity among the workers.

The policy should cater to the employees when they seek medical attention and when they are in need of professional growth. In the letter released by the coalition, workers should have a simple way of receiving benefits accrued to them.

The Good Work Code initiative campaign focuses on guiding companies that offer their services online into the observance of stability, safety, and advancement opportunities. Companies such as VetPronto and Care.com subscribed to this campaign.

In conclusion, employees should be accrued portable benefits and Good Work Code. Increased benefits will motivate employees to work more carefully and offer quality services to clients. Provision of portable benefits should not major on job classification.

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Coriant Making Impact in the Market

A company will do everything possible to make an impact in the market. This includes hiring the right staff and equipping them well for the work. This has been the case of Coriant since it was formed in 2013. It gained independence from Nokia Siemens Networks in 2013. This was under Marlin Equity Partners who are the owners. In the same year, they were merged with Sycamore and are still being managed by the Marlin Equity. This kind of merger has made the company to grow in leaps and bounds through the trust people have with its products. The new CEO is also a great promise to the firm as he has a great level of experience.


The vibrant company has a number of products it sells. This includes hardware and software products used in optical transmission. It is used for voice, mobile networks and data in the Backbone network. The products are used in optical multiplexing, electrical cross connection and multi service provision. They also specialize in products used in planning and management functions. This has helped offer quality, efficient plus fully flexible data connectivity in any office or company.

Benefits of Coriant

It uses a technology to make the different products. This is due to the innovation in the proven packet optical. A pluggable optical layer have also been renovated and improved to make an excellent product. This has helped foster business in different firms. Due to the experience of the specialists who are involved in the work, a client is sure of getting the best products.

Over the years, they have maintained a steady network service for the clients. The availability has also been proven to be good in promoting connectivity. The different products have also been proven to be of a cheap price. The different solutions offered include the Coriant Transcend, 7100 Packet Optical Transport Solutions and mTera Universal Transport platform.

Shaygan Kheradpir ability and creativity

The life of Kheradpir has been decorated with achievements. This has made him to be a coveted specialist in terms of management and leadership. In 2014 he was the CEO of Juniper after having served in the Barclays PLC. The telecommunication veteran takes the leadership of Coriant after having served as the operating partner of the Marlin Equity Partners. He takes over officer from Pat DiPietro and is determined to make the company a big player in the market. This will make the optical transport vendor to grow through his creative and highly experienced mind.

Jaime Garcia Dias’s Advice For Feathering A Writing Career

As a professor at Carioca Literature Academy for more than 10 years, Jaime Garcia Dias has worked with aspiring writers, novelists and authors from various background as his resume shows. His accomplishments are not solitary endeavor as some people may think but Jaime Garcia Dias has approached writing and literature drawing on the expertise and creativity of many popular writers around Brazil. He has a lot of encouragement from their work in literature. His childhood writing habits were inspired and motivated by his father who himself was a renowned writer.

Jaime Garcia Dias has offered a lot of insights into his tremendously successful career at the academy and spread his wisdom as well. Many students who have been learning from him have been inspired to take writing as a full-time job. People who have met with Jaime Garcia Dias, especially those interested in literature, have been thrilled to work with him. Jaime Garcia Dias has a lot of patience and understanding when it comes to his career and he has spend his extra time working for Carioca Literature Academy as its Vice President and later its President.

His Facebook shows how Jaime Garcia Dias is an established writer who is incredibly supportive of aspiring writers’ ideas. He is always in their corner offering encouraging words and advising them about how to juggle writing career and other writing projects. Jaime, in fact, has created a great environment for writers at the academy and is nurtured and praised by all for all his suggestions and contributions. He has written articles for many publications including Jornal Do Brazil that has stories from his childhood. He has also been a great guide for other writers as they embark on their own quest to achieve the best in literature world. They have all come to appreciate Jaime’s insights as well.

On his blog Jaime Garcia Dias discusses that through his private consultancy for writers offers suggestions on their book and article projects. In the middle of his ever growing popularity, his tenure as the President of the Carioca Literature Academy and his personal life, he makes time to buckle down and write for his favorite magazines. He has completed more than 20 books and some of them are best selling novels as well. He has become a part of life for many aspiring writers. For example, the first time John met with Jaime Garcia Dias, he knew little about literature and creative style of writing. But when he decided it was time to stand on his own feet, John was equipped with a lot of knowledge to make writing his future career. He is very excited to publish his first book in fiction. Jaime Garcia Dias is very helpful to his clients in explaining everything they would need to become a writer. Whatever the clients get is essential information.

Financing Has Come To Handy

Home cleaning is a popular service that home owners look for but can not seem to find for a reasonable price, if even found at all. Handy is a relatively new mobile phone application that has tons of listings for home owners all around the world. There are 28 cities that Handy hosts its services in. Handy has got its hands on fifty million dollars to use for financing purposes. Handy is going to expand its scope of 28 cities into many more over the next year, with a deadline placed at the end of 2016.

Handy is the best performing company of its type. Many competitors have tried to take over the home cleaning sector to no avail. Handy has succeeded because of the close monitoring that is performed in all of the areas where Handy works. Less than three percent of all of the people who have applied to Handy have been accepted onto the app, making it one of the most selective companies in the world.

There are not many full-time workers on Handy, which leaves more room for people who work other jobs and need the extra money. Handy is easy to work with, as the penalties for changing the time of a cleaning service appointment are not that high as long as the client approves of it.

Handy takes about a 20 percent cut of the money charged for the cleaning services. Handy has fortunately grown to scale and is expected to reap more profits as it expands its range.