Andrea McWilliams Points The Way To A Bright Political Future In Texas

Andrea McWilliams has a name the majority of political individuals with even a scant knowledge of Texas will know and respect; McWilliams seems to have been around the Texan political world for a long, but this is largely because of her first major role as a Chief of Staff taking place when she was just 21 years of age. Now better known as one of the leading lobbyists in Texas and the U.S. as a whole, Andrea McWilliams has formed her own company, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants that she manages along side her husband, Dean.

One of the great passions of the life of Andrea McWilliams has been her commitment to philanthropy, which she has made a top priority through her work with a number of foundations and groups at a national and state level. As a board member Andrea McWilliams has worked for a number of not for profit groups, including the Rise Across Texas Challenge and the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital; the philanthropic work conducted by Andrea McWilliams has also brought her ever closer ties to her home town of Austin, Texas, where she has presided over the Inherit Austin group as President.

The people of Austin, Texas and far beyond can look at the work of Andrea McWilliams with pride as she has been a major reason why a number of the top political campaigns of recent years have been successful in the Texas legislature. The work completed by Andrea McWilliams has included her work to make sure a cancer research package providing upwards of $3 billion in funding made its way through the Legislature in 2007; her success has also seen a number of important business and trade campaigns find success as she has successfully crossed party lines to inspire deals to be made for the good of the people of Texas.


Alexandre Gama Bringing Creativity to Brazil

Alexandre Gama was born on June 1st, 1958 in Rio de Janeiro and currently is actively involved in the advertising and communication industry. He is a graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Advertisement and Communications Among the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil is Neogama and Alexandre Gama is the CEO as well as the CCO of this top notch company. Among his achievements, is his position as the Global Chief Creative Officer of BBH a British-based agency network and Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to hold such a position.

In 2016, he joined a Public Group committee as a strategic, creative leader for purposes of the planning of innovation and new initiative development. He was the only Brazilian in the group of six worldwide agency leaders. His career is at the pick but where exactly did he start. It is in 1982 that he began his career where he was a copywriter and offered creative ideas for Standard Ogilvy & Mather. He did not stop, and he advanced his career, and in 2014 Gama launched VIOLAB, a project involving Brazilian acoustic guitar that is instrumental music, it also included a recording label, a YouTube channel, a studio and a radio program.

Neogama a company he founded in the year 1999 became the first Brazilian Company to win a Lion in the Festival of Cannes just after a year of business. He took Neogama international in 2002 by forming a partnership with BBH, a London-based agency. The company was good and let to it being named bets agency 2002. He left BBH network and operated Neogama independently. He has received numerous awards including Entrepreneur of the year 2007; he is indeed a shining star.

Norman Pattiz: Keeping The Radio Alive

There is a company and an entrepreneur for everything. Norman Pattiz happens to be involved in radio. He has founded PodcastOne. He has been featured on magazines in a four page feature. Among the achievements he has been recognized for is bringing in greatest hits that have been infused with celebrities. Prior to starting PodcaseOne, he has also run Westwood One, which has brought forth a lot of news, entertainment, interviews and plenty of other productions that have kept audiences entertained and informed about what was coming and what was available. Norman has made sure that he had a large and successful radio show.


Norman Pattiz has found inspiration for PodcastOne after he has left Westwood One. He has met with Kit Gray. They have put together some of the best of the best with Norman’s interviews. Norman has described it as a great four year ride. This clues people in that Norman enjoys what he does. This is one of the signs of success. Work does not have to be miserable. When creativity and productivity are involved, work can be some of the most fun that one could have. After all, Norman works in the entertainment industry. He has to have some kind of fun while at it.


Norman does not have a typical day when he is on the job. He is always taking on new projects and acquisition of talent. As a matter of fact, he keeps himself involved in every aspect of the business. Therefore, his day is always bringing forth something new that he can appreciate.


Norman Pattiz is also very appreciative. For one thing, he has never had a job that he would consider bad. He has enjoyed every job that he has taken on. Part of it is that he has always been ambitious and active. He takes joy in all of the projects that he takes on. Given that he works in the entertainment industry, he has a lot of fun with the projects that he takes on and he keeps well informed on what is going on in his company so that he is not hit with any unwanted surprises.

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Norman Pattiz

The Life, Career, and Success of Anthony G. Petrello


Anthony G. Petrello is popularly known as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Nabors is one of the biggest oil drilling company in the United States. It is a private help firm, and it operates in Louisiana, Gulf Coast Alaska and Texas. Petrello joined the company in the year 1991 as a board member and the Chief Operating Officer. He served the two positions until 2011 when he was appointed to head the company as well as the Board.

About Petrello

Petrello attended Harvard Law School where he got a Juris Doctor degree, and later he went to the University of Yale to pursue a master in Mathematics. These two degrees have played a prominent role in Petrello’s career. Petrello also serves as the board member of, MediaOnDemand Inc., Texas Children Hospital, Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Huston Museum of Fine Arts. He is also a member of Nation anal Petroleum Council and Council on Foreign Relations. Petrello’s career has been quite successful, and he chooses to join philanthropy as a way of giving back to the community.


Petrello has involved himself in various charity projects and served as a board member of various charity organizations. These organizations include Texas Children’s Hospital and Pwinkle foundation. The pediatric facility happens to be is one of the largest hospitals in its category in the United States. Pwinkle Foundation deals with cancer patients to help them live a quality life despite living with the pain of cancer. Pwinkle Foundation was founded in the year 1983, and since then, the organization has helped thousands of cancer patients especially children with medicine and medical care. Petrello role in the organization is to bring up ideas that will help in transformation of the services offered by the foundations and help it grow and reach more people in need


Tony Petrello’s career can be termed as successful and fruitful, his appointment to head Nabor’s Industries Ltd was an as result of his excellent performance and leadership while working for the company. He later involved himself in charity as a way of giving back to the community after having a successful career.

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How Does Mike Baur Ensure Better Startup Funding?

Startup funding from the Swiss Startup Factory is quite an important part of the business world, and this article explains how Mike Baur helps his clients search for funding. There are many people who need proper funding for their businesses, and they will learn quite quickly they may build their company from the ground up using his assistance. Mike is an industry expert, and he has many partners in the startup world who will help him.

#1: The Funding Sources

Mike has many sources in the industry who are willing to help him find funds for his clients. He works quite hard to ensure his clients are given what they need, and he will share the information about each client with many different venture capital experts. The venture capital becomes an integral part of the business. Mike does not get involved farther than his role, and he allows his venture capital partners to mentor his clients.

#2: Governance

There is quite a lot to do with a company where governance is concerned. They must be prepared to hire a number of people to manage their company, and they may have people coming on their board who will help them improve. Improving a business is difficult because many people in the business world do not have experience. They need people who will help them, understand how to run the company, and the people who offer their assistance will become partners for some time,

#3: Mike Stays With Each Company

Mike is willing to stay with a company until they are no longer a startup. He will give them all the guidance they require, and he will show them how they may exit the startup field to the more standard business world. The people who are learning from Mike will become far better at their jobs, and they will have reason to believe they may sustain their businesses. It is quite important that everyone who is working with Mike asks him to mentor them for the long term.

The Swiss Startup Factory is the finest place to come for information for their businesses, and the startup will grow from the kernel of a business that it is today into something else. The company will grow with the funding that is found by Mike’s staff, and it will continue to grow long after it is no longer a startup in the traditional sense.

Traditional Lung Disease Treatment VS Stem Cell Therapy

Lung disease can really take control over a person life. Countless doctors appointments and treatments that don’t cure the disease. This leaves you stressed while wasting your time and money. Patients usually don’t see positive results from traditional treatments because traditional treatments only alleviate symptoms, they can’t actually cure the disease that is causing them. If you’re wanting better treatment options, the Lung Institute is your place to go.

The Lung Institute is the leading provider for treatment of lung conditions and diseases. One of the reasons it’s so successful in treating patients is because it utilizes stem cell therapy. Stem cells are cells that have not formed into an organ or tissue yet meaning they can replicate surrounding healthy cells. While there are a number of ways to collect stem cells, The Lung Institute uses stems cells harvested from the patient’s body. This is preferred for a number of reasons. These cells are basically coded to your body and don’t carry the risk of rejection that stem cells from other sources may bring.

Stem cells can be collected by blood or bone marrow. Which method of harvesting stem cells depends on the condition and the severity of the situation. The reason behind this is due to the fact that bone marrow has a higher count of stem cells than your blood. Once the stem cells have been collected, they will be returned to the bloodstream. In a matter of minutes, this stem cells will be carried into your lungs where they will become trapped. The final step of this treatment is for the stem cells to being replicating the surrounding healthy tissue and replacing the damaged tissues. A more detailed information can be found on

The Lung Institute treats the following conditions:

  • COPD
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Emphysema
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Bronchiectasis

Many worries that the best treatment options are not within reach. The Lung Institute, however, has facilities in Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. To find out if you qualify or for a free consultation goes to

To keep up-to-date with the latest information, visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Cotemar Mexico: Reinventing The Oil Industry

Cotemar Mexico is one of the largest Mexican companies, in the oil industry. The current general director of the company is Sr. Jorge Humberto who has spearheaded the company into becoming one of the best employers in the nation. The company is worldly known for their strong corporate culture and their core values that are emphasized. The company is fully committed to its environment. Being a company in the most polluted industry, the company raises awareness of the dangers of pollution and encourages better practices that don’t affect the environment. The company also participates in community events that encourage the wellness of the community and also provides jobs for the citizens of Mexico. More importantly, the company has a strong professionalism and work ethics that they use to communicate their plan and how they are going to provide their services to their clients.



Cotemor Mexico offers a wide variety of services to their clients. The company pays attention to their clients’ facilities. They construct, reconstruct and remodel them adding an urban touch to them so that they may serve them well. They use their creative teams to fix these offshore services to their clients’ facilities. The company is also in the food and lodging business, where they offer their guests with excellent hospitable services in their lodgings. Thirdly, the company maintains and develops oil fields and ensures that they are safe for their clients and employees.



In the spirit of giving back to the communities, Cotemar conducts training career fairs and conferences and invites students from universities and colleges to come and learn from the experts in the industry. Students and other individuals seeking jobs are then encouraged to apply for their jobs which helps get rid of unemployment in the country the company continues to prepare these workshops every year and helps several people to turn their lives around.



With more than thirty eight years in the industry, Cotemar knows how it is to remain at the top of their game. Integrity work ethics and string value are communicated which help maintain the company’s position in the market. Through their expertise, clients are confident that their services will be bettered by the day.


New Brunswick Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Has Made The City Great Again

New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those cities that has defied the odds, says The state of New Jersey has always gotten a bad rap, but New Brunswick has managed to rise above the snide comments, as well as, the crime and poverty. Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson have been the pillars of the small city, but men like real estate developer, Sam Boraie have kept the city moving in the right direction. Sam’s father, Omar Boraie, is one of the men that is responsible for turning downtown New Brunswick into a mecca for the healthcare industry.

Omar Boraie started buying old buildings in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. In the 1960s, most of the old residents of the city made an exodus to the suburbs. All that was left downtown was rundown turn-of-the-century buildings in disrepair. Boraie Development started buying some of the old buildings along Albany Street, and the company started a major renovation project. That project has lasted more than 40 years. Sam Boraie, and his brother Wasseem, and sister, Hiam, have been instrumental in continuing the work Omar started.

The first Boraie Development, the Albany Street Plaza One high-rise office building, was completed in the early 1980s. The One Spring Street residential building came next. The Boraie’s decided to build the Albany Street Plaza Two building because of the success of the first Albany Street building. Albany Street Plaza Two was completed in the early 2000s thanks to Sam Boraie and his siblings. The Aspire Building was the next big luxury residential project for Sam. The Aspire is a New York City condo-type building, and it offers the professionals in the healthcare industry, and other downtown business people a place to live.

Today as New York Times reveals, New Brunswick has a population of more than 55,000, but the city seems much bigger than the number of people living there. It’s a college town, but it is also the home of several big name companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Sam Boraie was instrumental in attracting those companies to New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie is known for the work he does outside of the real estate development industry. Sam sits on the board of two established nonprofits, the New Brunswick State Theater, and Elijah’s Promise.

Sam is also involved in several other development projects in New Jersey. He teamed up with Shaq O’Neil and developed a luxury residential building in Newark, and he is currently involved in a major residential development project in Atlantic City.

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VTA Publications Writes About How To Obtain Success From Stock Trading

Are you a beginner in the stock trading arena or in the investing industry? Want to learn how big money is really made in stock trading? Perhaps you’ve read the numerous positive reviews written by professionals on Crunchbase who have applied Jim Hunt’s secrets and tactics to achieve awesome wealth.

When it comes to obtaining the knowledge you need to become prosperous in stock trading on YouTube, it’s imperative to learn from those who know what they are doing. There are many individuals and firms out there offering to provide you with information on how to achieve financial success, but it’s vital to look for information and books published and promoted by an expert who has a great reputation. You wish to have a chance to learn from an expert who has an established history of producing impressive results at That’s where Jim Hunt can help you – to show you exactly how to become a successful entrepreneur.

VTA Publications is a highly regarded and trustworthy company that promotes high quality guidebooks and courses related to wealth-building, business success, attaining financial freedom, wealth management strategies and other interesting topics that can help you reach your goal.

VTA Publications publishes a vast range of non-fiction information products and has helped numerous individuals in their quest for business and investing success.

As a successful entrepreneur and stock trading expert, Jim Hunt has a good understanding of what most entrepreneurs are doing wrong and the best strategies to improve their trading skills and attain the success they desire. He created Wealth Wave on Dumb Funded to help all those who are serious about learning what works in the stock trading arena and proven techniques that lead to success. Jim is highly confident that any person who is truly serious can use the information in his training and courses, to become highly successful in stock trading.

It is also advisable to learn success habits of those who have already become successful in their respective endeavors. One such habit is creating a positive, motivating environment while staying away from negative people and naysayers.

Check out VTA Publications and courses by Jim Hunt and you’ll certainly learn how to change your financial future.

Leadership And Vision

John Guollet made it to the top the IT industry by using his uncanny instinct and business vision. He began his career as a consultant. From this position John was able to identify the many needs that existed within companies he spent time with. Staffing is an important element of any organization. Businesses are not able to grow without the personnel needed to take on various responsibilities. Finding help is the most difficult part of expanding. Companies must balance themselves between being over-staffed and overworked. John was able to develop a business model that worked well with what most of these technical organizations were trying to accomplish.

John Goullet decided to take matters into his own hands. He founded Info Technologies and quickly applied his knowledge to an area within the IT industry that was greatly lacking. Info Technologies is a staffing company that identifies the employment needs of an organization and recruits qualified personnel to fulfill those positions. Info Technologies made an immediate impact by providing a highly efficient service that became requested throughout the IT industry. It quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company with several Fortune 500 companies as its clients. John had reached his goal and used his own entrepreneurial tenacity to push his company to the forefront of a highly competitive marketplace.

John Goullet saw greater opportunity. He believes that working with others is the most efficient way to grow an organization. He wanted his staff at Info Technologies to have the chance to develop their skills to the highest level. Info Technologies joined forces with Diversant Inc. John was appointed Principal at the new company which eventually became known as Diversant LLC. Teaming up with another established organization provided the growth needed to open doors for John’s personal development and those who supported him. Diversant quickly became a leader within the IT industry. Its own diverse staff exist as an example for those companies who use Diversant’s services to build their own internal business teams. The government has given Diversant the title of “Largest African-American company within the United States”. John Goullet and his executives wear this label proudly. It is a testament to the type organization they intended to put forward.